• Tank Girl
  • Love & Rockets
  • The Crow
  • The Sandman
  • Miss Y The Last Man
mar 31 2019 ∞
mar 31 2019 +
  • I can never walk next to a rail for fear that I might fall off.
  • I always walk on the left side of people.
  • whenever I copy and paste something, I hit ctrl + c three times in a row
  • I always have to shake condiment bottles, shampoo bottles, anything with liquid inside.
  • each morning before I poor milk into my cereal, I have tot shake the container first.
  • I pay for everything in cash because I'm afraid if i use my debit car people will steal my identity or the government will track everything I buy
  • I worry that people time how long I occupy the public bathroom stall, and will grow angry if I take too long
  • I always use the same stall in a public bathroom (the second to last one), and the...
sep 9 2015 ∞
feb 19 2016 +
  • grocery-store isles glowing in the middle of the night
  • brushing your teeth, and the toothpaste sludge that rolls down the side of your mouth
  • subway and train tunnels
  • dramatic lighting with red, yellow, or green filters
  • the way a button lights up on a panel of levels as the elevator doors close
  • dim lighting in bathrooms, the dirty mirrors, title walls that match the bathroom stalls, and the flicker and buzz of a light-bulb about to go out
  • pinky swears
jun 27 2015 ∞
jul 5 2015 +
list icon


  • driving in the rain with fogged up windows , singing along to music, and jumping in and out of the car with Brit and Cy. to go apartment hunting.
  • crashing brit's class and running into Justin
  • getting ice-cream coffee, walking in the rain downtown, having thrift-store shenanigans, and trying on costumes and making up grand schemes with Katrina
  • Getting the sweetest and kindest thank you note from B. & the funnest BFF note from G.
  • Alonso calling me "the coolest person" he knows and saying "we need to hangout"
  • getting Ian to laugh at my jokes
  • Finding out a picture of me was featured on a university flyer and having all of my friends tease me about it
  • blatantly being flirted thirty ways to fl...
mar 31 2015 ∞
jul 9 2015 +
  • being an enigma/ aloof/ evasive
  • having an eating disorder
  • living a lonely life
  • living a double life
  • of doing everything myself and never asking for help
  • self sabotage
  • being a stoner
  • having childhood trauma
  • being sick (my voice)
jan 5 2015 ∞
mar 2 2015 +
list icon
  • Attempt more french dishes
  • Do more things that scare me
  • Do less second guessing and negative self-talk
  • Travel to new adventures outside my house
  • Become capable
  • Achieve 23 random acts of kindness
  • Release my fears
  • Gain confidence in my abilities
  • Eliminate my negative thoughts/complaints
  • Practice calligraphy
  • Create documentation journals (art&writing ideas, daily thoughts/documentation,quotes,mementos, etc.)
  • Delegate responsibility for my future happiness
  • Create a working art portfolio
  • Improve my communication skills
  • Learn to speak to my self with compassion...
dec 23 2014 ∞
feb 26 2015 +
  • The song Moon River
  • Fox and the Hound movie
  • "Time after time" by cyndi lauper
  • "crying" by aerosmith
  • people turning out their pockets with the look of panic when they've lost something
  • people hurriedly eating
  • people hurriedly eating combined with verbal abuse and/or physical violence
  • kids who eat alone
oct 9 2014 ∞
jan 16 2015 +
  • "Get yourself together, show some passion!"
  • Stop criticizing and doubting yourself--there's already enough people in the world who will do that for you.
  • You need to open up and let people in.
  • Move to the city you want and find the best job you can, or find the job you want and live the best life you can.
  • You've been there done that, fuck everyone's opinions, you're here to graduate.
  • Suck it up! Better now than later.
  • Don't fall into that same rut. Get out of your comfort-zone. Don't think. Go fast.
aug 18 2014 ∞
sep 14 2014 +
  • Do things EARLY and in advance. Prepare and DO NOT wait till the last minute.
  • organize, organize, organize
  • give people more love and kindness than they think they deserve
  • trusting blindly is not always a bad thing
  • I am worthy of success, love and compassion. I need not prove my worth all the time
dec 6 2013 ∞
dec 6 2013 +
list icon
  • I want to laugh often
  • have a genuine reason to smile
  • a good group of close friends
  • be surrounded by positive people
  • live in a nice city
  • own my own cozy house
apr 21 2013 ∞
apr 21 2013 +
  • I impinge on their periphery
  • pitiably inconsequential
  • eradicate an eyesore
  • he world which I have departed is a menagerie
  • call me out on its superfluousness
  • I am clairvoyant
  • I’m an amnestic idiot.
