• i always rise after the crucifixion, and i am in terror of my ascensions.
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  •   your mode of operating in the world.  
    •   type, the generator. strategy, wait to respond.
    • you have powerful & creative life-force energy. you're designed to work, and to love the work you do. your energetic presence (aura) is open and enveloping.
    • you're living in response. you're designed to wait, and trust that life will come to you. all you need to do is simply respond from moment-to-moment as you go through your day.
  •   how to best make decisions.  
    •   authority, emotional solar plexus.
    • your solar plexus operates in a wave and so for you, there is "no truth in the now." clarity is something that emerges over time. you're looking for emotional clarity in the body through time, not in your ...
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