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  • aliens ⤳ depends on the definition
    • life somewhere else in the universe ⤳ yes, though not necessarily intelligent life
    • little green men ⤳ no 👽
    • martians ⤳ no
  • astrology ⤳ no, it's fun but not a shred of truth to it, i hate people who take it too seriously
  • conspiracy theories ⤳ some. anything including the government gets a strong "could be" from me (they do get up to weird shady shit), except when it includes lizard people. but generally, no, especially nothing that can be "discovered" by "solving riddles", or anything that starts with "scientists want you to believe..." or anything that calls the general population sheep(le)
  • cryptids ⤳ no, i wish. (bigfoot call me ♡)
  • destiny / fate ⤳ no
  • ghosts ⤳ no (i'm a shaniac), but it would be awesome
  • god ⤳ no (i'm an atheist), except for god as a social concept (who can have real power, just like money has real power even though it's just paper or bits on a computer)
  • karma ⤳ no, life ain't fair
  • life after death ⤳ no (i'm an atheist)
  • magicno
  • manifestation ⤳ no, it's a mix of positive thinking and the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon (and it's honestly scary how many teens believe in this)
  • meanings of dreams ⤳ only to the extent common sense allows (aka dreaming about drowning means you're probably scared of drowning), no deeper meanings, no symbolism
  • shifting ⤳ no, that's either (maladaptive) daydreaming or lucid dreaming. be fr please.
  • soulmates ⤳ yes, including (and especially) platonic soulmates. but not just one per person
  • true love ⤳ yes, but not just one per person, and not necessarily requited
  • ufos ⤳ yes, there are unidentified flying objects sometimes. no, they're not aliens.

not listed are obvious facts such as climate change, or any personal value (such as "do you believe __ should be legal?").

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