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or they break up...dear lord...

  • dj shadow (sept 21, 2006!)
  • bob dylan (oct 17, 2006!)
  • boyz II men (oct 20, 2006!)
  • justin timberlake (jan 11, 2007!)
  • bjork (may 19, 2007!)
  • tom petty (august 24, 2008! sort of!)
  • janet jackson (september 13, 2008!)
  • journey (september 20, 2008! without steve perry, but still awesome)
  • new kids on the block (october 10, 2008! joey mcintyre!!!!)
  • massive attack (may 25 & 26, 2010! two shows that i got to photograph, so boss)
  • snoop dogg (august 22, 2010! as part of rock the bells, performing "doggystyle" plus the hits)
  • aerosmith
  • david bowie
  • the eagles
  • david gilmour
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aug 29 2010 +
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it's true, i am a great hybrid of my parents

  • i am inherently stubborn (mom)
  • i am willing to compromise for the sake of civility (dad)
  • i love to dance (mom)
  • i have a great love of literature and appreciation of literacy (both read for pleasure)
  • i have a great sense of humor (dad)
  • i possess a fantastic sense of direction (dad)
  • family is ridiculously important to me (both are close with their parents and siblings)
  • i am on average late to many things but will make an effort to be on time for important events (mom - dad is so punctual it hurts)
  • i inherited the mothering (mom) and hands-off approach (dad) gene - this has been ...
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aug 7 2009 +

on the list:

  • "black hole," charles burns
  • "night of the gun," david carr
  • "valencia," michelle tea
  • "in cold blood," truman capote
  • "devil in the white city," erik larson
  • "adderall diaries" // "my girlfriend comes to the city and beats me up," stephen elliott
  • "water for elephants," sara gruen
  • "everything is illuminated," by jonathan safran foer
  • "a perfect day for banana fish," j.d. salinger
  • "jenny and the jaws of life," by david sedaris
  • "middlesex" // "virgin suicides," by jeffrey eugendidus
  • "the stranger," by albert camus
  • "tuesdays with morrie," by mitch albom
  • "icelander," by dustin long
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jan 16 2011 +
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as if i wasn't already weird as it was...

  • i am the most logical and emotional person i know. they often fight in my head on who's right.
  • when i take public transit on the ground, i have to sit near a exit, but when i fly i have to have a window seat, and when i'm on a boat i prefer to be on the deck.
  • i wear my heart on my sleeve more times than i care to admit. it is cause for maybe more trouble than it could be worth, but man, the stories and the lessons.
  • i use my teeth to put on bras. think about that one.
  • the only reason that dopey from snow white and the seven dwarves is my favorite disney character? when i was in elem school my family and i went to disneyland, and he came up and hugged me during the elect...
jul 4 2006 ∞
may 14 2010 +

goal: to read two tomses a month. wish me luck!

  • unread: "delta in venus," by anais nin.
  • unread: "book of longing," by leonard cohen.
  • unread: "venus in furs," by leopold von sacher-masoch. i read this whilst in england 2006...the theories presented to me i actually tested on the natives there...seems to me it's an appropriate time to revisit this gem.
  • unread: "everything is illuminated," by jonathan safran foer. saw the movie, superintrigued about the book, bought!
  • unread: "a perfect day for banana fish," j.d. salinger.
  • unread: "me talk pretty one day" // "jenny and the jaws of life," by david sedaris.
  • unread: "middlesex" // "virgin suicides," by jeffrey eugendidus.
may 1 2020 ∞
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let it be known if i could re-do my holes that were done in a mall, i would...i was probably lazy that day to trek out

  • piercing : lobes, pair, first holes (1996 - claire's in oakridge; san jose, CA. mom took me and we got shakes afterwards)
  • piercing : lobes, pair, second holes (2001 - unsure location. mom also took me)
  • piercing : labret, left corner (june '03 - tim at mr. zebra; berkeley, CA. wendy accompanied me on BART to and from)
  • piercing : lobes, pair, third holes (aug '03 - tim at mr. zebra; berkeley, CA. went with lissa on my 19th birthday to get holepunched)
  • piercing : helix, right ear (jan '04 - claire's in stonestown; san francico, CA. lissa also got the same piercing to commemorate our best friend-ness)
  • tattoo : radiohead "against demons" star, inner right wrist (aug 28, 2004 - marcus at anu...
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