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I do never ever condone utilization of the aforementioned term - yet some circumstances naturally prompt it in me, regardless...

  • "Spice" sitting innocuously on Loren's bedside table and what how this would appear to a complete outsider
  • receiving over-enthusiastic e-mail coupons from Insomnia Cookies after the "Scandal" and my name being on their wall of shame of sorts
  • Makena Cunningham, the kleptomaniac
  • culture
  • Ishita consistently referring to John as "Dan"
  • "Canz", the sports bar in Queens that was very similar to Hooters (especially pertaining to the waitresses) where every title word on the menu intentionally ended in a "z" and songs such as "Fancy" by Drake continued to blare into the night
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apparently my subconscious will never be over the fact that I am equipped with opposable thumbs, and I've realized that since I was born they seem to be doing something in support of their existence, and it's built up noticeably after a long (but still going!) nineteen years. I am a strange being.

  • adjusting hair, especially bangs
  • biting my nails
  • doodling
  • driving
  • eating
  • feeling birpraggies (especially feeling for lumps of cotton in the corners of them
  • feeling my shoulders/back
  • grabbing other parts of my body
  • holding anything
    • cell phone
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  • archiving
  • these companies and being inside of any of their stores
  • completing forms and surveys of any kind
  • eating salty things
  • fulfilling the concept of "all" in anything with regard to my very annoying "all or nothing" complex of sorts
  • inciting subtle warfare
  • initially enjoying brand new Apple products
  • organizing/cleaning anything to pristine condition
  • pooping
  • popping pimples
  • satisfying the "upper hand" complex
  • successful horticulture
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this list is becoming terrifyingly long despite how frequently and specifically I utilize all of these words/phrases...

  • a-plus
  • abode
  • abound(s)
  • academia
  • ace in the hole!!!
  • acknowledge(s/d)
  • adhere(d)/adhering
  • alas
  • archive/archiving
  • as of late
  • austistic/autism
  • aware(ness)
  • ballos
  • breast(s)
  • castle
  • chaos/chaotic/chaotically
  • "chaos, delta S!"
  • chins
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If this list comes off as self-centered or egotistical in any way, I apologize; 'twas not at all intended to do so. It is that I am thankful for these things, yes!

  • I am a white, upper-middle class girl
  • I come from a family that loves and supports me to the best of their abilities, if anything sometimes too much so
  • I am financially stable
  • My parents will always have my back
  • My parents being extremely lenient and personable, and some of my best friends to an extent
  • I'm an only child
  • I don't have any specifically undesirable physical and/or mental features, I don't think...
  • I was born in somewhat-metropolitain New York in the 21st century
  • I exist during the technological age when information has been more accessible tha...
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  • acknowledge
  • aggravated
  • assess
  • attendance
  • convenience
  • convenient
  • definitely
  • delirious
  • existence
  • gray/grey
  • guarantee
  • inadvertently
  • jewelry
  • judgment
  • perceive(d)
  • pigeon
  • pursue
  • recommend
  • refrigerator
  • ridiculous
  • sandwich
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I actually happen to be making this list within the comforts of said facility.

  • the thirteenth floor study lounge, and all the good that it brings
  • it's even open on Sundays
  • not many NYU students even acknowledge this building's existence, let alone the existence of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
  • compared to every other student-holding facility of NYU, this place is always relatively empty
  • the majority of the students within are math majors or grad students at CIMS, hence their very un-obtrusive nature that's comforting to be around (as opposed to entering a place like the Gallatin building)
  • realizing that I'm becoming somewhat of a "regular" here, and being able to mutually recognize other "regulars"
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mar 28 2011 +
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eating these may happen a bit too frequently to ignore...

  • Atlas Café
    • E 4th St between Mercer and Broadway, NYC
  • Big City
    • Jericho Turnpike, Commack, Long Island
  • Bite
    • 14th St between 3rd & 2nd Ave, NYC
  • cart in front of Gould Plaza
    • E 4th St, NYC
  • L.A. Café cart
    • Astor Place, NYC
  • the Cunt Castle
    • NE corner of 3rd Ave & 14th St, NYC
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mar 20 2011 +
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  • John Sexton
  • Space Cowboy
  • Ben Wachtel (Katie Weinstein's friend)
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these are the oddest, most specific desires my borderline entirely directive-less person still want to achieve.

