list icon
  • "They are inclined to be shy except with close friends, and their reserve is difficult to penetrate."
  • "For Architects, the world exists primarily to be analyzed, understood, explained - and re-designed."
  • "A major concern for INTPs is the haunting sense of impending failure. They spend considerable time second-guessing themselves."
  • "Popular leisure activities for an INTP include reading, art and cultural events, chess and other strategy games, writing, taking classes, working with computers, backpacking, hiking, and meditation."
  • "Have lowest level of coping resources of all the types (with ISTPs)"
  • "INTPs may become stressed in situations where they are not able to separate themselves from others to analyze and reflect. The Architect recharges by turning inwar...
jul 29 2012 ∞
oct 30 2012 +
list icon

Okay, okay. I had to see what all of the fuss was about. As it turns out, Fifty Shades of Grey is as poorly written as everyone has told me, and it's HILARIOUS. Here are some lines that caused me to laugh out loud.

  • She’s articulate, strong, persuasive, argumentative, beautiful – and she’s my dearest, dearest friend.
  • I roll my eyes at myself. Get a grip, Steele.
  • Double crap – me and my two left feet!
  • I’m much more of a curl-up-with-a-book-in-a-comfy-chair-by-the-fire kind of girl.
  • His voice is warm and husky like dark melted chocolate fudge caramel… or something.
  • Is Grey? My subconscious asks me, her eyebrow figuratively raised. I slap her down.
  • My heartbeat has picked up, and my medulla oblongata has neglected to fire any syn...
jul 18 2012 ∞
jul 19 2012 +
list icon
  • I want so badly to believe that there is truth, that love is real. And I want life in every word to the extent that it's absurd.
  • I'd rather be working for a paycheck than waiting to win the lottery.
  • Lately I've had to come to grips with scope and figure, how my problems stack up in a world two steps from ruin (or maybe it's rapture). Well either way I realize that my shit's about as small as it could be, and that makes me feel worse for even feeling this bad in the first place.
  • I'm selfish enough to want to get better but I'm backwards enough not to take any steps to get there.
feb 6 2012 ∞
feb 8 2012 +
list icon
  • I Used to Be Someone
  • Cotton Crush
  • a new song
  • another new song
  • Carnival
  • Another Bag of Bones
  • I Could be with Anyone
  • Brother's Blood
aug 4 2011 ∞
aug 4 2011 +
list icon

One of my biggest fears is not getting my shit together in sufficient time and having my life fall apart as a result, so this is a really big deal to me.

    • It pays really well. In four days I'll be getting a paycheck for $1320. Pretty SWEET.
    • I commute to it on my own (except when I drive in with my father).
    • I'm doing really well at it. Even the CEO commented on how well I'm doing.
  • 3.87 cumulative GPA and 3.91 for last semester
  • I'm in physical therapy for my knees and on the path to being able to work out pain-free again.
  • I went to the Apple store the other day to get my iPod fixed... the hard drive failed, but it's still under warranty. So I'...
jun 12 2011 ∞
jun 12 2011 +
list icon
  • Helena Ravenclaw definitely walks around Harry. UM HELLO SHE'S A GHOST. I mean, I know it would have been really difficult to put her on a skateboard, but honestly, when you can see a ghost's weight shifting as they WALK around someone, the illusion is gone. I'm also not thrilled that Harry knew everything about Helena Ravenclaw, somehow, when in the book it's a big reveal and there's a whole story and the Bloody Baron gets explained.
  • I don't like how they cut out so much of the Prince's Tale. It made it look like Lily and Snape only interacted when they were eleven, even though they were close friends until they were fifteen.
  • Snape clutching Lily's body at Godric's Hollow while Harry is sitting in his crib in the background: SUPER CREEPY. I appreciate the sentiment, and I was less creeped out by it the second time, but still. Not to mention that the house was destroye...
jul 19 2011 ∞
jul 28 2011 +
list icon
  • About Today - The National
  • All Dolled-Up in Straps - The National
  • Driver, Surprise Me - The National
jan 18 2011 ∞
jan 28 2011 +
list icon
  • the Nuge - S. Georgia Nugent, Kenyon's president
  • the Gates of Hell - the gates on Middle Path that officially distinguish north campus from south campus
  • BFEC (pronounced bee-feck) - the Brown Family Environmental Center, down the hill and across the street
  • Moodle - the Kenyon equivalent of Derryfield's class resources
  • Highlighter - the Highlighter Party, in which everyone wears white shirts and writes on each other with highlighters under a blacklight
  • Bullseye - the rooms on the top floor of Old Kenyon with giant circular windows - part of AD/DKE division
  • Peeps - the Peeps o' Kenyon, the fraternity-esque group allegedly dedicated to trying every drug in existence
  • the Kokes - the Kokosingers, Kenyon's old...
sep 19 2010 ∞
mar 29 2011 +
list icon
  • I Woke Up in a Car
  • 21 and Invincible
  • She Paints Me Blue
  • Space
  • Ruthless
  • Drunk Girl
  • Watch the Sky
  • Me and the Moon
  • Hurricane
  • Wait
  • Cavanaugh Park
  • I Want to Save You
  • Only Ashes
  • The Astronaut
  • Fall
  • Straw Dog
  • Punk Rock Princess
  • Konstantine
  • Down
  • If You C Jordan
aug 13 2010 ∞
aug 13 2010 +
list icon
  • "You think I'm lying? Dude, you don't even know what I'm talking about! Fuck you, man! ... Just kidding, I love you."
  • "Am I making you uncomfortable, Josh?"
    • "You make me uncomfortable all the time."
  • "I have a girlfriend who tells me she needs me and she loves me, I guess we got married." AWW SO CUTE.
  • the Konstantine chant
  • The crowd shouting "HEY!" when they played Space.
  • Andrew talking about when they recorded The Astronaut.
  • When Andrew messed up announcing Drunk Girl and so they switched it around and played Ruthless instead.
aug 13 2010 ∞
aug 13 2010 +
list icon

Not that I can afford any of these, but that's okay.

  • Marc by Marc Jacobs
  • Alice + Olivia
  • Christian Louboutin
  • Alexander McQueen
  • 3.1 Philip Lim
  • Versace
  • Burberry
may 31 2010 ∞
jun 2 2010 +
list icon
  • They're so much easier to blend, so I can get really good skies.
  • It's really nice when I can come back the next day and still work on it, without having to remix paint and try to get the same color.
  • The colors are so pretty!
dec 24 2009 ∞
dec 24 2009 +
list icon
  • scantily clad
  • Be off with you!
  • humdinger
  • nincompoop
  • Gadzooks!
  • a woman of easy virtue
  • vamoose
  • delightful
  • swell
  • dandy
nov 24 2009 ∞
dec 3 2009 +
list icon
  • going to the Wing Bar with Caroline
  • wearing just spandex and no pants as a team at field hockey practice to freak out Ann
  • Mr. Anthony telling us he was on heroin
  • sititng on the Poof during activities pretending to do work
  • going to KFC with Philippa
  • winning the quarterfinals in double overtime and ATTACKING Ann for scoring the winning goal
    • when Jamie tripped while running to tackle Ann
  • making field hockey t-shirts with spray paint after school
oct 28 2009 ∞
sep 5 2010 +
list icon
  • When people get gas at the diesel pump. Seriously? There is ONE pump where I can fill up my car. If there are other pumps open, why can't you just use those?
  • People who tailgate you even if you're going 40 in a 25. It's just ridiculous. I'm sorry I don't want to get pulled over.
  • People who speed up to cut you off and then drive slowly once they're in front of you.
  • When people tailgate you at night. The tailgating itself is bad enough, but with bright lights in your rearview mirrors it's so much worse.
nov 3 2009 ∞
nov 3 2009 +
list icon

This is what I know is coming in field hockey preseason every year, and it makes me want to die.

  • The twenty-minute run. The lovely third of an hour devoted solely to gasping for air, wishing you were in better shape, and getting lapped by the DiPastina sisters.
  • Sprint relays. Three cones. Three balls. Sprint to the one cone, put a ball down, sprint back. Sprint to another cone, put a ball down, sprint back. Sprint to the final cone, put a ball down, sprint back. Try not to die.
  • Full-field, full team scrimmages. Nothing quite like playing field hockey in a configuration of teammates in which you've never played before when you're not in good enough shape to sprint back and forth up and down the field.
  • Dribbling around. For a "minute." But Mr....
aug 16 2009 ∞
aug 16 2009 +
list icon

Kind of a dud list, especially since I've seen like... five or six cycles. Oh well. I'm sure I'll add on.

  • Analeigh - cycle 11
  • Natasha - cycle 8
  • Alison - cycle 12
  • Fo - cycle 12
  • Nik - cycle 5
  • Kahlen - cycle 4
aug 12 2009 ∞
aug 12 2009 +
list icon


  • I think this was Michael Gambon's best performance as Dumbledore. He did it really well, and although it doesn't make up for "DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE?!!?!" he's not as horrible in my mind anymore.
  • MAJOR PACING ISSUES. The horcri (John Noe!) didn't feel like the central part of the movie, which they definitely were in the book. I felt like a lot of the movie was "LAV-LAV! WON-WON!" and then towards the end they were like "Oh shit we're out of time! We should go to the cave now!"
  • The movie, however, was absolutely HILARIOUS. Rupert Grint was amazing and fabulous as Ron.
  • CORMAC MCLAGGEN. YES PLEASE. Also, dessert with the Slug Club. SO GOOD.
  • Speaking of the Slug Club, I particularly...
jul 15 2009 ∞
jul 15 2009 +
list icon
  • Mix Tape
  • The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
  • Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades
  • Jaws Theme Swimming
  • The Archer's Bows are Broken
  • Millstone
  • A new song whose name I think I missed (Bought a Bride?)
  • The Shower Scene
  • The No Seatbelt Song
  • Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't
  • Luca
  • Sowing Season (Yeah)
  • Jesus Christ
  • Deguasser
  • You Won't Know
  • Seventy Times 7
  • Play Crack the Sky
mar 8 2009 ∞
dec 3 2010 +
list icon

Because I thought it was about time to make an updated list of actors I'd like to do. In no particular order.

