magic things

    • being awake before everyone else and hearing the birds sing while the day is still grey;
    • day moons;
    • orange blossoms;
    • déjà vus;
    • summer evenings;
    • a big, bright waxing moon.
aug 27 2019 ∞
sep 16 2020 +

favorite scents

    • the scent that follows when you're fresh out of a long bath;
    • orange blossoms and ozone, and something deeper you can't quite place;
    • wood smoke and vanilla;
    • baking bread;
    • grass after rain;
    • the scents of childhood, all sunscreen and birthday candles;
    • old books, fresh coffee and wood varnish.
sep 16 2020 ∞
jan 13 2021 +

[...] quiet, sometimes shy, with a tendency to be reserved; a bit of an idealist and strive to see your vision of perfection realized in the world; calm in the storm, collected amongst the chaos. a breath of fresh air, a waft of inspiration to the down-and-out, a refreshing, inspiring, uplifting person to be around. [...] +

isabela 25, she/her, sapphic latina

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aug 24 2016 ∞
jul 21 2023 +

it's okay to stay alive for the small things. stay alive because you want to listen to your favorite song. stay alive so you can experience your favorite holiday. stay alive so you can give and receive hugs. those smalls things aren't small if they keep you alive.

western cultures believe we must be alive for a purpose. to work, to make money. some indigenous cultures believe we're alive just as nature is alive: to be here, to be beautiful & strange. we don't need to achieve anything to be valid in our humanness.

jan 10 2018 ∞
dec 20 2022 +

Ποθώ γλυκές νεράιδες νa δω

Κaι aπό κορμί ξωτικό μaγικό χορό

Νa χaϊδέψω μaύρa μaλλιά

Νa φιλήσω χείλη μελιά

Ένa τρaγούδι aπ' τ' Aλγέρι

Τρaγούδι του κaμηλιέρη

Σ' ενa γλυκό aφρικάνικο σκοπό

I desire to see sweet fairies

And a magic dance from an exotic body

To caress black hair

To kiss ash lips

A song from Algiers

The song of the camel keeper

In a sweet african rhythm

jan 8 2021 ∞
jul 5 2022 +
    • mestrado
    • competir solo no balé
    • gravar um álbum
    • ter minha própria casa
apr 14 2023 ∞
apr 14 2023 +

ㅤㅤㅤ♡the love list

    • ults bts jungkook; blackpink rosé.
    • biases bts j-hope, suga, rm; le sserafim yunjin; aespa ningning; ive wonyoung; red velvet irene, seulgi; artms heejin, choerry; newjeans haerin, hyein; xg chisa, cocona; t-ara jiyeon; after school nana
    • soloists choi sulli; bae suzy; iu; yves
    • babies howl; uchiha sasuke; hatake kakashi
    • musicians hozier, deftones
feb 16 2020 ∞
jul 26 2023 +

it brings me joy

    • bts
    • the oa
    • ballet
    • roseanne park
    • girlgroups
    • art in general
    • naruto, especially sasuke and kakashi
    • ghibli, especially howl
    • cinema
    • bubble tea
    • social sciences
    • blair waldorf
    • coffee shops
    • big cities
    • dark and light academia
    • berets
    • this piece of art
    • foreign languages
    • strawberries
feb 23 2021 ∞
may 1 2022 +