às vezes eu trombo com palavras que já conheço ou então aprendo novas e penso que gostaria de lembrar do significado delas e acrescentá-las ao meu vocabulário. então aqui vai uma lista


  • alhures = num outro local; numa outra parte; em outro momento, época ou situação
  • amasiado = que se amigou com outra pessoa; que mantém uma relação sem vínculo legal ou formal como a estabelecida pelo casamento; amigado
  • berlô = segundo arthur, o furinho na calça causado por faísca de fogo
  • burilar = tornar mais apurado; aprimorar, aperfeiçoar
  • (estar) pego/a = segundo arthur, estar agitado, frenético, enérgico, eufórico
  • exulansis = a tendência de desistir de tentar falar sobre uma determinada experiência porque as pessoas são incapazes de se relacionar com ela
  • insólito = que não é habitual; infrequente, raro, incomum, anormal
  • lograr = obter o que se tem direito ou que se deseja; alcançar, conseguir; usufruir o que se conquistou; gozar, desfrutar
  • nevrálgico = elemento crucial ou o mais importante de uma questão qualquer; o ponto mais delicado, importante ou perigoso
  • pernóstico = que ou aquele que é presumido, afetado, pretensioso
  • profícuo = cujo resultado é produtivo, proveitoso, útil ou lucrativo; proficiente
  • sestroso = capaz de perceber algo rapidamente; esperto, vivo, sagaz; malandro
  • topiaria = a arte de podar plantas em formas ornamentais; a prática de jardinagem que consiste em dar formas artísticas às plantas mediante corte com tesouras de podar


  • bridge into (something) = make/form a bridge from one thing to another ("lastly, what is your will? what are the concrete steps that you're going to take to get there? and this is where I start to think more of like, quantification, because this step kind of bridges into planning a study routine")
  • brim = be full of, to be full to the brim or to the top edge ("encher até a borda")
    • to be brimming with (something) ("transbordando de ...")
  • chuffed = very pleased
  • crabby = irritable; easily annoyed and complaining ("a rather crabby old man")
  • debacle = an event or a situation that is a complete failure and causes people to feel ashamed or embarrassed
  • dismay = consternation and distress, typically that caused by something unexpected (noun); cause someone to feel consternation and distress (verb)
  • exasperated = annoyed, especially because you can do nothing to solve a problem
    • como assim essa especificação do problema não tá presente em nenhuma definição de exasperado que li em português? (que está muito irritado, exaltado ou enfurecido; que está muito aflito; desesperado)
  • fumble = express oneself or deal with something clumsily or nervously (verb); an act of managing or dealing with something clumsily (noun)
  • gripe = a minor complaint ("you can have your personal gripes but like theres no version of queer representation, especially in kids media, that is free of this scrutiny"); complain about something in a persistent, irritating way (verb)
  • inanity = the quality of being extremely silly or having no real meaning or importance, or something that is extremely silly like this
  • jaywalking = the action of walking across a street at a place where it is not allowed or without taking care to avoid the traffic ("jaywalking is illegal in some countries")
  • jot (something) down = to write something quickly
  • kismet = destiny, fate (ex: ("perfect timeline kismet)
  • lackadaisical = showing little enthusiasm and effort; being without life or spirit; listless
  • nagging = persistently painful or worrying ("#satisfying to have it all sorted out and catalogued in my head #plus now i won't have that nagging feeling that i'm missing something and it will be wasted")
  • off-putting = slightly unpleasant or worrying so that you do not want to get involved in any way ("...it stands for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Strep. I feel like the really long name is quite off-puting...")
  • overbearing = too confident and too determined to tell other people what to do, in a way that is unpleasant
  • pandering = the act of catering to or profiting from the weaknesses, vices, or unreasonable desires of others; bajular ("and telling people theyre pronouns when they meet them well thats way too in your face. clearly pandering. too obvious")
  • peckish = slightly hungry ("you a bit peckish?")
  • prissy = fresco/a, certinho/a
  • psithurism = a rustling or whispering sound, such as leaves in the wind; susurration
  • rapt = deeply interested in or absorbed in something; filled or carried off with emotion ("His mind is engaged in a rapt contemplation / Of the thought, of the thought, of the thought of his name")
  • squick = cause (someone) to feel intense disgust
  • squiggle = a short line that has been written or drawn and that curves and twists in a way that is not regular ("...arranged in a squiggle shape like snakes do")
  • to be/get punked = to be intentionally fooled in some way, usually the butt of a practical joke perpetrated by a friend or colleague
  • to hone in = to move toward or focus attention on an objective ("you chose to hone in one very specific story from the perspective of a 14-year-old girl")
  • to nip something in the bud = to take care of a problem in its early stages before it gets too big to manage easily; to stop something before it has an opportunity to become established ("and she was absolutely right, years later I wanted to transition and a recorded bpd diagnosis could have very well nipped that in the bud")
  • wallow = (of a person) indulge in an unrestrained way in something that creates a pleasurable sensation


  • añoranza = sentimiento de pena por la lejanía, la ausencia, la privación o la pérdida de alguien o algo queridos
  • chachi = buenísimo, estupendo
  • chulo = lindo, bonito, gracioso
  • colorinche = de muchos colores vivos y mal combinados
  • cursi = que pretende ser elegante o refinado sin serlo, resultando ridículo ("beber con el dedo meñique en alto es de lo más cursi")
  • darse palo = no tener ganas de hacer algo porque te sientes mal por ello o sientes una oposición muy fuerte para hacerlo ("ana me llamó para salir de fiesta, pero ya era muy tarde y me dio palo")
  • gilipollas = necio (ignorante y que no sabe lo que podía o debía saber) o estúpido
  • namas = "mira namas su porte" > "basta olhar para seu comportamento"
  • plantear = tantear [= medir o comparar algo con otra cosa para ver si viene bien o ajustada], trazar o hacer planta de algo para procurar el acierto en ello ("me estoy planteando casarme")
  • tibio, tibia = que no es o no está frío ni caliente
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