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↑ Rising Sign is in 14 Degrees Capricorn ♑

You are practical and reserved but very ambitious. An achiever and a hard worker, you respect success. Older looking and very serious as a youth, things lighten up and you relax more as you mature. You have a serious view of the world as being a difficult place to be in. Very envious of those who seem to have an easier life than you have, relaxation and play do not come easily. It is important that you had abundant parental support as a child so that you do not feel lonely and isolated as an adult. Generally, you have a good, earthy sense of humor that can carry you through when times really do get tough. You are purposeful, self-willed, industrious, realistic and responsible.

☉ Sun is in 00 Degrees Cancer ♋

Very emotional and sensitive, you have an intuitive understanding of the "vibes" a...

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↑ Rising Sign is in Sagittarius ♐

One part of your nature heads up for the noble goals while the other part is controlled by earthy and animal instincts. The life of these people may be accompanied by a constant search for something that is very difficult to achieve. Even before reaching the goal they see another one that is just as difficult to achieve. People with Sagittarius Ascendant are full of passion and they need to use this energy and enthusiasm. They can be very inspiring when they stop showing off.

☉ Sun is in Cancer ♋

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which gives people born under this sign great emotional sensitivity. They are thus often reserved and shy. Their reasoning, thinking and behaviour are very dependent on their mood, and this is the reason why they like to depend on people with strong personalities and choose partners they can lean o...

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