• é solitário a gente não pertencer
  • eu quero ir pra outro lugar / onde eu possa ser e me entregar / eu quero tanto gostar de mim / eu tento tanto ser feliz
  • i can change everything about me to fit in
  • i'm the definition of dichotomy, duality
  • i'm tired and angry but somebody should be
  • one with nobody to call, this city makes me feel so small
  • por que eu sou sempre assim? difícil de ficar, difícil de viver sem mim
  • pretty girls don't know the things that i know
  • quero ser foda, uma missão minha / mas continuam me chamando de gracinha
  • wish i weren't so self-obsessed / wish that i could be the best / excited with my words / but i’m nervous and i'm bored
  • you haven't met the new me yet
jan 24 2021 ∞
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21 | she/her | brasil | studying film | pinterest | last.fm | skoob

  • gemini sun, leo ascendant and scorpio moon
  • obsessed with taylor swift and recreating my own personality

"When she finally rose, she rose slowly

Avoiding old haunts and sidestepping shiny pennies"

apr 7 2020 ∞
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  • abraços, aline (2019) | curta-metragem, direção de arte | trailer, facebook
  • a atmosfera sonora do audiovisual na representação de uma comunidade surda | co-autoria, teórico | resumo, artigo
  • o que chamas de amor - CASSI3 | videoclipe, assistência de arte
  • estesia - CASSI3 | videoclipe, direção de arte
  • POC POC POC - CASSI3 | videoclipe, direção de arte
  • MQFDVC - CASSI3 | videoclipe, direção de arte
may 12 2020 ∞
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christine 'lady bird' (lady bird)

  • i hate california, i want to go to the east coast. i want to go where culture is, like new york.

clementine (eternal sunshine of the spotless mind)

  • joel: i can't see anything that i don't like about you.
  • clementine: but you will! but you will. you know, you will think of things. and i'll get bored with you and feel trapped because that's what happens with me.

charlotte (lost in translation)

    • i just feel so alone, even when i'm surrounded by other people.
feb 8 2017 ∞
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