  • Gaspard Ulliel
  • Milo Ventimiglia
  • Hugh Dancy
  • James Franco
  • Adam Brody
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers
  • Henry Cavill
  • Mitch Hewer
  • David Boreanaz
  • Jesse Lacey
  • Matt Czuchry
  • Nicholas Hoult
  • Luke Pasqualino
  • Chace Crawford
  • Matthew Fox
  • Jude Law
  • Chris Pine
jul 1 2009 ∞
jul 16 2010 +
list icon

Not to offend anyone...

  • Keith
  • Rudolph (really, the only excuse for naming your child this is if he's a reindeer)
  • Joshua
  • Jason
  • Jared
  • Jacob
  • Tyler
  • Terry
  • Bruce
  • Wade
  • Hank (unless it's Hank Green)
jun 21 2009 ∞
aug 13 2009 +
list icon
  • Employee discount?! Fabulous.
  • I'd get to talk to people about books.
    • I could recommend some of my favorites to people.
  • Sliding book ladders. Enough said.
  • Being surrounded by books would be amazing.
  • The atmosphere of bookstores is really great. I love it.
  • I could get new books right away.
  • Is it weird that I think that stocking shelves would be really fun?
  • Nerdfighter bookworm boys? Maybe?
jun 10 2009 ∞
jul 1 2009 +
list icon
  • having time to read and do things that are enjoyable
  • nice weather
  • summer clothes are more fun than winter clothes
  • riding my bike in Maine on the carriage roads and kayaking on Eagle Lake
  • lazy summer afternoons
  • not having to drive back and forth to Manchester every day
  • freeze pops
  • being tan (kind of)
  • staying up as late as I want
jun 10 2009 ∞
jun 10 2009 +
list icon
  • Hardwood floors! (Because you can't deny the awesome.)
  • window seats with fluffy pillows for reading and such
  • A room dedicated to libraryhood. Ideally with a sliding book ladder for optimum awesomeness.
  • some sort of rounded part of the house, because rounded parts are awesome
  • wide wide windows
  • a baby grand piano
  • lots of art
  • a comfy bed with fluffy pillows
apr 18 2009 ∞
jul 1 2009 +
list icon
  • Seventeen
  • Nylon
  • Harper's Bazaar
  • Vogue
  • Teen Vogue
  • Elle
  • Lucky
  • Allure
  • Glamour
  • Glamour France
  • Vogue Paris
  • L'Officiel
  • Numero
  • Elle France
may 16 2009 ∞
mar 26 2010 +
list icon
  • Deja Entendu - Brand New
  • Put Your Ghost to Rest - Kevin Devine
  • One Fell Swoop - The Spill Canvas
  • Like Vines - The Hush Sound
  • The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me - Brand New
  • Almost Here - The Academy Is...
  • In a Safe Place - The Album Leaf
  • Something to Write Home About - The Get Up Kids
  • We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. - Jason Mraz
  • Rock Art and the X-Ray Style - Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros
  • Even If It Kills Me - Motion City Soundtrack
  • Goodbye Blues - The Hush Sound
  • Daisy - Brand New
  • Like a Virgin Losing a Child - Manchester Orchestra
  • Chutes Too Narrow - The Shins
mar 2 2009 ∞
jun 25 2010 +
list icon

I realized that there are a lot of things even from my childhood that are quickly becoming things of the past and that kids today will never be exposed to.

