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i’d block the sun
if you want it done

debs films (2024)
birdie favorites (2024)
Laurene tv series (watching/watched)
petra games (stardew valley)
marie moda
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  • born in the mid-90s
  • only child of an amazing mother, from a family of working class northerners
  • grew up with my heart-dog and heart-cat, and my grandfather’s heart-dog
  • parent to fur children, a gerbil and a mouse
  • lover of animals always, vegetarian since the age of thirteen
  • bachelors and masters (with distinction) in english literature
  • girlfriend of a southern boyfriend
  • anxious and intermittently insomniac since childhood
  • once made hozier laugh
  • won a television quiz show
  • collect books, mugs, and vinyl records
  • never finish a book I’m not enjoying
  • always rewatching the golden girls
jan 25 2024 ∞
mar 14 2024 +