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  • tender is the flesh, agustin bazterrica
    • "when he stood up and saw her, he didn't feel anything in particular. just another nurse. but then she began to talk and he paid attention. that voice...he saw infinite lights surrounding them and felt that her voice could lift him up. that her voice was a way out of the world." (p. 46-47)
    • "he thinks of leo's tiny feet in his hands right after he was born." (p. 83)
  • the deep, nick cutter
    • "'but if you love someone, you love them in all their states, don't you? sickness and health.'" (p. 25)
    • "'but clayton doesn't need me. he doesn't need anyone. he never has.' except for those nights when the sleep terrors descended on him, he thought. the nights when you'd climb into bed with him until he settled down." (p. 58)
jan 1 2024 ∞
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