  • "Be kind, rewind."
  • old school Nickelodeon cartoons
  • the golden age of Disney Channel
  • having to call to get the voicemail for our home phone
  • screening calls
  • Walkmen
  • "It is now safe to turn your computer off."
  • AOL (dialing into the internet, "You've got mail!")
  • slap bracelets
  • pay phones
  • board games
  • paper dolls
mar 2 2009 ∞
mar 8 2009 +
list icon
  • LiveJournal. Obsessively checking my flist, making rambling posts, or cruising Twatlight - I always find some way to waste my time.
  • Facebook. Stalking people is oddly amusing.
  • Looking at clothes and shoes. I don't know what the appeal is at looking at things I can't afford and probably wouldn't waste my money on if I could afford them, but I like it.
  • Looking at books. Amazon is possibly the best way to waste time.
  • Listography. When in doubt, make a list.
  • Reading. I shouldn't read as much as I do. I mean, I should, but I don't have time.
  • Watching TV. I watch LOST and Gossip Girl even when I realistically don't have time to do so.
  • Photoshop. Making icons is fuuuun.
feb 25 2009 ∞
feb 25 2009 +
list icon
  • Boys Like Girls
  • All Time Low
  • Relient K
  • Plain White T's
  • Fall Out Boy
  • Nevertheless
  • Valencia
  • Mayday Parade
feb 24 2009 ∞
may 28 2012 +
list icon
  • I almost always have a book in my purse.
  • Unless I'm out, I never answer my cell phone. Unless I called someone on my cell phone and they call back. Otherwise it's in my purse and I can't hear it.
  • I believe in Barack Obama.
  • I want a 1950s typewriter, a record player, and a hippie van. Ideally as soon as possible.
  • I want to read more books than could ever be possible in my lifetime.
  • I am made of awesome. Actually.
  • My dream house would include a library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. And ladders, for sliding around Beauty and the Beast-style.
  • I procrastinate ALL THE TIME.
  • I want to go to Bowdoin.
  • I am a novelist.
jan 29 2009 ∞
aug 4 2010 +
list icon
  • Dave Rygalski - Gilmore Girls
  • Cassie Ainsworth - Skins
  • Maxxie Oliver - Skins
  • Josie - Skins
  • Charlie Pace - LOST
  • Kate Austen - LOST
  • Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl
  • Fez - That '70s Show
  • Kitty Foreman - That '70s Show
  • Jess Mariano - Gilmore Girls
  • Emily Fitch - Skins
  • Pandora Moon - Skins
  • JJ Jones - Skins
  • Kirk Gleason - Gilmore Girls
  • Chris Miles - Skins
  • Dr. James Wilson - House, M.D.
  • Robin Sherbatsky - How I Met Your Mother
  • Leslie Knope - Parks and Recreation
  • Ron Swanson - Parks and Recreation
  • Tom Haverford - Parks and Recreation
  • Temperance Brennan - Bones
jan 25 2009 ∞
may 28 2012 +
list icon
  • when, in a book or a paper, just one word goes onto last line of a paragraph (the shorter the word, the more it annoys me)
  • people who walk slowly in the mall and block the whole aisle so I can't get by them
  • chat speak (honestly people, how hard is it to spell out the word "you?" NOT HARD!)
  • when people mix up your/you're, their/there/they're, or it's/its (seriously, it's not that difficult)
  • people being loud and giggly in the library or the computer lab when you're trying to get work done
  • the Twilight series
  • PeOpLe WhO tYpE lIkE tHiS
  • when people park crooked in the junior parking lot, and as a result a space gets lost and I have to park in the sophomore parking lot instead
jan 24 2009 ∞
jan 24 2009 +
list icon
  • a scar above my right eyebrow from when I fell on my Big Bird toy at the age of two
  • birthmark on my left shoulder
  • a mole to the lower right of my belly button
  • two little moles right next to each other on the left side of my neck
  • three freckles on my left hand that form a scalene triangle (did I just use the word scalene? Really? I'm such a dork)
jan 22 2009 ∞
jan 24 2009 +
list icon
  • Block Island, Rhode Island - along with basically all of my mom's side of the family
  • Camden, Maine
  • somewhere in Rhode Island
  • Lake Tahoe, California (on several occasions)
  • Lake Plaid, New York
  • Bar Harbor, Maine (basically all the time)
jan 20 2009 ∞
jan 20 2009 +
list icon
  • "What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing."
  • "I choose my friends for their good looks, my acquaintances for their good characters, and my enemies for their good intellects. A man cannot be too careful in the choice of his enemies."
  • "I love acting. It is so much more real than life."
  • "Nowadays most people die of a sort of creeping common sense, and discover when it is too late that the only things one never regrets are one's mistakes."
  • "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it."
  • "There are many things that we would throw away if we were not afraid that others might pick them up."
  • "Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much."
dec 19 2008 ∞
dec 21 2008 +
list icon
  • Kurt Vonnegut
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Gaspard Ulliel
  • J. K. Rowling
  • Hank Green
  • John Green
  • Markus Zusak
  • M. T. Anderson
  • Stephen Colbert
  • Anne Frank
  • Maureen Johnson
  • David Foster Wallace
dec 19 2008 ∞
may 28 2012 +
list icon
dec 7 2008 ∞
may 28 2012 +
list icon
  • a Candy Land-themed birthday party with all of my little friends and a hardcore five-year-old-sized Candy Land game that my mom made in our backyard (five)
  • a trip to Canobie Lake Park with my friends (fourteen)
  • a super awesome party and sleepover (sixteen)
  • felt too nauseous too eat my birthday cake (fifteen)
  • saw The Lizzie McGuire movie with my friends (eleven)
  • a Tweety-themed party and sleepover with my friends (nine or ten?)
dec 19 2008 ∞
dec 19 2008 +
list icon
  • Raised by Another
  • Born to Run
  • Numbers
  • Flashes Before Your Eyes
  • The Constant
  • Greatest Hits
  • The Incident
  • Across the Sea
nov 12 2008 ∞
may 19 2010 +
list icon
  • randomly talking about college and the future that one time in the car when I was about ten years old
  • her asking me for gossip and talking about what boys in my grade she thought were cute
  • "Ressaminute Mommy?"
  • driving down to Maryland with her, staying in the hotel, and getting room service with mini ketchup and mini mayo
  • putting that ridiculous pizza hat on her head
  • her telling me that I should date Zach Chin because she thought he was cute and he played the guitar
  • cuddling with her when I was upset in elementary school
  • sitting at the kitchen counter and just talking to her about whatever
  • seeing her walk in her cap and gown at her graduation from graduate school
nov 25 2008 ∞
nov 25 2008 +
list icon
  • smart
  • funny
  • pretty
  • loyal
  • reliable
  • a good artist
  • a bookworm
  • nice
nov 11 2008 ∞
nov 11 2008 +
list icon
  • House, M.D.
  • Skins
  • That '70s Show
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Boy Meets World
  • The Tudors
  • America's Next Top Model (You wanna be on top?)
  • True Blood
  • Arrested Development
oct 27 2008 ∞
may 28 2012 +
list icon
  • smoking
  • a criminal record
  • animal cruelty
  • racist
  • sexist
  • more tattoos than bare skin (a couple well-placed, non-creepy tattoos are okay, but too many is just... bleh)
  • a fanatical Christian (particularly one who tries to force his beliefs on others... ugh)
  • physical abuse
  • a sincere dislike of reading
  • a staunch Republican (moderate Republicans are okay, but if you're really hardcore about it I question your sanity)
nov 11 2008 ∞
apr 9 2009 +
list icon
  • I and this mystery here we stand. - "Song of Myself" - Walt Whitman
  • There's an ancient saying in Japan, that life is like walking from one side of infinite darkness to another, on a bridge of dreams. They say that we're all crossing the bridge of dreams together. That there's nothing more than that. Just us, on the bridge of dreams. - Feed - M. T. Anderson
  • Veil after veil of thin, dusky gauze is lifted, and by degrees the forms and colors of things are restored to them, and we watch the dawn remaking the world in its antique pattern. The wan mirrors get back to their mimic life. The flameless tapers stand where we had left them, and beside them lies the half-cut book that we had been studying, or the wired flower the we had worn at the ball, or the letter we had been afraid to read, or that we had read too often. Nothing seems to us changed. Out of the unreal shadows of the night...__The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde__
oct 19 2008 ∞
may 28 2012 +
list icon
  • Intelligent. Not necessarily a genius, but the ability to carry on a reasonably intelligent conversation is crucial.
  • Willing to indulge my craziness. If I want to do something wild or embarrassing or spur-of-the-moment silly, he needs to go along with it. Or at least humor me.
  • Laid back. Doesn't care as much about what we do as the fact that he's with me.
  • Spontaneous. Think Logan Huntzburger from Gilmore Girls.
  • Not overly clingy, but still wants to spend a fair amount of time with me.
  • A nerdfighter (whether he knows it or not).
  • Introduces me to new music, movies, and books. Broadens my view of the world.
  • Willing to do crazy, stereotypical romantic things, like laying out all night under the stars.
  • I can feel perfectly comfortable around h...
aug 27 2008 ∞
dec 14 2008 +
list icon
  • shenanigans
  • ergo
  • espionage
  • chagrined
  • nerdfighter
  • jargon
  • shanty
  • scamper
  • blasphemer
  • snazzy
  • zany
  • derby
  • escapade
sep 15 2008 ∞
feb 26 2009 +
list icon
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Taj Mahal
  • pyramids of Giza
  • Lincoln Memorial (again)
  • Fallingwater
  • Hearst Castle
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Washington Monument (again)
  • Arc de Triumphe
  • Leaning Tower of Piza
  • Big Ben
  • Grand Canyon
  • WWII Memorial
  • Colosseum
  • Parthenon
  • Pompeii
jul 6 2008 ∞
nov 24 2008 +
list icon
  • Grandma Joan saying "Key piece!" every time she fits a piece into a puzzles.
  • Grandpa singing "Bingle Jells" instead of "Jingle Bells." (Intentionally, of course)
  • The way Pops says "Yeah." He has a very distinct way he says it.
  • Grandma saying "Holy mackerel!"
  • Grandpa saying "point com" instead of "dot com."
  • The pattern on Grandma Joan's purse.
  • The time Pops said, "We'll call you Nickel!"
  • Grandpa taking us out to Wal-Mart to buy a tent to have as a clubhouse for the George Club.
  • The way that they always seem to use voice when they speak to their grandchildren that is different from the voice they use with other adults.
  • The game we used to play with Grandpa whe...
jul 5 2008 ∞
dec 7 2008 +
list icon
  • Babysitter's Club
  • Babysitter's Little Sister
  • Junie B. Jones
  • The Magic Tree House
  • Harry Potter
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • Shadow Children
  • American Girl
  • The Secrets of Droon
jul 4 2008 ∞
oct 24 2008 +
list icon
  • no homework, or very little
  • relatively no drama
  • spending fifteen hours a day outside during the summer
  • truly loving school (to the point where in third grade I actually wanted more homework)
  • The Friendship Times and the various other magazines and newspapers I printed for my friends to read
  • having time to read books, write newspapers, and relax
  • climbing the cherry tree (and getting yelled at by my mom when we broke a branch)
  • the computer was a last resort for entertainment
jun 1 2008 ∞
oct 26 2008 +
list icon
  • Kindergarten or preschool - Cinderella
  • First grade - a "morning star fairy"
  • Second grade - Little Red Riding Hood
  • Third grade - witch
  • Fourth grade - hippie
  • Fifth grade - bumblebee
  • Sixth grade - fortune teller
  • Seventh grade - sock-hopper
  • Eighth grade - fairy princess
  • Ninth grade - goth/butterfly
  • Tenth grade - Cinderella
  • Eleventh grade - Cassie from Skins
  • Twelfth grade - Sookie Stackhouse
  • Freshman year of college - 50s housewife
  • Sophomore year of college - Leslie Knope
  • Junior year of college - Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly
jul 4 2008 ∞
oct 31 2012 +
list icon
  • a CD player/walkman - I dropped it down a flight of stairs (no, I am not kidding)
  • an iPod mini - I apparently didn't disconnect it from iTunes before unplugging it
  • an iPod nano - I put it in the wrong section of my backpack, and the screen got smashed by my Algebra II textbook
  • a cell phone - it was in my pocket when I fell in a fountain
  • an iPod classic - it was in my purse when I fell in a fountain
  • another cell phone - I put it in the main section of my backpack for some reason, and it got crushed by my precalc textbook (but it still works!)
  • another cell phone - I dropped it in Dulles International Airport and it mysteriously stopped working
jun 23 2008 ∞
mar 12 2011 +
list icon
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Peter Pan
  • Anything Goes
  • Bye Bye Birdie
  • West Side Story
  • Swing!
  • A Streetcar Named Desire
  • Hostage Song
  • Annie
  • Oliver
  • A Christmas Carol
  • Verdict
  • Fahrenheit 451
  • Aida
  • Proof
  • Zooman and the Sign
  • Antigone
  • Brighton Beach Memoirs
  • Becky Shaw
may 30 2008 ∞
may 28 2012 +
list icon

United States:

  • Chicago
  • San Francisco (again)
  • Hawaii
  • Seattle
  • Washington D.C. (again)


