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༉‧₊˚✧ ... tell me i'm your baby and that you'll never leave me . . .

a ~ notes (life list)
cariatide why fall in love when you can fall on the floor and cry over a tv show. (2023)
vickye school (MBA Gestão de Pessoas)
arantxa quereres (aniversário: 2024)
mimi currently. (₊˚⊹♡)
우주소녀 ivyink
Amanda j u n o
Apartmentcat jai
Aspen jam
BRN jayne.
Bea jen
Bianca jules
Bliss julia
Brie julie
Bru julyana
Bárbara just a girl
Candice Austen jéssica
Cat júlia
Constelaciones júlia
E. k. e. bigelow
Edii kaitlin
Elise kales
EstroJen kaori
FER kari
Gelly katya
Giulia keetanlaani
Han kelly ୭ৎ
Hekate kellylouise
IBelieveInPen... keyse
Jenni koi
Kate kurispie
Katrina lagoon
Kay lari
Kelsey lataefah
Kelsey laughing lady...
Ketelen lauren
Kiskadee letícia
Lari lie
Laurene lila
Luciana liraz
Maggie lisa
Matsu lissa
Oh! listography
Origan littlewhitehouse
Rebecca lois
Rhiannon louise
Ryan ls
Sarah lua f.
Shannon luci
Sore luiza
StormFyrie lunna
Taynan m.
Venisse maha
Vicky maia
a maido
a ~ malu
abby mapholie
abril marah
ace marcella
aivin marcella
alexia maria
alice o'bright marido
ally marruá
ana mau
andie max
ane mei
angie meℓina and th...
anisha mia
anna miana
anna michelle
antoinette mila
arantxa mimi
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athena miya
atlas mmurklins
ayden monday
ayden moon
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baba yaga moony
babylove morimoonie
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belle nessa
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bianca no one
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broccomilie petal
brooke! petra
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callie raxaaa
cariatide riho
carol rika
caroline rodi
caroline rosa
caroline rose
cassie ruptures
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cláudia selena
coleen shakti
czar shannon
daisy shosanna
damien shug avery
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daniela skye
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derura ihi softie
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emi tori
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hayley えりい
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inara ꜱᴀᴡʏᴇʀ
isa 알바
isabella words
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  • 01. for some reason i kept falling asleep & felt exhausted almost the entire day. 02. sent an e-mail to my grammar professor, asked a friend to borrow money. 03. completed a grammar test which was supposed to take an hour, but I did it in ~20 mins, another possible crush, mom body shaming me. 04. going back home, cleaning, tidying, generally being HAPPY. 05. therapy session, therapist basically confirming I'm on the autism spectrum. leaving both uni chats on whatsapp and telling them I'm too stressed out, having a breakdown/meltdown over it. 06. double vision and generally being unable to walk, move, see properly the entire fucking day due to too many tegretol the previous day. 07. an exam I wasn't ready in. suicidal but with no intent to take action. taking too much tegretol once again. 08. ordered mcdonald's breakfast. then unable to see properly again. same thing as friday basically, just less intense. ordered a mushroom pizza in the evening. 09. did some self help work. cooked chicken stripes. felt good for the majority of the day!! watched a lot of the office and b99.


  • 01. woke up with a ton of anxiety. wasn't a productive or social day at all. 😒 kept getting angry at little things. watched TV the whole day. mood dropped in the middle of the day for like less than 10 mins. ordered a few groceries (mainly cat food). at the end of the day moved to the study and felt better.


  • 15. at grandma's. excited for the met gala. drank a ton of coffee. mainly just listened to music and watched TV. a very lazy day!!


  • 01. cancelled therapy & felt very guilty about it, ugh. 02. cleaned the entire apartment, felt irritated on and off.


  • 02. got tickets for the eras tour next year in Poland. felt over the moon. 25. ate potato pancakes, played scrabble with grandma, worked a bit.


  • 13. only got 2 hours of sleep, mainly because i HAD to watch the VMAs. didn't do my academic writing homework, wrote the professor and e-mail, nearly fell asleep in class, felt sick and bad so i just went home after the 1st lecture, felt like a huge disappointment and a let down, kept taking xanax, kept falling asleep (never fully falling asleep), went to bed angry.
dec 6 2022 ∞
oct 1 2023 +