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  • the bird's nest – shirley jackson
    • "i am a whimsical man and must have my smile."
  • tender is the flesh – agustina bazterrica
    • "there are times when one has to bear the weight of the world."
  • the deep – nick cutter
    • "sometimes the only way to disburden oneself of the poison is to share it with somebody else."
  • shirley jackson: a rather haunted life – ruth franklin
    • "'the very nicest thing about being a writer is that you can afford to indulge yourself endlessly with oddness, and nobody can really do anything about it, so long as you keep writing. all you have to do – and watch this carefully, please – is keep writing.'"
  • pet sematary – stephen king
    • "but time passes, and time welds one state of human feeling into another until they become something like a rainbow."


  • ♡♡!!! a burst of light and other essays – audre lorde
    • "'let us be ourselves now as we define us. we are not a figment of your imagination or an exotic answer to your desires. we are not some button on the pocket of your longing.'"
  • the indifferent stars above – daniel james brown
    • "she kept her eyes open; she did not deceive herself."
  • kindred – octavia e. butler ↺
    • "'i don't have a name for the thing that happened to me, but i don't feel safe any more.'"
  • little heaven – nick cutter
    • "i have sinned, i have committed great awfulness, but i am loved."


  • remarkably bright creatures – shelby van pelt
    • "tova has always felt more than a bit of empathy for the sharks, with their never-ending laps around the tank. she understands what it means to never be able to stop moving, lest you find yourself unable to breathe."
  • come closer – sara gran
    • "what we think is impossible happens all the time."
  • the troop – nick cutter
    • "how could you hide from a murderer who lived under your skin?"
  • revival – stephen king
    • "'electricity is one of god's doorways to the infinite.'"
  • ♡♡!!! just like home – sarah gailey
    • "hush now, vera-baby. hush now."


  • the grip of it – jac jemc
    • "the inability to trust ourselves is the most menacing danger."


  • the ancestor – danielle trussoni
    • "'we don't choose our birthright,' she said. 'it comes to us whether we like it or not.'"
  • the handyman method – nick cutter & andrew f. sullivan
    • "'if a man doesn't care for the things he calls his own, well, something's liable to come along and take them from him.'"
  • kill creek – scott thomas
    • "'this is the key to true horror... if you believe it's real, then it's real.'"
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