  • London
  • Paris
  • Rome
  • Pompeii
  • Florence
  • Edinburgh
  • Munich
  • Vienna
  • Prague
  • Tuscany
  • Montreal
may 31 2008 ∞
aug 4 2010 +
list icon
  • Burton Valley Preschool
  • Mrs. Hensley's kindergarten classroom
  • The Amherst Village Green
  • Antics
  • The Wilkins playground
  • Ms. Stefanik's room for advanced math/the school store
  • The playhouse Carolyn and I built between the two pine trees at the top of the hill
  • Mrs. Gehrety's classroom in the portable
  • Mrs. Nedelman's classroom (especially the door in the back that led outside)
may 30 2008 ∞
oct 28 2008 +
list icon
  • Oregon
  • California
  • Nevada
  • Texas
  • New Hampshire
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Connecticut
  • Rhode Island
  • Washington, D.C.
  • New York
  • Maryland
  • Illinois
  • Wisconsin
  • Ohio
  • Florida
may 30 2008 ∞
aug 1 2010 +
list icon
  • the ability to put up with both my energy and my occasional bitchiness
  • a nerdfighter (whether they know it or not)
  • sense of humor
  • a good listener
  • willingness to make a fool of themselves in public
  • understands my crazy ramblings and Gilmore Girls references (or at least pretends to)
  • ability to have a reasonably intelligent conversation
  • reasonably well-read
  • craziness
  • sympathy
may 31 2008 ∞
oct 28 2008 +
list icon
  • Between the Concrete and Clouds
  • Carnival
  • Brooklyn Boy
  • Cupid (Sam Cooke cover with Eliza Jones of Buried Beds)
  • Longer That I'm Out Here
  • You Wouldn't Have to Ask
  • Yr Damned Ol' Dad
  • Cotton Crush (with Modest Mouse ending)
  • Brother's Blood
aug 16 2012 ∞
aug 17 2012 +
list icon
  • I Will Follow You Into The Dark
  • Home Is a Fire
  • I Will Possess Your Heart
  • Crooked Teeth
  • Photobooth
  • Doors Unlocked and Open
  • Long Division
  • Grapevine Fires
  • Codes and Keys
  • What Sarah Said
  • Lightness
  • You Are a Tourist
  • The New Year
  • Amputations
  • Lowell MA
  • Cath...
  • We Looked Like Giants
  • Soul Meets Body
  • Technicolor Girls
  • A Movie Script Ending
  • Marching Bands of Manhattan
jul 20 2012 ∞
jul 20 2012 +
list icon
  • Petit Mort
  • The City Has Left You Alone
  • Every Famous Last Word
  • Off-Screen
  • A Flatline Blur
  • Brooklyn Boy
  • Another Bag of Bones
  • Keep Ringing Your Bell
  • 11-17
  • Cotton Crush (with Modest Mouse ending)
  • Ballgame (with lyrics change)
  • No Sides
  • Go Haunt Someone Else
  • Carnival
  • Mesa, AZ
  • Write Your Story Now
  • Just Stay
  • Between the Concrete and Clouds
  • Brother's Blood
apr 20 2012 ∞
dec 27 2012 +
list icon
  • How could I misconceive I was owed something radically radiant?
  • Dear everyone I ever really knew, I acted like an asshole so I could keep my edge on you. Ended up abusing even those I thought I knew. I killed the kingdom with one move and now it's time to move.
  • And I don't care if you and will spend the rest of our entire lives. I'm patient here for you.
  • I never knew how capable I would become.
  • Now that you're home won't you rescue me? I've been trying so hard to be good again.
  • It took me all this time to get where I said I would never be. I hope it's not even out there. I hope eventually you'll see what you've been turning me into. It's all for you.
  • I know you've been abandoned, but don't abandon ship on me. Just know, like a wint...
jul 24 2011 ∞
jul 27 2011 +
list icon
  • You always wanna be told you're right. Well maybe I got sick of lying all the time.
  • I miss you all the time but I'm blocking out.
  • Your husband, he drinks like a writer, but he writes like a banker. I hope his pens all run dry.
  • I think I thought so much about losing you that I never really had you.
  • 'Cause lately I've had to come to grips with scope and figure, how my problems stack up with a world two steps from ruin (or maybe it's rapture). Either way I realize that my shit's about as small as it could be, and that makes me feel worse for even feeling this bad in the first place.
  • Take abortion away, and both sides are just the same. So I'm not sure why I vote, 'cause I just don't know what difference ...
jun 30 2011 ∞
sep 9 2011 +
list icon
  • We're both socially awkward and dorky.
  • We both like indie emo music (namely Death Cab).
  • We're both sort of self-centered and have a tendency to talk about ourselves and our problems a lot and annoy others.
  • We both avoid confrontation.
  • We both pined for people for a long time without actually talking to them.
jan 15 2011 ∞
jan 15 2011 +
list icon
  • She says "FUCK YOU!" to the Chinese army and goes in her father's place, which is pretty badass.
  • She speaks her mind even though Chinese culture tells her to shut the fuck up.
  • The movie doesn't end with her falling in love, getting married, and living happily ever after. She's an INDEPENDENT WOMAN!
  • The music is wonderful. "Be a Man?" Come on. It doesn't get much better than that.
may 5 2011 ∞
may 8 2011 +
list icon
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Betty Friedan
  • Gloria Steinham
  • Anne Frank
  • Queen Elizabeth I
  • Victoria Woodhull
nov 22 2009 ∞
oct 3 2010 +
list icon

My sister and I were inspired by this to put together our own True Blood bingo boards to play while watching the show.

  • "Shut the fuck up!"
  • Talbot makes a comment about his decor
  • Eric is shirtless
  • Jason is shirtless
  • Lafayette calls someone a bitch
  • Lafayette calls someone a hooker
  • It was all a dream
  • Lorena is a crazy bitch
  • Eric flashback
  • Bill flashback
  • Tara's mom is a bitch
  • Terry mentions the war
  • Andy has a drank
  • Pam is a lesbian
  • Nan Flan on the TV arguing
  • Sookie reads someone's mind
  • Sam's family is crazy
jul 19 2010 ∞
jul 24 2010 +
list icon
  • "If you see any naaaked weeeemon, don't stare, don't take pictures, just run away." - Manuel
  • "Let's kill this chicken!" - Manuel
  • "Helloooo? Time to wake uuuuup." - Manuel
  • "You are a nice-looking woman." - creepy guy in the park to Ms. Foster
  • "You speak English, you understand me, fuck you!" - gypsy woman
  • "Don't get drunk and don't eat any locals." - Manuel
  • "Don't drink too much, but don't drink too little." - passport check guy in Amsterdam
  • "This is my sister." - creepy guy in the park
  • "SHE TOOK MY SPRITE!" - Julien
  • "Five days ago I didn't know who the fuck you were and now I fucking hate you! It was quite a turnaround." - Kim to Julien ...
mar 29 2010 ∞
mar 29 2010 +
list icon
  • peacoats
  • boots - especially ankle booties
  • scarves
  • evening gowns
  • high heels
  • jeans that fit just right
  • polka dotted underwear
  • sweaters
  • hoodies
  • tights
  • unique dresses
  • denim jackets
  • tan trench coats
  • black blazers with white pinstripe lining on the inside
dec 21 2009 ∞
jan 14 2010 +
list icon
  • I can talk to her about anything. Anything. That's more than I can say for anyone else in the world.
  • We think the same things at the same time. We're on the same wavelength.
  • We have exactly the same sense of humor. We find the same things funny and we have really good little banters with each other.
  • She'll go anywhere with me, and I'll go anywhere with her.
  • She loves Walt Whitman. That automatically makes her really cool.
  • She can be a bitch sometimes, but she's almost always really sweet to me.
  • She's really pretty. Prettier than me, I would say.
  • She's just really fun to be around. We have so much fun together.
dec 20 2009 ∞
dec 20 2009 +
list icon

This is a really lame list, but I'm sure I'll be able to add more at some point...

  • my sister
  • Drew Barrymore
dec 23 2009 ∞
dec 23 2009 +
list icon

Because I'm a dork.

  • Jimmy/Trina
  • Paige/Alex
  • Jane/Spinner
  • Peter/Darcy
  • Manny/Jay
  • Liberty/JT
  • Ellie/Craig (but only when Craig's not being a coke addict)
jul 30 2009 ∞
dec 13 2009 +
list icon
  • My feet. They hurt when I run and they didn't used to. Plantar fasciitis?
  • My knees. They cause me all sorts of problems. Mostly being unstable and sometimes collapsing on me when I have my leg and a slightly awkward angle.
  • My jaw. I don't have like... permanent lock jaw or anything on one side (I don't think), but one side of my jaw just doesn't function like it used to.
  • I'm pretty sure I haven't been to the endocrinologist in a very long time. That should probably be rectified.
oct 6 2009 ∞
oct 6 2009 +
list icon

Some things that should never be cool, at least in my opinion.

  • Denim in the form of anything other than jeans or a jacket - denim dresses and shirts? Come on people.
  • Animal print. Sorry, but it's always going to be tacky.
  • Harem pants. Just... no.
  • Velour sweatshirts and sweatpants. Velour makes me cringe.
  • Wearing neon colors. And only neon colors. Especially if some or all of this neon outfit is made of spandex. BARF.
  • Fringe. Especially on jackets and sandals. Seriously?
aug 6 2009 ∞
aug 11 2009 +
list icon
  • Tours. Every school starts to look the same after a while, and they all say the same things and it gets really annoying.
  • Interviews. They're just stressful, and I'm sick of using the same lines at every school.
  • Naviance. That software is the devil and I will not miss it or its taunting me with unfavorable statistics. (1/22 admitted to Bowdoin? Thanks for crushing my dreams, Naviance.)
  • My parents haggling me. Enough said.
  • Writing thank you emails to interviewers. And then feeling guilty when they send me a hand-written note.
  • The Common Application. Although I prefer it to a different application for each school, it's just really annoying and make...
aug 3 2009 ∞
aug 3 2009 +
list icon

These are the ones that I remember, but I'm sure I've been to more.

  • Chicago O'Hare
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington Dulles
  • Reno-Tahoe
  • Sacramento
  • Columbus
  • Boston
  • Manchester
  • Houston
  • San Francisco
  • London Heathrow
  • Amsterdam
  • Berlin Tegel
  • Orlando
  • Newark
  • Washington Reagan
  • New York LaGuardia
  • Cleveland
jul 18 2009 ∞
may 28 2012 +
list icon

This list was inspired by the fabulous list-maker Monica.

  • Marion Cotillard
  • Zooey Deschanel
  • Rachel McAdams
  • Emma Watson
  • Natalie Portman
  • Anne Hathaway
jul 1 2009 ∞
jan 17 2011 +
list icon
  • The water at the beach is warmer in Cape Cod.
  • Things seem to be more expensive in Cape Cod than they are on MDI.
  • There are rich New Yorkers in fancy cars in both places, and in both places they are equally annoying.
  • All of the houses at the Cape (at least it seems like) have shingle siding.
  • I felt like things were closer together at the Cape, in that each town was compact and you didn't have to go far for things, usually. You could walk to ice cream. Unlike MDI, where everything is spread out.
  • I like that MDI has Acadia on it; it provides for a lot of recreation and beauty and awesomeness.
  • It's not nearly as hilly in Cape Cod as it is on MDI.
  • No carriage roads on Cape Cod. Very lame....
jun 26 2009 ∞
jul 1 2009 +
list icon

Not to say that I don't like being around people. But spending every waking minute with others can be a little draining for an introvert like me.