  • saying something conciliatory
  • a blight on the environment.
  • trepidation
  • mollify
  • languor
  • trepidation
  • I’m so tired of the rigmarole
  • beguiling
  • proud as punch
feb 28 2013 ∞
jan 5 2016 +
  • train rides
  • on the monorail
  • dreaming on the bus
  • sundays
  • downtown
  • and in that moment we were infinite
  • foreign
  • laurel palmer walks with me
  • drive
  • late night drives
  • sing me to sleep
  • everlong
  • about a girl
  • about a boy
  • pablo picasso
  • great artist inspired tracks! or authors. like make a mix on whta you think a particular write or famous artist would listen to.
  • run away train, drifter
  • thrift store
mar 28 2013 ∞
mar 28 2013 +
  • best coast
  • augustana
  • camera obscura
  • lana del ray
  • stars
  • john mayer
  • mm
  • pg
feb 28 2013 ∞
mar 6 2013 +
  • not accomplishing anything
  • not finding a career after graduating
  • becoming dull & uninteresting
  • children, marriage, being trapped
  • adult=perfection
  • not being prepared
nov 9 2012 ∞
apr 29 2013 +
list icon
  • bring me over a house plant (mini bonsai tree please) as a house warming gift
  • offer a plate of cookies during the holidays
  • be the first one to start a conversation
  • be honest and sincere
  • recommend me a favorite book or film or album of yours
  • offer me a ride home
  • say, "this reminded me of you..."
  • pinky swears
  • walking me home
nov 19 2012 ∞
jan 6 2015 +
  • I've seen The Breakfast Club so many times growing up that I can quote every scene word for word. Same with The Lion King, The Terminator, Benny & Joon and Hocus Pocus.
  • When I was 7 years old I religiously listened to the radio for 60s/70s tunes, wore bell bottoms, and swore I was going to become a flower child.
  • I was 12 and happened across the AMC channel. It rocked my 12 year old mind.
  • I was a huge Courtney Love fan when I was 13 & was also a teenage feminist. Most boys were intimidated by that fact.
  • I hate summer time because it means I have to shave my legs ever day
  • one summer I wore the same baggy striped sweater everyday, so much so, that my family threatened to burn it
  • I also had one of my classic hideously ugly sweaters banned form my english class ...
jul 9 2012 ∞
sep 28 2013 +
  • wink without looking as though my face just had a spasm.
  • simultaneously walk and drink liquid beverages
  • whistle for a sustained amount of time
  • walk up of down the stairs without looking down at my feet
  • touch my toes
  • keep a plant alive
sep 12 2012 ∞
apr 15 2015 +
list icon
  • Milano chow
  • kriten farelle
  • Greno
  • Damon Soule
  • Dale Grimshaw
  • Adam Caldwell
  • David Choe
nov 27 2010 ∞
feb 26 2011 +
list icon
  • "I think you are a great artist and you inspire me"-andrea d.
  • I'm an inspiration-Fernandez
  • an amazing artist-pablo
  • "I loved your artwork, you are one of the best"-pablo
  • "i=I'd be proud to have you as my daughter"-hudecek
  • I have a gift for writing and should consider writing as a career-hudecek
  • "what a cool girl she turned out to be"-taylor
  • "you made my high school years worth it"-Gianna
  • "it's students like you that make me proud to be a teacher"-srsen
  • "I couldn't think of anyone more deserving of the artist of the year award than you"-srsen
  • "You know what? I think you're the prettiest girl in this class"-elliot
jun 13 2010 ∞
may 24 2019 +
  • Teddy( 5yrs)
    • this kid was my partner in crime.he was my best friend. i remember we once out ran a bunch of kids who were throwing rocks at us because we had a lunch box full of pennys. he lived in the same apartment complex as me.
  • Brent & Drake (5yrs)
    • i loved these boys. i was the only girl but they never noticed. i played video games with drake all the time. brent use to get me to talk to him since i was shy and if i wouldn't he'd tickle my feet.
  • Cassy(7yrs)
    • the only other friend i knew who was born premature and was as small as me. She talked about god all the time and was super cute.
jun 25 2010 ∞
jun 24 2012 +

People who...

