• Newsletter | Celine Song's Past Lives An... written by Rahul Desai
    • "It sounds like Arthur is admitting that he cannot stop Nora from reclaiming her narrative. As a storyteller, he is perhaps torn between being and mining; he is pained by this struggle, but the artist in him is fascinated by it."
    • "At that moment it’s the same for Arthur, who gets reminded that, as tireless storytellers, their togetherness need not inherit the spectacle of fiction. The ship in their companionship need not be in motion."
    • "I’ve willed some of them into mythical spaces: There are poor-boy-rich-girl and villainous-parents narratives, there are urban-loneliness and serendipitous-texts tales. We tend to feel stronger if there’s something – or someone – to defy. We tend to feel unique as underdogs fig...
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  • Love and Socialism in Joyce's "A Painful... written by Christopher M. DeVault
  • The Cloud Under the Sea written by Josh Dzieza
  • “Throwing Yourself Into the Dark”: A... written by Kate Dwyer
    • "And once you can loosen, you can go on to think other things or wider things or the things underneath where you were. It’s just suddenly a different landscape. And that loosening, I think, is what wrongness allows in. / I could talk about wrongness tomorrow and say an entirely other thing. A person is a prism, you know, and concepts just flash from this to that from day to day."
    • "I don’t think anybody ever knows what another person means when they speak, frankly."
  • Sally Rooney: Killing in Gaza has been s... written by Sally Rooney
    • "This way, our (Irish) Government can bask in the moral glow of condemning the bom...
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i learned this year to start appreciating people's workpieces by refering to them as arts instead of mere media/content to consume. here's a monthly compilation of most memorable arts among the others i respectfully enjoyed:


  • books
    • água viva by clarice lispector
    • giovanni's room by james baldwin
  • motion pictures
    • petite maman (2021) dir. céline sciamma
    • the company of strangers (1990) dir. cynthia scott
    • anatomy of a fall (2023) dir. justine triet
    • four adventures of reinette and mirabelle (1987) dir. éric rohmer
    • terrorizers (1986) dir. edward yang
  • albums
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