  • When do I have time to read?
  • People get annoyed by things that I do, and likewise I get annoyed by things that they do.
  • People are always like, "Are you okay?" when I'm not as happy or energetic as I usually am.
  • For some reason I find it a lot more difficult to get to sleep in a room with other people. But maybe I just feel awkward because I haven't fallen asleep yet. I don't know.
  • When I've been around people too long I begin to feel as if I am under a microscope.
  • Other people don't always want to be quiet and read or something. So they talk and...
jun 26 2009 ∞
jul 1 2009 +
list icon
  • Cyrano de Bergerac
  • A Very Long Engagement
  • Skins - series 1 and 2
  • The Sure Thing
  • Charlie Bartlett
  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  • LOST - all seasons
  • Gilmore Girls - all seasons
jun 9 2009 ∞
may 16 2011 +
list icon
may 31 2009 ∞
aug 4 2010 +
list icon
  • Everyone's At It
  • I Could Say
  • Never Gonna Happen
  • Oh My God/Everything's Just Wonderful
  • Him
  • Who'd Have Known
  • LDN
  • Back to the Start
  • He Wasn't There
  • Littlest Things
  • Chinese
  • 22
  • Not Fair
  • Fuck You
  • Smile
  • The Fear
  • Womanizer
apr 20 2009 ∞
apr 20 2009 +
list icon
  • awesome
  • fabulous
  • I see how it is!
  • Bitch please!
  • Whoa there, Skippy.
  • distress/I am so distressed.
  • chagrin
  • I'm a fan/I'm not a fan
  • Toodles! (to finish LiveJournal posts)
  • Suck levels are high.
  • It'll be such a party.
  • Are you excited for [insert event here]? Because I am!
  • Go for it.
  • That was a bad plan.
  • alas
  • this ______ business
mar 2 2009 ∞
apr 9 2009 +
list icon
  • The Swan Princess (We rented it so many times from the video store that they just gave it to us.)
  • A Little Princess
  • Mulan
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (My sister and I used to watch it, rewind it, and watch it again.)
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Snow White
feb 25 2009 ∞
feb 25 2009 +
list icon
  • Aldo
  • Express
  • Anthropologie
  • Sephora
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Delia's
  • The Gap
  • Nine West
feb 24 2009 ∞
feb 25 2009 +
list icon
  • floor-to-ceiling bookshelves (preferably built in and complete with ladders)
  • a baby grand piano (because I swear I would pick up the piano again if I had something better than my grandmother's old out-of-tune piano and that stupid keyboard)
  • a painting studio
  • a record player
  • a typewriter
feb 24 2009 ∞
feb 24 2009 +
list icon
  • Am I Wrong - Brand New (originally by Love Spit Love)
  • Straight to Hell - Lily Allen feat. Mick Jones (originally by The Clash)
  • Redemption Song - Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros (originally by Bob Marley)
  • Simple Twist of Fate - The Format (originally by Bob Dylan)
  • Across the Universe - Jim Sturgess (originally by the Beatles)
  • Wild World - Mike Bailey (originally by Cat Stevens)
  • Suffragette City - The Get Up Kids (originally by David Bowie)
  • Unravel - Something Corporate (originally by Bjork)
jan 28 2009 ∞
aug 4 2010 +
list icon
  • get plastic surgery of any kind unless I get in some sort of gruesome accident
  • wear fur
  • read any stupid teen series like The Clique or Gossip Girl
  • stay in the United States for the rest of my life (I plan on living abroad/spending extended time in a foreign country)
  • go into any sort of medical profession
feb 2 2009 ∞
sep 5 2010 +
list icon

I'm really worried that these things will happen.

  • books becoming obsolete and everyone watching TV and using the internet instead
  • the extinction of any animals
  • always being watched (think 1984)
  • people becoming unable to think for themselves
  • the media being consolidated any more than it already is
  • destruction of nature so that the land can be occupied by strip malls and housing developments
jan 24 2009 ∞
jan 24 2009 +
list icon

The best thing - and possibly the only good thing - to come out of the Twilight phenomenon.

  • emmett. we don't even have the same hair type!!!!
jan 13 2009 ∞
mar 12 2011 +
list icon
  • Spring Awakening
  • The Importance of Being Earnest
  • [title of show]
  • Wicked
  • Chicago
  • The Phantom of the Opera
  • The Lion King
  • Legally Blonde
  • Spamalot
dec 23 2008 ∞
dec 23 2008 +
list icon
  • While you were sleeping, I figured out everything. I was constructed for you, and you were molded for me. Now I feel your name coursing through my veins. You shine so bright it's insane. You put the sun to shame.
  • I hate to break this to you but being a coward is not a legitimate career.
  • I am unraveling unbearably empty, and if this ground gives way I just hope that you'll catch me.
  • See there's a therapist trying to tell me that you were just a figment of my tainted brain.
  • You make it dry when it's raining outside. You warm my blood when the temperature dies. You're my crutch when it's all too hard to bear. See with you here, I could not be anywhere.
  • You are careening shamelessly into oblivion and you will live alone with your chem...
jan 8 2009 ∞
jan 8 2009 +
list icon
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Mulan
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Snow White
  • Cinderella
  • The Lion King
  • Up
dec 17 2008 ∞
mar 4 2010 +
list icon
  • Grace - We spent SO much time at each other's houses. Even now, I've never been to one of my friend's houses as many times as I've been to hers.
  • Olivia - A friendship was born on the first day of first grade when she mistook me for her friend Mallory. We made our friendship official (in typical first grade "will you be my friend?" style) while putting together the caterpillar puzzle.
  • Stephanie - Fellow bookworms and aspiring writers, we bonded over home-made newspapers and writing stories.
  • Erin - Her family was the first that we met in New Hampshire, and we were extremely close in fifth grade, when we sat at the same table and rode the bus together.
  • Naazneen - My best friend in kindergarten, until we moved away. She gave me a giant polar bear stuffed animal and I've always regretted not keeping in touch with he...
dec 14 2008 ∞
dec 14 2008 +
list icon
  • pandas!
  • koalas
  • tigers
  • snow leopards (and regular leopards, for that matter)
  • platypuses (they're basically the best thing ever)
  • penguins
  • polar bears
  • elephants
  • red pandas
  • dogs
dec 14 2008 ∞
dec 14 2008 +
list icon
  • Harry and the Potters - 7/20/07
  • The Hungarian Horntails - 7/20/07
  • Draco and the Malfoys - 7/20/07
  • The Spill Canvas - 12/5/08
  • Augustana - 12/5/08
  • OneRepublic - 12/5/08
  • mewithoutYou - 3/7/09
  • Brand New - 3/7/09
  • Natalie Portman's Shaved Head - 4/19/09
  • Lily Allen - 4/19/09
  • American Idols Live - 9/15/09
  • Tom Flash and the Lightening Band - 2/5/10
  • Recycled Percussion - 2/19/10
  • Something Corporate - 8/12/10
dec 7 2008 ∞
aug 17 2010 +
list icon

Or almost. Sometimes I've been in public and had to hold back my tears, to my dismay.

  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  • A Very Long Engagement
  • The Notebook
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling (the book and part 1 of the movie)
  • LOST - "The Beginning of the End" (season 4 premier)
  • LOST - "Through the Looking Glass" (season 3 finale)
  • Skins - "Everyone" (series 2 finale)
  • Titanic (I was a WRECK)
  • Toy Story 3
  • The O.C. - "The End's Not Near, It's Here" (series finale)
  • LOST - "The End" (series finale)
  • The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
nov 12 2008 ∞
may 28 2012 +
list icon
  • bus
  • car
  • paddleboat
  • canoe
  • kayak
  • ferry
  • airplane
  • bicycle
  • walking
  • horse
nov 12 2008 ∞
nov 25 2008 +
list icon
  • Penny - mixed breed
  • Pebbles - mixed breed
  • Larry - cat
  • Wally - cat
  • Speedy - hermit crab
  • Rocky - fish
  • Marlin - fish
  • Nemo - fish
  • Chum - fish
  • Bubbles - hermit crab
  • Pearl - hermit crab
  • Poppy - miniature schnauzer
  • Chula - miniature schnauzer
  • Zoey - rat terrier/dachshund mix
oct 28 2008 ∞
mar 12 2011 +
list icon
  • sprained my ankle (sliding practice in softball)
  • sprained my wrist (tripped playing tennis)
  • massive ear infection of DOOM
  • a piece of rust in my eye
  • pink eye
  • strep throat
  • prolonged coughing bouts (bad enough to need medication)
  • lost a toenail (I opened a door and it ripped in half)
  • kneecaps popping in and out of place at random times during sporting events/group hugs
oct 27 2008 ∞
oct 27 2008 +
list icon

Bring on the embarrassment.

  • Gabe L. - first grade
  • Matt C. - second grade
  • Evan G. - third grade
  • Mike M. - third grade (in retrospect; I didn't consciously like him at the time, but now it's so obvious)
  • Adam S. - fourth through sixth grade
  • Nathan M. - sixth grade
oct 20 2008 ∞
mar 12 2011 +
list icon
  • make friendship bracelets
  • paint wooden things (miniature gazebos, heart-shaped boxes, etc.)
  • paint-your-own pottery
  • make jewelry
  • make things out of Sculpey clay
  • paint furniture
oct 19 2008 ∞
oct 20 2008 +
list icon
  • I'm an old abandoned church with broken pews and empty aisles.
  • What they call love is a risk, cause you'll always get hit out of nowhere by some wave and end up on your own.
  • I wrote more postcards than hooks. I read more maps than books.
  • I need the smell of summer, I need its noises in my ears.
  • Coordinate brain and mouth, then ask me what it's like to have myself so figured out. I wish I knew.
  • At least pretend you didn't want to get caught.
  • These are the words you wish you wrote down. This is the way you wish your voice sounds. Handsome and smart. Oh, my tongue's the only muscle in my body that works harder than my heart.
  • This is the grace that only we can bestow. This is the price you pay for loss of c...
oct 8 2008 ∞
mar 12 2011 +
list icon
  • pasta
  • pizza with tomato sauce
  • eggplant parmesan
  • quiche
  • steak
  • salad
  • anything with carbonation
  • coffee (although it smells delicious)
oct 6 2008 ∞
oct 20 2008 +
list icon
  • hearing about people's severed limbs, etc.
  • driving at night when there are no lights on the road, so that when you look in the mirror it's completely black
  • heights
  • driving next to enormous trucks on the highway
  • when you're walking along a sidewalk and a bus drives by really fast
jul 11 2008 ∞
mar 12 2011 +
list icon

In no particular order.