      • don’t wear watches
      • borrow my pen and never return it
      • leave the cap off the toothpaste
      • talk slowly
      • walk slowly
      • don’t return memos
      • are too trendy
  • People without a sense of humor
  • Stand up comedians (they also, don't have a sense of humor)
  • Not being smart or an intellectual
  • Companions who get seasick
  • Shoes that you can’t dance in
  • People who brag too much
  • Being the butt of humor or practical jokes
  • Broken clocks and watches
  • Wasting time on Facebook
may 3 2016 ∞
may 24 2019 +
  • flagellate
  • swaddled
  • quasi-euphoria
  • forsaken
  • hallows
  • mirage
  • flesh
  • hamartia
  • ascribe
  • amnic
  • cyclical
  • obliterated
  • anesthetized
  • vindicated
  • morphological
  • scapegoat
  • patriarchal
  • viable
  • unwittingly
  • marsha linehan
  • contrived
jul 5 2015 ∞
mar 4 2016 +
apr 12 2015 ∞
apr 12 2015 +
  • get a higher paying job
  • save money, budget, and figure out my future finances
  • Move into a cheap studio apartment
  • plan course schedule and graduation date
  • create a solid art portfolio
  • create a solid writing portfolio
  • enter my works into contests/gallery spaces
  • more internship experience
  • get a car or bicycle or Moped scooter
  • baby steps at being more social and involved in society
mar 17 2015 ∞
mar 17 2015 +
list icon
  • How to be happy: decide every morning that you are in a good mood.
      • Today is a good day for a good day.
  • Strive for progress, not perfection
      • Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful.
      • Stop being afraid of what could go wrong; focus on what could go right.
  • Make choices that reflect your hopes, not your fears.
  • Don't count the days; make the days count.
      • Don't let yesterday take up too much of today.
  • Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo.
aug 18 2014 ∞
aug 18 2014 +
  • I have a birthmark on my inner left elbow shaped exactly like a butterfly
  • I think the sheer stretch marks on my knees are kinda cool
  • my skin is really translucent for some reason and therefore most of my veins are easily visible (it's really weird but kind of neat)
  • Also on the left side of my body you can see this giant spider web of veins leading to my heart
  • I know every location of all my freckles and I absolutely love them
  • my feet have extremely high arches, and when I look at them from a certain angle my feet look like telephones (house phones from the 80s)
  • my joints pop constantly, mostly the hips, elbows, shoulders, and toes
  • my thumbs are double jointed so I can bend them back to gross degrees
aug 1 2014 ∞
jul 21 2015 +
  • art
  • writing
  • cognitive science & neuroscience
  • philosophy
  • psychology
  • genetic mutations
  • abnormalities
  • psychological disorders
  • brain chemical imbalances
  • conjoined twins
  • childhood fantasies
  • imaginary friends
  • people who see spirits
  • intuition
  • past lives
  • plant communication
  • aliens/big-foot/lockness monster
  • counter cultures
  • child geniuses
  • coping mechanisms
may 7 2014 ∞
may 3 2016 +
  • my listography lists
  • bookshelf
  • paperwork (by semester)
  • to reads on my shelfari
  • letters received/ to mail
  • magazine recipes/clippings
  • under the bed
dec 23 2013 ∞
dec 23 2013 +
  • excuses for not flossing
  • Never trying on clothes in the store & also never bothering to look at the tag-size
  • not sleeping when I have to get up early
  • forgetting peoples names
  • picking at my face when I'm stressed out
  • figiting and lack of eye contact when nervous
  • only taking what fits into my pockets
  • never carrying my cellphone (I'm probably the only person who does not care to own or use their cell phone, shocker I know)
  • telling the same story twice or forgetting that the person whom I'm telling the story to was there
  • slouching
  • not folding my laundry and letting my clothes pile up in the corner of my room
jul 9 2012 ∞
jul 18 2012 +
list icon
  • snail mail
  • post cards
  • scented love letters
  • signing a love letter with a kiss
  • writing your phone number on peoples wrists or cocktail napkins
  • red lipstick
  • curls
  • welcome to the neighborhood jello molds
  • block parties
  • thank you cards/notes
  • passing folded notes in class
  • hats
  • homemade baked goods during the holidays
  • legit photo-booth pictures
  • keeping photos of your sweetheart in your wallet or locket
  • walking your cutie home from school
  • kissing under the mistletoe
  • girls wearing their boyfriends jacket
  • getting dolled up for a night on the town...
jul 17 2012 ∞
jan 12 2015 +
  • practice practice practice my art. hone those skills. especially figure drawing
  • talk to my professors. get in good with them.
  • research graduate school, cost, places, degree path etc.
  • submit my writing and art work! Seriously, i need to get my work out there, gain some damn exposure.
