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"i just made another addition to my "that's gender" list and have realized that gender, to me, is like 60-80% when a weird guy wears a cool jacket"

  • envy (fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood. and unfortunately, also envy from dragon age)
  • dave grohl in the everlong video
    • also taylor hawkins in the everlong video when he sits up in bed and his wig falls off and he starts playing drums in his lil nightgown
  • every single supervillain in the doom factory on venture bros
  • john leguizamo in romeo + juliet
    • also john leguizamo in the pest but we don't talk about that
  • tumblr gifset from kirara (not the actual movie though)
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things that have helped me. if you're looking through this i hope they help you too. categorized by how they fit together to me; these categorizations will likely change but also not get any clearer outside of my head, sorry


earth and body

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