  • willow trees
  • sunshine
  • sunflowers
  • watching clouds
  • bookstores
  • popovers
  • ice cream
  • piano music
  • drawing
  • reading
  • photography
  • polka dots
  • office supplies
  • blank notebooks
  • intricate, well thought out mystery novels
  • British accents
  • Australian accents
  • colorful pens
  • historical fiction
jul 6 2008 ∞
dec 22 2009 +
list icon
  • I'm an extremely picky eater. I don't like most cuisines.
  • I'm hyper most of the time, and it can get really annoying.
  • I like to make a fool of myself in public.
  • I can be sort of clingy sometimes.
  • I very rarely do my laundry, and my room is a train wreck.
  • I have a tendency to be self-absorbed.
jul 5 2008 ∞
mar 12 2011 +
list icon
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Bones
  • LOST
  • Skins (British accents = love)
  • The Tudors
  • Greek
  • Gossip Girl
  • That '70s Show
  • America's Next Top Model
  • True Blood
  • Parks and Recreation
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Downton Abbey
jul 4 2008 ∞
may 28 2012 +
list icon
  • a hotel in Reno, Nevada (it was rather anti-climactic)
  • the Concannon's house
  • in my basement watching TV
  • in my room
  • in my old house in California
jun 23 2008 ∞
oct 24 2008 +
list icon
  • J. K. Rowling
  • Kurt Vonnegut
  • Truman Capote
  • John Green
  • Agatha Christie
  • Markus Zusak
  • M. T. Anderson
  • Oscar Wilde
jun 23 2008 ∞
dec 17 2008 +
list icon
  • creating The Friendship Times and assigning my friends articles
  • drawing faces on Mrs. Nedelman's erasers and selling them to my classmates to raise money for The Friendship Times (and then getting yelled at by my mom for it)
  • decorating my desk in third grade
  • annoying Mike McGrath by making my little stuffed Dalmatian talk
  • teaching my first grade class how to carry in addition
  • reading aloud from a Franklin book in first grade
  • filling out the Keroppi best friends' book with Olivia
  • discovering Harry Potter
  • wearing my favorite outfit every other day in fourth grade, until I wore holes in the knees of my jeans
  • winning the art contest and getting to paint my drawing on Mrs. Nedelman's classro...
may 31 2008 ∞
oct 28 2008 +
list icon
  • a willow tree
  • a cherry tree
  • stone walls
  • irises
  • sunflowers
  • a secret garden hidden in a corner, one that the sun hits just right so that it looks like magic
  • lots of room to run and frolic
  • lilacs
  • plenty of maple trees
  • a trellis with vines growing on it
  • daffodils
  • an apple tree
may 31 2008 ∞
oct 28 2008 +
list icon

For a girl:

  • Lily
  • April
  • Evangeline
  • Ella
  • Victoria
  • Elizabeth
  • Alice
  • Rose

For a boy:

  • Michael
  • James
  • Tristan
  • William
  • Daniel
  • Adam
may 31 2008 ∞
nov 2 2008 +
list icon
  • Juno and Bleaker - Juno
  • Edith and Marcel - La Vie en Rose
  • Jude and Lucy - Across the Universe
  • Mathilde and Manech - A Very Long Engagement
  • Allie and Noah - The Notebook
  • Charlie and Susan - Charlie Bartlett
  • Tristan and Isolde
  • Gib and Allison - The Sure Thing
may 31 2008 ∞
dec 22 2009 +
list icon
  • Invisibility
  • Flight
  • Seeing the fuuuuuture!
  • Holding my breath underwater
  • Magic. Period.
  • Time travel
may 30 2008 ∞
oct 28 2008 +
list icon
  • "_______ for the boys"
  • Long Island iced teas
  • Uncle Steve/Steady Steve
    • Steady Eileen - "steady, old girl"
  • Catch Phrase
    • "OH MY GOD okay so..."
  • Sweaty Gina
  • "How can we tactfully kick them out?" "With our feet."
  • Kayla/Keith and Regina/Keith dynamics
  • Kate throwing up on the Rock Garden patio
  • singing Wagon Wheel at Rock Garden
  • Mama Moreau paying for a round of tequila shots
  • tambourines
  • high-energy bands
  • that time John disappeared from the Red Door
jul 26 2013 ∞
aug 24 2013 +
list icon

Kevin Devine is my favorite artist. I've seen him in concert three times and hope to go to more of his shows in the future. My goal is to see him perform every one of his songs live... hey, I can dream, right?

  • Circle Gets the Square
    • Fingerprints and Photographs
    • Write Your Story Now
    • Protest Singer
    • Guys with Record Collections
    • If We Meet Today
    • This Box is Empty
    • Working in Quiet
    • Letting a Good One Go
    • Confessional at 6 PM
    • Lullaby for a Snow-Faced Girl
  • Make the Clocks Move
    • Ballgame
aug 18 2012 ∞
aug 17 2015 +
list icon
  • Deer
  • Pride
  • April Fool
  • Pale Black Eye
  • My Friend Marcus
  • Shake it Out
  • "You don't miss me, I know"
  • I Can Barely Breathe
  • Simple Math
  • "Any time you're boring, you convince me to leave"
  • Mean Everything to Nothing
  • Colly Strings
  • The River
  • The Only One
  • You're a Mirror I Cannot Avoid (Bad Books)
  • Mesa, AZ (Bad Books)
  • Sleeper 1972
  • Where Have You Been?
  • "My head is broke. All it is filled with ...
aug 4 2011 ∞
aug 4 2011 +
list icon
  • Seeing friends every day. My friends are awesome, and I miss them!
  • Eating proper meals. Unless I'm eating at the dining hall, I have a really hard time eating real meals and not just snacking all day.
  • Walking. It's a pain, definitely, but I do miss walking around campus. If only because it helped keep any weight gain at bay.
  • My sorority. They're some of the kindest, most successful, and funniest women I know, and it sucks not getting to see them.
  • Parties. I'll admit it, I like to go out. The nightlife options in New Hampshire are slim at best. Plus, I like going to parties at Old Kenyon because I know (or at least recognize) most of the people there, so I feel reasonably safe.
  • Peirce cookies. Enough said.
may 24 2011 ∞
may 24 2011 +
list icon
  • teacher
  • children's book author/illustrator
  • novelist
  • journalist
  • architect
  • publisher/editor
  • landscape architect
nov 13 2010 ∞
nov 13 2010 +
list icon
  • Fluorescent Adolescent - Arctic Monkeys
  • Sin-Eaters - The National
  • Sink - Brand New
  • Cardinal Song - The National
  • I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor - Arctic Monkeys
  • Simple Math - Manchester Orchestra
feb 9 2011 ∞
feb 28 2011 +
list icon
  • The Album Leaf - Into the Blue Again
  • Arcade Fire - Funeral
  • Bright Eyes - Cassadaga
  • Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning
  • Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
  • The National - High Violet
  • The National - Boxer
  • The National - Alligator
  • Stars - In Our Bedroom After the War
  • Stars - The Five Ghosts
  • Jack's Mannequin - Everything in Transit
  • The Postal Service - Give Up
  • The Smiths - The Queen is Dead
  • Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
  • Florence + the Machine - Lungs
  • The National - Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers
  • Manchester Orchestra - I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child
aug 16 2010 ∞
feb 7 2015 +
list icon
  • star tipping on the quad
  • "I made him look pretty, even though he's elderly and his face looks like it's melting."
  • "Come on guys, let's not let this turn into ANOTHER discussion of the medieval salt trade!"
  • drawing mustaches on our fingers for the Stash Bash
  • procrastinating in McKinley's room
  • dirty Bananagrams
  • making popcorn and listening to Sol's stripper story
  • mysterious boy at the BΘΠ party (oops)
  • walking down to the KAC with Brielle and Elizabeth, arms linked
  • McKinley's car getting stuck in a ditch
  • Confirm or Deny
  • "That's a sexy doorknob!"
sep 18 2010 ∞
may 4 2011 +
list icon

These are the material things that I want more than anything in the world. And I know it's bad to base happiness on possessions, buuuut...

  • hippie van (specifically a Volkswagen Kombi or Samba bus, circa 1965)
  • old-fashioned typewriter - specifically this one
  • record player
  • a pair of Christian Louboutins
jul 4 2010 ∞
jul 9 2010 +
list icon
  • Ritz crackers
  • Club crackers
  • Better Cheddars
  • Barnum's animal crackers
  • Townhouse crackers
  • SnackWells
  • Crispix
  • almond poppyseed muffins
jul 16 2010 ∞
jul 16 2010 +
list icon

From the book Stuff White People Like by Christian Lander. Hooray for conforming to stereotypes!

  • film festivals
  • organic food
  • diversity
  • Barack Obama
  • non-profit organizations
  • awareness
  • traveling
  • 80s night
  • architecture
  • The Daily Show/The Colbert Report
  • breakfast places
  • Netflix
  • Apple products
  • indie music
  • plays
  • public radio
  • arts degrees
  • vintage
dec 24 2009 ∞
jan 1 2010 +
list icon

These are in no particular order, for the record.