  • research the main players of the game in the art community and writing world.
  • fix my car and fucking drive all over town. I'm really too damn old, and I need to get over this stupid fear of driving.
  • Get a job. I look like a real loser without one, and hey, i'd like to spend some cash on my cutie-pie...and you know gas for the car would come in handy.
  • have a game plan. I need to figure out a direction BEFORE i graduate. what career path am I leaning towards, and how am i g...
nov 10 2012 ∞
nov 10 2012 +
  • send 'happy mail' more often
    • mixed CDs w/ covers and pretty decorated envelope cases
    • handwritten letters
    • bubble paper
    • mini gifts like handmade earrings or beaded braclets
    • paper stars
    • used books with highlighted quotes(tuesdays w/ morrie, sidartha etc)
    • food recipes with my own cute illustrations and/or photos
    • old fashion-ey trinkets
    • mini candy themes & gum
    • tea bags and mint tins filled with little notes and goodies
    • vintage postcards from bookmans or handmade collages by me
    • mini journals made by me
    • list of favorite quotes
feb 26 2012 ∞
mar 10 2012 +
  • great listener who will listen to you talk for hours
  • has the utmost ability and talent for weaving in and out of large crowds quickly
  • walks tremendously fast
  • only dishes out sincere compliments when needed
  • explains things eloquently well without making people feel like shit
  • makes the best music mixes
  • makes many references to films and books
  • I'm very intuitive and can call bullshit with ease
  • unable to walk and drink water simultaneously; however, I can pat my head and rub my stomach at the same time
  • president of the Overachievers Who Are Really Grade A Slackers And Top Shelf Bullshitters Club.
aug 26 2012 ∞
jan 21 2013 +
list icon
  • sunday morning breakfast with french toast
  • stopping at a side restaurant during one of our family road trips so i could stretch my legs and grab a bite to eat
  • visiting the flower garden in Oregon
  • cozy-ing up to a good flick with homemade bread and soup during the monsoon weather
  • hot-chocolate, a good book, and cloudy weather
  • sunday mornings with my mom, popcorn & those crazy dramatic movies
  • my father running to the nearest vending machine to get me a soda when i'm sick
  • little cafes that smell of coffee beans,vanilla and books
  • traveling
  • public transportation: the metro, subway, bicycle
  • vintage bicycles, especially the ones wit...
jun 1 2012 ∞
jan 6 2015 +
  • Going blind by a lazer pointer. I'm terrified some stupid 14 year old kid will be playing around with a lazer pointer and accidentally shine it on my eyes, thus rendering me blind.
  • The idea that all my friends and family could secretly have hidden cameras in their homes. This is why I act rather refined in others homes; I'm afraid they can see everything I'm doing.
  • People that can read my mind. Every time I meet someone new, I get this terrible feeling that they secretly have the ability to read my mind, and thus I need to stop thinking stupid thoughts.
  • The idea that people secretly measure every item in their medicine cabinet and will therefore know if I moved things around
  • People time how long I'm occupying the bathroom stall.
jul 17 2012 ∞
jul 23 2012 +
  • dress length
    • 30"-31" if worn with slip
    • 32"-33" is a comfortable length
    • 34"-35" hits right at the knee
  • shorts
    • 3 inch inseam for the shortest
    • 6.5" inseam is comfortable
  • skirts
    • 13" above the knee
    • 16" medium/high waist & hits just above knee
    • 21" high waist & hits just below knee
  • jackets
    • 17" crop hitting a little below waist
    • 20"-21" hits right above the belt, good length
    • 31" long cardigan
jul 14 2012 ∞
jan 6 2015 +

make a book about this filled with pictures for each idea

  • train trip! plan an adventure hogwarts style and ride a train instead of a plane.
  • be a foreign exchange student, erhhhm study abroad. how about Japan, Britain, Greece, Ireland, anywhere really.
  • karaoke, karaoke, karaoke! I don't care if I have to take singing lessons or be drunk off my ass to perform, but it will happen.
  • screw disneyland(even though I've never been there either), I'm going to efteling.
  • visit the museum of natural history!!
  • spend a night catching fire flys
  • ride in a hot air balloon and hope that it doesn't crash
  • finally see some of the most famous art pieces & architecture that I've been readi...
may 26 2012 ∞
oct 29 2016 +
  • Having to sleep on the couch
  • People who wear watches
  • a grandfather clock that ticks a little too loud but has stashed liquor bottles inside it
  • People who laugh too loud
  • People who know random historical facts
may 3 2016 ∞
may 3 2016 +
  • reticent
    • adj. not revealing one's thoughts or feelings readily.
