"loki is an extraordinary character"

  • he's just a lost soul
  • he's raw. he's pure emotion
  • his heart is broken
  • he's tragic and misguided
  • he's self-possessed and he's come with a mission
  • he's arrogant and he's a psychopathic
  • he really is the black sheep of the family
  • he's evil and he's awful and a villain but he's human, ultimately
  • he is so many things
    • he's a shape-shifter
    • he's a prankster
    • he's an agent of chaos
    • he's a damaged, jealous, younger brother who feels betrayed and left out in the cold
    • he is that monster cackling on the roofto...
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  • aka star trek tos spock + spirk things

→ sassy spock is the best spock

  • 1x04 e o emotional fit do spock
    • spock falando sobre seus feels ;A;
      • SPOCK: My mother. I could never tell her I loved her. (...) An Earth woman, living on a planet where love, emotion, is bad taste. (...) I respected my father, our customs. I was ashamed of my Earth blood. Jim, when I feel friendship for you, I'm ashamed. (...) Understand, Jim. I've spent a whole lifetime learning to hide my feelings.
        • ISSO PARECE SAÍDO DIRETAMENTE DE UMA FANFIC, QUER DIZER! parem de ser tão canon, vocês estão humilhando os outros otps do mundo!
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  • 2x01 Amok Time
    • e my mind is telling me no (!!!) but my body's telling me yes
    • i don't see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind kirk essa perna ali o que foi isso por favor ;A;
      • spock insano com o sangue fervendo o m g:
    • "What is this? Poking and prying! If I want anything from you, I'll ask for it!"
    • "You will cease to pry into my personal matters, Doctor, or I shall certainly break your neck."
    • "Ask me no further questions. I will not answer."
      • fora os momentos com o spock fogo pegando fogo, eu percebi que mesmo com todas essas coisas fervendo na mente dele, ele manteve um discurso sempre respeitoso com o kirk-- não que isso signifique que ele é...
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