  • The Book Thief
  • I Am the Messenger
  • Peeps
  • Looking for Alaska
  • Paper Towns
  • An Abundance of Katherines
  • 13 Little Blue Envelopes
  • Uglies series
  • The Hunger Games/Catching Fire
  • Feed
dec 21 2009 ∞
jan 1 2010 +
list icon
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Human Society
  • Plan
  • Kiva
  • Breast Cancer Foundation
oct 30 2009 ∞
oct 30 2009 +
list icon
  • Noro
    • Why doesn't anyone I know sleep? Are they all just scared of their dreams? When they lay their heads down at night, what are they haunted by?
    • Little light, lead us through the night. And if we die, burn down the forest.
  • You Stole
    • Last night they said the fire had spread, and we said our prayers. Now the flames are burning me in my bed, and I just don't care.
    • So if I'm a liar and you're a thief, at least we both know where the other one sleeps.
  • At the Bottom
    • Some men die under the mountain just looking for gold. Some die looking for a hand...
nov 22 2009 ∞
apr 9 2011 +
list icon

I am definitely NOT still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.

  • I'm not thin enough.
  • ... But I'm too thin to be a plus-sized model.
  • I don't photograph very well.
  • My face doesn't have enough angles.
  • I have a big nose. I think it's fine, but Paulina would be like, "SHE HAS A BIG NOSE, SEND HER HOME!" like she did with Analeigh.
  • The judges would criticize my personal style, I'm sure.
  • I'm not tall enough to be a normal model, but I'm too tall to be a "petite" model like Kate Moss.
  • I would fail at challenges. All. The. Time.
aug 31 2009 ∞
sep 1 2009 +
list icon
  • I always go 70 on the highway, no matter what the speed limit is.
  • I tend to go somewhere between 5 and 10 miles an hour over the speed limit, depending on where I am.
  • I call people who go the speed limit "Johnny Law-Abider," a habit prompted by my mom's one use of the phrase.
  • I usually correct my parking job, unless I'm in a rush. Sometimes I make it worse, I think.
  • I say "Bitch, please!" a lot when I'm driving.
  • Driving a long way by myself is fun, as long as I have my iPod so I can rock out.
  • I use cruise control when I'm really tired, even on back roads. Sometimes this doesn't work out very well.
  • I realize that I tend to drive one-handed, with my left hand at the bottom of the steering wheel. I don't usually notice sw...
aug 31 2009 ∞
aug 31 2009 +
list icon

Some questions to ask a student interviewer:

  • What has been your experience with the [insert department here] department?
  • What was the best class you have taken here?
  • Why did you choose [insert college name here]? How do you like it? Are the reasons you chose it the same reasons you like it now?
  • What is there to do in the area? How does the area affect the college? Do students go off-campus on the weekends?
  • Have you developed close relationships with your professors?
  • What is the weather like here, especially the winter?
  • What is your favorite spot on campus?

Some questions to ask an admissions staff interviewer:

jul 18 2009 ∞
jul 22 2009 +
list icon

When you've seen so many small liberal arts colleges, they start to blend together. Especially since they use a lot of the same lines.

  • "This is our dining hall. People say it looks like Hogwarts."
  • "You get to use all of this expensive research equipment starting in your freshman year, and you're not competing with grad students for it."
  • "The biggest class you'll have is about 50 students, and those are just intro classes like Intro to Psychology."
  • "You develop really close relationships with your professors here, and it's rare to leave here without having dinner at a professor's house."
  • "People tend to stay on campus for the weekend, and if you do go away you feel like you're missing out."
jul 22 2009 ∞
jul 22 2009 +
list icon
  • The Shining (1980)
  • Airplane (1980)
  • Back to the Future (1985)
  • The Sure Thing (1985)
  • The Breakfast Club (1985)
  • Ferris Bueller's Day off (1986)
  • The Little Mermaid (1989)
  • Back to the Future Part II (1989)
jun 28 2009 ∞
jul 1 2009 +
list icon
  • All Summer in a Day
  • The Whole Town's Sleeping
  • The Rocket
  • Season of Disbelief
  • And the Rock Cried Out
  • The Drummer Boy of Shiloh
  • The Flying Machine
  • The Visitor
  • The Man
  • The Exiles
  • The Illustrated Man
  • The Pedestrian
  • Zero Hour
  • The Veldt
  • Kaleidoscope
  • The Other Foot
  • The Highway
  • The Rocket Man
  • The Fire Balloons
  • The Last Night of the World
  • No Particular Night or Morning
jun 23 2009 ∞
jul 1 2009 +
list icon
  • In my car, you can't go 80 without realizing it.
  • It's smaller, which makes it easier to park.
  • The windshield is farther away in my car, which I like better.
  • My car has a place to plug my iPod directly into my stereo system (which means I can actually listen to my iPod, seeing as I don't have one of those things that uses the radio).
  • Seat heaters make the winter more bearable.
jun 11 2009 ∞
jun 21 2009 +
list icon
  • I hit a traffic cone going 70 miles an hour at 10 at night when they were doing work on 93... with Rachel in the car (I'm pretty sure she's scared to drive with me now)
  • A massive pickup truck parked very poorly at the grocery store. I was tired and lazy and thought I could fit into the parking spot next to it, because I have a small car. I couldn't. The truck was fine. My headlight broke and I now have a massive scrape on my car.
  • A police officer was behind me. I was driving my mother's car, which I don't drive very often, so I was focusing very carefully on the road ahead, and neglected to look in my rear view mirror. He wanted to pull over the guy ahead of me. I didn't realize this. He put on his lights and I pulled over... onto a curb. He followed me home and waited to talk to my mom.
jun 10 2009 ∞
jul 1 2009 +
list icon

I would have put all of the books on here and crossed them off, but that would be too time-consuming and also rather embarrassing (due to the fact that I haven't read enough). So here is what I've read.

  • The Virgin Suicides – Jeffrey Eugenides
  • Song of Solomon – Toni Morrison
  • I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings – Maya Angelou
  • Slaughterhouse-Five – Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
  • In Cold Blood – Truman Capote
  • Cat’s Cradle – Kurt Vonnegut
  • The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plath
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Ken Kesey
  • To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Truman Capote
  • Things Fall Apart – Chinua Achebe
may 31 2009 ∞
dec 13 2009 +
list icon
  • Anne - mother
  • Doug - father
  • Carolyn - sister, twenty months younger than me
  • Joan - grandmother, mother's side
  • Phil - grandfather, mother's side
  • Marie - mother's sister
  • Mike - Marie's husband
  • Alanna - Mike and Marie's daughter, eight months older
  • Tommy - Mike and Marie's son, three years younger
  • Linnea - Mike and Marie's daughter, four and half years younger
  • Ruth - mother's sister
  • Mark - Ruth's husband
  • Jackson - Ruth and Mark's son, eleven years younger
  • Luke - Ruth and Mark's son, thirteen years younger
  • Elizabeth - mother's sister
nov 10 2008 ∞
nov 10 2008 +
list icon

Because earlier today my sister was looking at shoes and therefore I had to go look at these gorgeous shoes, which I have no place to wear other than prom, which caused me to look at prom dresses online that might match them.

  • I'm not really sure what the big deal with prom is. It's just a dance. It's not going to define your existence. Why put so much importance on it?
  • I don't want to be one of those girls. You know the kind I'm talking about. The girls who buy the prom editions of magazines and obsess about what dress they're going to wear and act as if prom is the biggest and only important night of their lives. If I ever become like that, there is clearly something wrong and you might as well just shoot me and get it over with.
  • I wouldn't wear an above-the-knee dress to prom.
  • I don't see the point of themed proms.
feb 23 2009 ∞
feb 23 2009 +
list icon
  • Snow is horrible, cold, and gets really dirty and brown after a while.
  • The temperature. Enough said.
  • Snow and ice on the roads leads to driving mishaps.
  • Running out of windshield wiper fluid when you're driving on the highway right after it's snowed is a BITCH. Trust me. It has happened to me on several occasions. It usually results in me not being able to see and nearly hitting someone.
  • You can't wear open-toed shoes in the winter unless you'd like to get frostbite.
  • Everything is brown and barren.
  • In summer the sun is bright and the air is warm and you can wander around outside in flip-flops and shorts without dying.
  • There's no school in the summer.
feb 23 2009 ∞
feb 23 2009 +
list icon
  • Honors Physics - Mr. Cousineau (11th grade)
  • Modern European History - Mr. Curley (10th grade)
  • English IV - Mr. Cotton (9th grade)
  • Advanced Studio Art - Mr. Moerlein (11th grade)
  • Drawing - Ms. Steele (10th grade)
  • Civics - Mr. Blaisdell (7th grade)
  • AP English - Mr. Anthony (12th grade)
  • AP Calculus AB - Mr. Holland (12th grade)
  • Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies - Professors Turner, Cho, and Holdener (first semester freshman year)
  • Drawing I - Karen (second semester freshman year)
  • Introduction to Programming - Professor Aydin (second semester freshman year)
  • Institutions and Inequalities - Prof. Thomas (second semester freshman year)
feb 17 2009 ∞
may 28 2012 +
list icon
  • I wouldn't spend so much time on the internet, obviously. Probably better overall for my brain.
  • MORE READING! No more being distracted by LiveJournal, Facebook, and Listography.
  • I'd have to handwrite papers, lab reports, etc. Ugh. Suck levels would be high. OR I could use a typewriter. Actually, that would be kind of awesome.
  • Making graphs by hand in physics would not be fun.
  • I'd undoubtedly get more homework done.
  • I wouldn't talk to my friends as much outside of school, because I hate the phone. LiveJournal is a lifesaver.
  • No chatspeak. That would be nice.
  • I wouldn't be able to watch Skins until it was played on BBCA, which wouldn't be for months.
  • No more Photoshop and LiveJournal icons. Sad.
jan 25 2009 ∞
jan 26 2009 +
list icon
  • I always use self-checkout at the grocery store. Always.
  • I fail at small talk. Big time. I'm not good at making conversation with people who I don't talk to very often or I don't know very well.
  • I avoid confrontation at all costs.
  • Awkward silences are abound when you talk to me.
  • The phone is possibly the most terrifying device invented by man.
  • I'm not assertive. At all.
jan 24 2009 ∞
jan 24 2009 +
list icon

This is mildly shameful.