  • sullen
    • adj. a sulky or depressed mood
  • demure
    • adj. affectedly modest, reserved, or shy especially in a playful or provocative way
  • pensive
    • adj. contemplating or reflecting deep or serious thought with sadness
  • ruminative
    • verb. to think deeply about something.
  • numinous
    • adj. describing an experience that makes you ...
may 12 2015 ∞
jul 26 2015 +
  • artist
  • criminologist
  • writer, editor, publishing
  • botanist, ecologist, biologist
  • holistic medicine practitioner
  • naturalist
  • ergonomic consultant
apr 16 2015 ∞
apr 16 2015 +
  • "Harsh criticism means that I'm making work that is worthy of a conversation."
  • "There is not enough time for hating yourself. Too many things to make. Go."
  • Ask yourself what excites you and courageously decide to fight for it
  • Since I have the chance to live in this world, I must accomplish something before I die!
  • "I’m just 23 years old, so I don’t know if things are normally this difficult because I’m still inexperienced in life, or if society has just always been like this.”
dec 22 2014 ∞
may 30 2016 +
  • Chicago
  • The Nutcracker
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • Ain't Misbehavin'
  • Xanadu
  • Around the World in 80 Days
  • Venus in Fur
  • Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike
  • Wait Until Dark
sep 14 2014 ∞
nov 28 2014 +


aug 2 2014 ∞
aug 2 2014 +
list icon
  • Go to Japan to teach english
  • travel to South Korea, China, France, Europe
  • get a job at the A.Z.A. financial group
  • join a university club
  • drive
  • get an writing internship
  • start saying yes instead of no
  • contact former professors
  • volunteer at art museum or poetry center
apr 29 2013 ∞
may 1 2013 +
list icon
  • rainy days
    • hot chocolate mix
    • scone mix
    • dvd?
    • small umbrella
  • sunny days
    • a good novel
    • lemon candy
  • fall/autumns
    • cinnamon sticks
    • mini candles
    • harriet the spy dvd
  • university
    • across the universe dvd
    • argyle socks
    • planner
    • fancy pen/pencil set
apr 18 2013 ∞
apr 18 2013 +
  • Start your story with: “He glanced at his watch impatiently…”
  • Write about a stranger you see. Either their back-story or what they are thinking in the moment you see them.
  • Write a story based on a dream you had
  • Select a book at random and use the last sentence of the story as the first line of your new story.
  • Write a story that takes place in an airport terminal.
  • Write a story that takes place in the kitchen. (i'm think a mouse and cheese)
  • something about characters on the sub/subway etc.
  • rewrite/edit one of your previous writings
  • Something about which people seem to compliment you. (shoes, looking down, glass half empty)
  • Someone you met randomly that's made an i...
mar 3 2013 ∞
mar 3 2013 +
  • yawning
  • dimples
  • messy hair
jan 26 2013 ∞
feb 3 2013 +
list icon
  • a fish tank with goldfish
  • plants, hanging plants, terrariums, greenhouse etc.
  • glowing lights
  • bookshelves
  • big windows and lots of natural lighting
nov 10 2012 ∞
jan 7 2013 +
  • people who say 'trust me'
  • those with exceptionally white teeth
  • people who randomly whistle out-loud while they walk
  • sales clerks
  • bubbly people
  • charming people
  • those with a large # of "friends"
  • adults who don't drink coffee
  • people who think partying is a legitimate sport
  • those who don't read books
  • people who claim to not like music (how is that even possible?)
  • Adults who haven't read a book past the age of eight (like wise those who've only read the same books since they were eight)
  • People who dish out compliments like candy
  • People who claim they have a real plan fo...
sep 27 2012 ∞
oct 19 2013 +
jul 17 2012 ∞
aug 5 2012 +
list icon


  • butterfly/ bell/ 3/4 sleeves
  • halter style/ racer back tops
  • v-necks
  • ruched top
  • pockets at the bust
  • round shirt hem
  • large collared shirts
  • cropped cardigans
  • jackets w/ fitted shoulders and nipped-in waist
  • peplum
  • fitted blazer
  • mid rise/ boycut jeans
  • loafers & oxfords
  • skirts that hit just above the knee
  • straight skirt
  • soft draped A-line skirt
  • high waist dresses
  • stretch pencil/shift dress
  • A-line dress
jul 14 2012 ∞
mar 1 2015 +