• i am dina, a south-east asian in her twenties. my pronouns are she/her & i enjoy a plethora of pastimes.
  • listography is an alternate space to accommodate my flowing thoughts & various interests as well as to keep tracks on my daily life. paper-based journal has never worked on me, making this utilization of cyberspace my umpteenth attempt to stay organized. may this become a step forward to preserve our trees & polar bears.
  • also find me on: substack, goodreads, spotify, and letterboxd
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"i wanna be defined by the things that i love, not the things i hate, not the things i'm afraid of, i'm afraid of, or the things that haunt me in the middle of the night. i, i just think that you are what you love."daylight , taylor swift

  • i'm generally passionate about a lot of people & media entertainment.
    • i associate a lot of songs with people, memories, and places.
    • when i am not preoccupied with classes, i spend my spare time watching movies as well as reading books or random articles. i'm currently trying to broaden my exploration on films & literature directed or written by poc. though i find horror, middle grade, and apocalyptic science-fiction specifically interesting.
    • i like poems.
    • i watch marvel cinematic universe & read ...
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