  • "I Want it That Way" - The Backstreet Boys
  • "Truly Madly Deeply" - Savage Garden
  • "You're Still the One" - Shania Twain
  • "Coming Clean" - Hilary Duff
  • "So Yesterday" - Hilary Duff
  • "Hamster Dance" - Hampton and the Hamsters
  • "Pon de Replay" - Rihanna
  • "We Belong Together" - Mariah Carey
  • "S.O.S." - Rihanna
  • "Be My Escape" - Relient K
  • "Which to Bury, Us or the Hatchet?" - Relient K
  • "Grand Theft Autumn" - Fall Out Boy
  • "Hum Hallelujah" - Fall Out Boy
  • "Dear Maria" - All Time Low
  • "Six Feet Under the Stars" - All Time Low
jan 19 2009 ∞
feb 11 2009 +
list icon

It makes me sad that it's over.

  • MuggleCast. It was basically the best hour of my week and always kept me entertained.
  • surfing the MuggleNet forums during my free period
  • wrocking out
  • anxiously counting down the days until the release of the seventh book
  • "Draco Malfoy, what's your problem?"
  • fangirling BNFs like Emerson and Jamie
  • "HorCREE!" Oh John Noe.
  • overanalyzing EVERYTHING and theorizing
  • "Bye, bye, bye, don't let it be July!"
  • crackpot theories
  • wearing my Harry Potter vest and tie and waving my super sweet wand from Alivan's running around the house shouting "EXPELLIARMUS!"
  • rereading the books over and over
dec 14 2008 ∞
dec 14 2008 +
list icon
  • Kaitlyn - January 22nd
  • Lamont - January 22nd
  • Brielle - January 26th
  • Ellie - June 9th
  • Kim - June 11th
  • Chandra - July 11th
  • Elizabeth - July 19th
  • Caroline - July 22nd
  • Dulce - September 11th
  • Erin - October 4th
  • Emily - October 5th
  • Claire - October 16th
  • Katherine - November 9th
  • Phil - December 18th
  • Jen - December 24th
  • Kemi - December 25th
  • Darci - December 27th
dec 19 2008 ∞
mar 12 2011 +
list icon
  • going to the Red Sox-A's game in Boston that one night, just the two of us
  • going into Washington, D.C. the night before leaving Maryland, eating at Johnny Rockets, and him showing me the Exorcist stairs and where he used to live in college
  • sharing the sea animal cookies with him after dinner when we ate at Shorty's
  • that feeling of family I always got when Dad was home and we were all in the kitchen and Dad was being ridiculous
  • running errands with him when I was younger
  • him having a different voice for each of the pets that we've had
  • telling me "Good job, Elise" for no apparent reason
  • driving to Maine and listening to Johnny Cash and Car Talk
  • running across the finish line for the Ir...
nov 25 2008 ∞
may 28 2012 +
list icon
  • the Bible Belt
  • the fact that the Republican party has basically become the Christian party and they want to force their conservative beliefs on everyone
  • state bans on gay marriage
  • urban sprawl
  • Southern accents
  • the general ignorance of the American public
  • George W. Bush and his complete and utter idiocy
  • big media
  • the Patriot Act and invasion of privacy in general
  • everyone thinks California is the best place on earth, when in reality it's crowded and people are sort of rude
  • the fact that people think Sarah Palin would make a good president
  • the Twilight phenomenon
nov 10 2008 ∞
nov 10 2008 +
list icon
  • foreign language (French, Spanish, Italian, etc.)
  • psychology
  • sociology
  • astronomy
  • graphic design
  • history
jul 29 2008 ∞
oct 20 2008 +
list icon
  • travel to every state in the United States
  • travel Europe on next to no money (because let's face it, traveling to Europe on a lot of money isn't going to happen)
  • own a grand piano (and be able to play it at least reasonably well)
  • have a library in my house
  • kiss someone in the rain
  • float in the Dead Sea
  • go on an epic road trip (preferably Paper Towns style)
  • walk across Abbey Road with three friends (and have someone take our picture, obviously)
  • go in a hot air balloon
  • learn to ballroom dance
  • go nightclubbing (preferably in a foreign country)
  • drive on the Autobahn
  • rent a villa in the Mediterranean
oct 27 2008 ∞
dec 14 2008 +
list icon
  • SAT math
  • the smell of math textbooks
  • wearing high heels
  • frolicking in green fields
  • organizing my bookshelf
  • office supplies of all kinds
  • history/math/science jokes
oct 27 2008 ∞
mar 12 2011 +
list icon
  • talking about books
  • being a nerdfighter
  • awkward romantic gestures
  • kissing my forehead
  • lots and lots of hugs
  • cuddling
  • not buying me a lot of unnecessary things
  • letting me pay for dates sometimes
  • not being too clingy
  • good conversation
oct 26 2008 ∞
apr 12 2009 +
list icon
  • photographs
  • impressionist paintings
  • art you can become a part of, regardless of how that is achieved
  • sidewalk murals
  • outdoor sculpture (as long as it's not too abstract)
  • music
aug 27 2008 ∞
oct 20 2008 +
list icon
  • reading
  • sleeping
  • drawing
  • writing
  • frolicking
  • designing
  • enjoying nature
  • kissing
  • running
  • listening to music
  • doing my laundry
  • cleaning my room
  • traveling
oct 9 2008 ∞
oct 20 2008 +
list icon
  • Chicago
  • San Francisco (again)
  • Seattle
  • Washington, D.C. (again)
  • Philadelphia
  • Montreal
  • Brasilia
  • Montevideo
  • Valencia
  • Lima
  • Buenos Aires
  • Paris
  • London
  • Munich
  • Venice
  • Rome
  • Prague
  • Vienna
  • Berlin
  • Zurich
  • Dublin
jul 5 2008 ∞
jul 4 2010 +
list icon

In no particular order.

  • Logan Huntzberger - Gilmore Girls
  • Colin Singleton - An Abundance of Katherines
  • Manech Laggonet/Etchevery - A Very Long Engagement
  • Neville Longbottom - Harry Potter
  • Remus Lupin - Harry Potter
  • Jess Mariano - Gilmore Girls
  • Charlie Pace - LOST
  • Maxxie Oliver - Skins (if he wasn't gay)
  • Charlie Bartlett - Charlie Bartlett
jul 11 2008 ∞
oct 20 2008 +
list icon
  • The Clash
  • Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros
  • Elvis Costello
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Bob Marley
  • Eric Clapton
  • The Eagles
  • Don Henley
  • Steely Dan
  • Neil Young
jul 4 2008 ∞
oct 20 2008 +
list icon
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Arabic
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Swahili
  • Russian
jul 4 2008 ∞
oct 24 2008 +
list icon

In no particular order.

  • Global warming and the slow, human-caused deterioration of our planet
  • The genocide in Darfur and the fact that we (as in the United States) are not doing anything to stop it
  • The fact that there are ridiculously wealthy people in the world who could literally live off their interest while there are people who don't have enough food to eat.
  • The fact that people don't read as much as they used to. People have become dependent on television and the internet to entertain them, and find reading boring.
  • Endangered species
  • Intolerance of people with different sexual preferences
  • Discrimination of any kind
  • The power of big media
  • Materialism and consumerism
jun 30 2008 ∞
oct 24 2008 +
list icon
  • A Very Long Engagement (Un long dimanche de fiancailles)
  • Amelie (Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulin)
  • Jacquou le croquant
  • La Vie en Rose (La Mome)
  • Cyrano de Bergerac
  • Etre et Avoir
  • Les Jeux Sont Faits
jun 30 2008 ∞
dec 7 2008 +
list icon
  • Naazneen
  • Becca
  • Olivia
  • Stephanie
  • Grace
  • Caytlin
  • Aimee
  • Maura
  • Kate
  • Julie
  • Mallory
  • Meaghan
  • Erin
  • Andrea
may 31 2008 ∞
oct 28 2008 +
list icon
  • vanilla
  • popovers
  • spring
  • new math textbooks
  • grass
  • fall (that crisp smell that's almost like burning)
  • chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven
  • pumpkins
  • hay
  • honeysuckle
  • lilacs
may 30 2008 ∞
oct 28 2008 +
list icon
  • Arthur
  • Cyber Chase
  • Zoom
  • Lizzie McGuire
  • Even Stevens
  • Kim Possible
  • Sesame Street
may 30 2008 ∞
oct 28 2008 +
list icon
  • Casey/Cappie - Greek
  • Rory/Jess - Gilmore Girls
  • Lorelai/Luke - Gilmore Girls
  • Kate/Sawyer - LOST
  • Desmond/Penny - LOST
  • Blair/Chuck - Gossip Girl
  • House/Wilson - House
  • Josh/Andy - Kyle XY
  • Lane/Dave - Gilmore Girls
  • Booth/Brennan - Bones
  • Sid/Cassie - Skins
  • Chris/Jal - Skins
  • Naomi/Emily - Skins
  • Jim/Pam - The Office
  • Eric/Sookie - True Blood
  • Ned/Chuck - Pushing Daisies
  • Seth/Summer - The O.C.
may 31 2008 ∞
jul 5 2011 +
list icon
  • softball
  • field hockey
  • swimming
  • cross-country running
  • basketball
  • track and field
  • soccer
  • tennis
may 30 2008 ∞
oct 28 2008 +
list icon
  • Smithsonian Museum of Art
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Dia: Beacon
  • The Whitney Museum of American Art
  • Currier Museum of Art
  • Mass MoCA
  • The Clark Museum
  • Isabella Stuart Gardiner Museum
  • Institute of Contemporary Art
  • The Art Institute of Chicago
  • Mauritshuis
  • Columbus Museum of Art
may 30 2008 ∞
may 28 2012 +