  • assemble a hefty collection of "those signature, perfect"-ly hilarious photos of specific individuals I/my friend group as a whole have chosen to mark in our sarcastic, heavily mocking (and very important) history; then go on a lifetime adventure of creating an album of re-creations of all of these selectively hilarious and historic photos with myself in a very blatantly-mocking exact same form as the individuals in the pictures, tagging them as my wonderful self once complete
  • become a person who must travel from time to time (I guess for a potential profession of my future that requires this?) on a luxury, high-speed private jet to get from place expediently when necessary; however at one point during this time in my ...
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dec 6 2010 +
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  • the failed Drake concert, and the enormous amounts of chaos that ensued - particularly through the perspective Dana and I experienced at the event.
  • getting accosted by a terrifyingly intense transvestite with a microphone and a professional cameraman outside of Evolution in SoHo with Loren and Dana, in which he attempted to interview (most particularly Dana) us on what was "going on in the art scene these days" and to tell him what we thought to be "hip" lately. Loren and I remained mostly silent, our faces expressing a combination of struggle to resist the need to burst into chronic bouts of laughter and absolute shock, horror, and terror on behalf of everything.
  • watching a barbaric Drunk man violently shake a rat trap out in front of an empty lot next to Dunkin Donuts, seizing dead rats by their middle that dropped out and ...
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dec 16 2010 +
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Inspired though the lovely Loren and Freda

  • Barnes & Noble
  • Brittany Hall
    • penthouse study lounge
  • 726 Broadway
  • Chickpea
  • Chipotle
  • 48 Cooper Square
  • Coral Towers
    • more specifically my suite, a.k.a. "the Cunt Castle"
      • the common area/kitchen
      • the "nook of distress"
      • the "upper tier" (my top bunk bed), if I'm in my bedroom, usually
  • Dos Toros Taqueria
  • various Duane Reades around the region
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dec 26 2010 +
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  • the future
  • a long death that renders me incapable of even being myself (whether physically and/or mentally) to my complete potential beforehand
  • people leaving my life forever
  • when people have complete freakouts
  • motors
  • the future
  • cooked peppers
  • change
  • damage to things that mean something to me
  • my privacy being invaded (and I barely keep anything private)
  • life
  • people
  • getting taken for granted
  • getting abducted
  • spiders
  • commitment
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jan 8 2011 +
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  • attempt to plan the long-desired Psychic Party with Renni
  • balance checkbook
  • call my grandparents
  • clean anything subtly beckoning for it
  • correspondence
  • discover podcasts of interest
  • fiddle with fun things on OKCupid
  • get ahead in work for the hell of it
  • go to the gym
  • grocery shopping
  • learn how to clean the Roor
  • learn how to eradicate red wine stains from clothing
  • look up summer class prices and options
  • make "cards"
  • make lists
  • make social effort towards building relationships with friendly kin with potential
  • organize things on my computer, including...
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  • by the time I was twenty three, I was already building a house and driving my second Porsche!
  • I did work on/restored/built that (pertaining to almost any building or important structure of New York City)
  • I was able to buy my first car, and it was a Porsche!
  • I'm the king of my castle
  • I'm the man of this house, and I am your father
  • if you ever die (pertaining to my mother) I'll be fine. I'll sell the house, buy a yacht, and have a bunch of broads around
  • it's a bunch of fucking burnouts!
  • lead, follow or get out of the way
  • MAHI
  • mmvmmvmmvmmv
  • nichshed
  • she's my wife, my bride
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suggestions are very welcome, my friends.

  • behold! the suggestions of miss Worsley
  • acoustic guitar
    • this could be attained from the homestead
  • board games
    • for the game shelf in the common area
      • Connect Four
      • Cranium
      • Life
      • Monopoly
      • Scattergories
  • bookshelf
    • for between the two closet doors in the common area
  • cable
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the highly-developed intricacies of social construct provides us with many easily-formed stereotypes - these are fun to observe, uh'sayyy. well, here's what both others and myself have perceived about the way I go about life that could be considered "boy-ish" by some.

  • I highly prefer (and only really take actions upon) when the opposite sex puts effort into getting my attention
  • I really don't enjoy shopping and most of the environment surrounding it, I get really impatient and want to flee quickly
  • I prefer fun toys and artifacts to play with than accessories of things to enhance my appearance
  • whenever I got Happy Meals from McDonald's when I was little, I would always ask for the "boy toy" because I always hated/kind of cringed when faced with dolls and liked putting perfectly-fitting stickers ...
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I'll be adding to this forever, as I realize daily that there are indeed a LOT of people who actually know things.

  • Alan Watts
  • Bailey, Nicole Llinares' dog
  • Bradford Cox
  • Chris Kaskie
  • Chris Martin
  • Craig Bartlett
  • Dana Cohen
  • Debbie, my hair colorist
  • Doug Martsch
  • Doug Worsley
  • ancient Egyptians
  • Ellen Ryan
  • Epicurus
  • Etruscans
  • Felix Miller
  • Flicky, my bunny
  • Freda Ding
  • George Orwell
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jan 7 2011 +
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Prior to speaking to this woman, I was entirely skeptical of her so-called "psychic" abilities and thought that at most, she probably is just a sickeningly good judge of character. However after speaking to her for about an hour and a half, I won't lie when I say that I essentially believe every single thing she has told me. So much of it was terrifyingly accurate already, or makes complete sense for my future - things you can't just generalize or pull out of your ass, that described me in better words than I could even describe for myself. So yes, without further ado...

  • I had lost a friend in the winter of my last year of high school to brain cancer (the amount of things she had discussed with me in relation to this could be a list within itself, so I'm not going to bother getting into it)
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