• ☑ finish reading insurgent.
  • ☑ go thrift shopping.
  • ☑ buy gifts for mom, brother, and bf.
  • ⬚ visit my niece and nephew.
  • ☑ get air in my tires.
  • ⬚ go swimming at the pool.
  • ⬚ go to the gym for 45 minutes, at least once.
may 2 2023 ∞
may 30 2023 +
  • take the time to know them really well before investing your heart.
  • trust is earned. it takes time. if they lie to you and make you doubt their trustworthiness before you've even really started - don't waste your time.
  • sometimes losing someone is a blessing in disguise.
  • know your dealbreakers. stick to them. do not just tolerate anything.
  • if you specifically lay out your boundaries to someone, and they continue to cross those boundaries - they do not care about your feelings.
  • if they have photos or videos of an ex still, walk away. they are not over them. you do not deserve to be a rebound.
  • if they talk about their ex a lot, they still think about them a lot.
  • if they are very protective of their phone, proceed with caution. they are hiding ...
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apr 14 2023 +
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—————— brows:

  • nyx brow longwear gel.
  • nyx lift and snatch brow tint pen.

—————— eye primer:

  • p.louise base.

—————— eyeliner:

  • shiseido microliner in brown.
  • clip espresso liner in dark brown

—————— mascara:_

  • maybelline sky high.

—————— concealor:

  • nars radiant creamy concealor.

—————— foundation:

  • l'oreal infallible 24hr freshwear foundation.
  • estee lauder doublewear stay-in-place fou...
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aug 7 2023 +

⇢ i've linked the ones that i personally use ❀

and done ♡✦

apr 14 2023 ∞
apr 14 2023 +
  • went to toronto w. my bf over the weekend. just took a two hour drive there, stayed for two nights. it was amazing. we walked 10km in two days, just exploring downtown and exploring different resturants, cafes, game shops, bars, comedy clubs, the aquarium, vintage stores. we went to the CN tower but we didn't go in it because it was expensive (CAD$ 100 for two!) & we figured it's fine because our airbnb had a nice view from being on the 32 floor lol.
  • first we went to a cafe and we got some brownies, then we went into our hotel and set our stuff down, took a shower, got situated, etc... then we decided to explore, so we drove to a coffee shop & parked and went into the aquarium. then from the aquarium, we went walking all over. like through the financial district, through chinatown, through bloor street, I think? ...
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apr 11 2023 +

𝓟𝓵𝓪𝓬𝓮𝓼 𝓽𝓸 𝓿𝓲𝓼𝓲𝓽:

  • ☑ toronto, canada 4.8.23 (had the best time. everyone was so nice and it was really cool to spend a few days there & explore downtown, all the resturants, some cool bars, comedy clubs, shops, cafes, etc.
  • ☐ manhattan, new york
  • ☐ disney world
  • ☐ venice, italy
  • ☐ melbourne, australia
  • ☐ palermo, sicily
  • ☐ edinburgh, scotland
  • ☐ belfast, ireland
  • ☐ tokyo, japan
mar 22 2023 ∞
aug 7 2023 +
  • if you rely on one person for your happiness, you will feel heartbroken when they are not there anymore.
  • try not to rely on anyone, period - strive for independence. being tied to others seems nice in theory, but things get messy sometimes and it's better for you to have your own things.
  • be a kind person. know your limits, and communicate your needs, but try to be nice.
  • don't be a pushover. if someone crosses you, is rude to you, mistreats you, or is being a jerk - tell them off!
  • the pressure to fit in and be accepted is very strong, it's evolutionary - and it can be lonely to swim against the current - but you'll be happier than following trends you don't believe in.
  • invest in good, practical, comfortable shoes, a good bed, a functional and durable...
jun 1 2020 ∞
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  • super mario world 64
  • super mario 3D world
  • mario kart
  • stardew valley
  • house flipper
  • shining nikki
  • pokemon violet


  • CoD treyarch zombies
  • bioshock triology
  • borderlands triology & spinoff: tt's wonderlands


  • spyro (all of them)
  • minecraft
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