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  • anne of the island – l. m. montgomery ↺
    • "'we mustn't let next week rob us of this week's joy.'"
  • the price of salt – patricia highsmith
    • "'my angel,' carol said. 'flung out of space.'"


  • eat up!: food, appetite, and eating what you want – ruby tandoh
    • "i feel anchored again, like i belong in my body and my body belongs in this world, when i make something with this care."
  • anne of windy poplars – l. m. montgomery ↺
    • "'nobody is ever too old to dream. and dreams never grow old.'"
  • the thirteenth tale – diane setterfield
    • "'let's be brave, shall we?'"
  • stories of your life and others – ted chiang
    • "the ray of light has to know where it will ultimately end up before it can choose the direction to begin moving in."
  • the last house on needless street – catriona ward
    • "'things never stay the same forever, even the bad things.'"
  • ♡♡!!! ella enchanted – gail carson levine ↺
    • "say yes and be happy. say yes and live."
  • the magician's nephew – c. s. lewis ↺
    •  – "'there will always be a way through.'"


  • slade house – david mitchell
    • "grief is an amputation, but hope is incurable hemophilia; you bleed and bleed and bleed."
  • anne's house of dreams – l. m. montgomery ↺
    • "'even when i'm alone i have real good company – dreams and imaginations and pretendings. i like to be alone now and then, just to think over things and taste them.'"


  • ♡♡!!! the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe – c. s. lewis ↺
    • "'what a lot of adventures we shall have now that we're all in it together.'"
  • the turn of the screw – henry james
    • "he tapped his heart. 'i've never lost it.'"
  • the silent patient – alex michaelides
    • "i didn't want to die. not yet; not when i hadn't lived."
  • the only good indians – stephen graham jones
    • "it's soft at the end."
  • reprieve – james han mattson
    • "'we need more loveliness.'"


  • ♡♡!!! bitter – akwaeke emezi
    • "'hope is what we need.'"
  • fledgling – octavia e. butler
    • "'we will get through this,' i said. 'what you feel now will end.'"
  • the cabin at the end of the world – paul tremblay
    • "we will go on."
  • rocannon's world – ursula k. le guin
    • "'all things change now.'"
  • planet of exile – ursula k. le guin
    • "'i hear with my heart.'"
  • city of illusions – ursula k. le guin
    • "'trust is a thing that must grow, from actions, across the days.'"


  • convenience store woman – sayaka murata
    • "i absorb the world around me, and that's changing all the time. just as all the water that was in my body last time we met has now been replaced with new water, the things that make up me have changed too."
  • detransition, baby – torrey peters
    • "i chose this. i want it. it makes me feel right."
  • dracula – bram stoker
    • "'and let us be friends for all our lives.'"
  • horrorstör – grady hendrix
    • "'whatever comes, we'll get through it together.'"
  • the city we became – n. k. jemisin
    • "libraries are safe places. they're warm in the winter."
  • tomie 1 – junji ito
    • "'we're finally together.'"
  • the horse and his boy – c. s. lewis ↺
    • "if one is nervous there's nothing like having your face towards the danger and having something warm and solid at your back."
  • house of leaves – mark z. danielewski ↺
    • "without hope nothing can survive."
  • the loop – jeremy robert johnson
    • "'i need you here. i don't know what else to do. keep breathing, all right?'"


  • gifts – ursula k. le guin
    • "i am in the world of the never-ending stories."
  • voices – ursula k. le guin
    • "'there is a god in every leaf; you hold what is sacred in your open hand.'"
  • piranesi – susanna clarke
    • "i have a duty to bear witness to the splendours of the world."
  • jazz – toni morrison
    • "paradise. all for paradise."


  • the diviners – libba bray ↺
    • "in its way, writing was like healing: a cure for the loneliness he felt."
  • ♡♡!!! the lightning thief – rick riordan ↺
    • "'names have power.'"
  • a cosmology of monsters – shaun hamill
    • "i hadn't realized how hungry i was for someone to look at me in a normal way. how starved i was for even that bit of kindness."


  • stillhouse lake – rachel craine
    • "the relief hurts, but it's the hurt of a wound being cauterized, all the bleeding stopped."


  • the hunger – alma katsu
    • "and love was like forgiveness – deep and patient."
  • night things – michael talbot
    • "one had to go into each situation with equal amounts of optimism, willingness to believe, and suspicion."
  • ♡♡!!! you made a fool of death with your beauty – akwaeke emezi
    • "her heart could still do this. after everything it had been through, her heart could still do this."
  • parable of the sower – octavia e. butler
    • "'god is frightening. best learn to cope.'"



  • the cancer journals – audre lorde
    • "i would never have chosen this path, but i am very glad to be who i am, here."
  • the collected poetry of nikki giovanni, 1968-1998 – nikki giovanni
    • "we must learn to bear the pleasures as we have borne the pains."
  • ♡♡!!! prince caspian – c. s. lewis ↺
    • "'i have often despaired; but something always happens to start me hoping again.'"
  • the voyage of the dawn treader – c. s. lewis ↺
    • "'courage, dear heart.'"
  • the silver chair – c. s. lewis ↺
    • "'don't you lose heart.'"
  • the last battle – c. s. lewis ↺
    • "'if ever we loved one another, let me go with you now.'"
  • ♡♡!!! a wrinkle in time – madeleine l'engle ↺
    • "'my love always.'"
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