• 30: the giant took my best friend; was anxious on the bus ride and didn’t have any Xanax and someone stole my socks and they told me I’m small on the stop and heavy on the bottom; the city was being attacked; the lake was drained and the lakebed looked like cinnamon rolls
  • 26: cousin was dating lewis hamilton and i was furious
  • 23: anal sex orgy; hate my aunt, why is she holding my cat?; A. and a weird checkerboard/basketball game
  • 22: a conversation on how to pronounce 'pho'
  • 20: kisses from M.? "want one?" & lingering lips; A. showed me a pokémon crochet book, i squealed, he replied 'you're just like natalie.' (who?); the party isn't tonight but tomorrow, but we can hang out anyway
  • 18: a different A.
  • 17: fireworks are lame
  • 16: everyone was so sleepy, yellow sheets, laying next to C.
  • 14: old cat visited • looking out my window, the parking lot suddenly flooded, and cars continued to drive through the door handle height water but they eventually floated. they'd hit other cars, and people came out of their houses yelling, and started pushing the cars with snow shovels, and hitting the cars and each other.
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