• i am dina, a south-east asian in her twenties. my pronouns are she/her.
  • listography is an alternate space to accommodate my flowing thoughts & various interests as well as to keep tracks on my daily life. paper-based journal has never worked for me, making this utilization of cyberspace my umpteenth attempt to stay organized.
  • also find me on: substack, goodreads, spotify, and letterboxd
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jul 31 2023 +
  • i am quite aware that i have been moving accounts several times for absolutely no reasons other than for the sake of my personal convenience — which, unfortunately and regrettably, might have caused confusion among my friends.
  • i am keeping this space as confined as possible from unnecessary hatred and any forms of harassment.
  • i talk about my various interests a lot.
  • i am bound to grow & boundless from my past views/opinions. thus, this account is, other than my loving diary for things i keep close to heart, also a platform for self-development.
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feb 19 2024 +

my interests change overtime & i grow fond of anything quite easily, but isn't that what life is about: constantly finding little spectacular discoveries that make us feel less alone? understood?

  • i majored in law and minored in labour law. you may briefly witness me talking about the said issue, including other relating topics, such as gender, class struggle, and human rights.
  • i associate a lot of things i have read with people, memories, and places.
  • my pastimes involve watching films, reading, sporadic journaling, and playing games. i'm currently trying to broaden my exploration on films & literature directed or written by poc.
  • recently, i have grown to like anime & manga. i haven't watched/read many of them, so i am still discovering and open to suggestion!
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