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we are made of stardust

    • marcella, mah
    • she/her
    • chaotic good
    • 30 lvl
    • infj-a
    • creator of worlds
    • pasta 24/7
    • slytherin house
    • phlegmatic sanguine blend
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i'm both a lover of pastel colors and "i'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color" at the same time

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<3 the 80's, cooking, writing, watching fast cars race, online shopping, learning new things, freshly baked bread, holographic eyeshadows, pasta, good company, daydreaming, caldo verde, alone time, pics of cute food, race weeks, looking at the stars, orion constellation, spending time with lucy, schweppes, stranger things, the moon (full moon, blood moon, eclipses), orange soda, poke bowls, anything with lime/lemon, festa junina, eddie munson, fanta maracujá, sushi, hayloft ii, my family

</3 cilantro, horoscope, people with regina george syndrome, waking up early in the morning, bullies, coffee, getting anxious before doing something, dirty floors, chewing on food that "never ends", feeling sick, worrying too much

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i. cute nicknames

  • baby: loves being surprised, really affectionate, laughs easily, makes everything into a little adventure, is comfortable in silence, daydreamer
  • cutie: gets excited about the stars, uses a lot of emojis when texting, easily anxious, hugs you when they see you, loves cakes, wants to be a flower

ii. space

  • spacedust: bath bombs, a+ insta feed, long flowy skirts and tops, city person, pretends to have their shit together, secretly loves kermit memes, probably dyed their hair at one point

iii. hours of the day

  • 10am: soft blankets, lover of routine, acoustic songs, good grades, bullet journals, pastels and plants, sweet coffee, freshly ba...
jul 9 2020 ∞
jun 6 2022 +


  • an animal: kitty cat
  • a band: inxs
  • a body part: legs (mostly thighs)
  • a book: the long way to a small, angry planet
  • a character: gwen stacy
  • a color: baby pink
  • a day of the week: thursday
  • a drink: lemonade
  • an element: air
  • an emotion: exciment
  • a flower: daisy
  • a food: any tipe of pasta
  • a fruit: peach
  • a hobby: document everything
  • a holiday: halloween
  • an ice cream flavor: strawberry
  • a kind of weather: cold but sunny
  • a language: italian
  • a month: september
  • a movie: la la land
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sep 16 2015 ∞
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jan 17 2022 ∞
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to see the world / things dangerous to come to / to see behind walls / draw closer / to find each other / and to feel / that is the purpose of life

jun 18 2022 ∞
jun 23 2022 +

teams and drivers

  • formula 1
      • daniel ricciardo - he's my favorite of all time, the love of my life, the sun to my moon, so don't come at me (or him for that matter)
      • lando norris - i like him enough to put him on the list and also his radios are so funny
    • mercedes
      • lewis hamilton - the goat! my favorite in all title fights
      • george russell - i wanna see him doing so well on merc, i love him
    • ferrari
      • charles leclerc - the "i am stupid" guy haha hoping he wins something this season, my baby deserves so much
jan 16 2022 ∞
aug 6 2022 +

“In that moment, the moon and the sun shared the sky. For all of eternity, the moon and sun have chased each other around the world. Long into the future, they will continue this chase, merging the days into months into years into centuries, until the day the sun cannot take the separation any longer and it shatters, engulfing the moon and everything else in a burst of light. Most will call it the day of final judgment. The end. To the sun and the moon, it will only be the beginning.

For the smallest of instants each day, they pause in this chase. They pause and look back at one another, smiling as if sharing a secret. Two lovers that can never exist as one, except in that single, brief instant. Lying there, Persephone smiled too. And as quickly as a smile parts two lips, the two sky wanderers parted ways. The chase was on again. Night gave way to day.

jan 10 2022 ∞
jan 10 2022 +
      • aemond targaryen —— house of the dragon
      • eddie munson —— stranger things
      • steve harrington —— stranger things
      • jim hopper —— stranger things
      • gwen stacy —— the amazing spider-man
      • bellamy blake —— the 100
      • marshall eriksen —— how i met your mother
      • elena alvarez —— one day at a time
      • nick "goose" bradshaw —— top gun
      • bradley "rooster" bradshaw —— top gun: maverick
      • mia dolan —— la la land
      • haley james scott —— one tree hill
      • keith scott —— one tree hill
      • queen clarisse renaldi —— the princess diaries
jun 6 2022 ∞
nov 14 2022 +