❄ — january

  • snow days and no class for two days in a row; my last volunteer shift is bittersweet; the aiartpocalypse, many large companies caught in the act; finally playing bg3 & falling in love with astarion, embarassing — men be like i'm fighting demons and the demons are bisexuality; palworld sets a new record for peak concurrent players on steam (somehow); starting wwdits; the combat boots incident; how long can this go on; extra strength ibuprofen and coke zero; taking a break from reading with more reading; planning my research project for this semester

♡ — february

  • bg3 co-op with fox; self-care (still dehydrated); drawing freud puns on my psych exam for bonus marks; the gang does a group study session and two wasians try to guess each other's ethnicity; philly rolls; cowboy arc; the most stressful midterm exam season of my life thus far; "i may have flown too close to the sun on this one"; somehow got a perfect score on my law enforcement midterm despite cramming for 2 days running on coffee and fear "Very Impressive!!"; watching f1 w/ dad; researching law school admissions and internships; the unknown chapter
      • song: (i swear) to god ▸ tyler childers
      • colour: burnt orange
      • trope: booksmart

♧ — march

  • criminal justice event (volunteered to set up & take down and also attended to do networking, 6-7 hours. soul left my body); applying for summer internships; daily pain au chocolat → humanity restored; 300 movies on letterboxd!; conflict res = 97, law enforcement = 100, trauma ip = 92, psych = 102 and 98; disco elysium; so many group projects i hate it here; inexplicably nauseous for my antisocial personality disorder presentation but in the wise words of harry du bois "told you i'd rock that shit" ; ferrari 1-2 finish (max dnf) in australia; collecting data for my psych study and practicing french

⚘ — april

  • painting a portrait of mv until my back hurts holy shit, no wonder i draw like 5 times a year; watching japanese grand prix with dad, max wins (daniel and alex crash out, carlos podium and charles the tyre whisperer); end of year party for the program & group pictures; converse starting to give up on me (tiny hole i stitched up) so time for new shoes; 96 on my psyc final paper wahoo; kendrick's verse on like that has been running around in my head, i like him when he's out for blood; 101 final grade for psyc, best in the course, (she posted all the grades publicly so i know for once) academic weapon maybe?; evelyn's birthday and end of year party; "you have a bright future keegan" :")
      • song: like that ▸ future, metro, kendrick
      • colour: commodore blue
      • trope: badass driver

ꕤ — may

  • kendrick v. drake beef getting serious (k dropping a third diss track right in the middle of me and ashe discussing it, please stop he's already dead); lando norris' first win in miami; losing sleep over law school and my future :||| planning on doing what some call "bitch work" in the legal field for a while rather than being a k-jd; helping eric with his uni admissions and plan; movie night, pizza, and card games with evie; the story of philosophy by will durant ("philosophers only want one thing and it's fucking discussing"); watching jujutsu kaisen w/ eric; charles leclerc wins in monaco!

ꕤ — june

  • university transfer and career planning 💥💥 so stressful; met with my law prof a few times for advice about law school: "i think you're bright and a great conversationalist" it doesn't get much better than that; new ipad; lunch and catching up with evie after her japan trip, helping pay for her copy of bg3 and playing co-op together; watching the absolutely chaotic canadian gp with dad (double dnf for ferrari... "heartbreak is one thing, my ego’s another, i beg you, don’t embarrass me, motherfucker"); kendrick's concert, the pop out, so fire; familiar patterns (derogatory); sometimes music and poetry is the only thing that keeps me going when i'm at my lowest :")
      • song: lotion ▸ deftones
      • colour: lichen green
      • trope: the mentor

☼ — july

  • 93% on my law midterm; 2 hours of law into 3 hours of philosophy twice a week my brain hurts; lots of digital painting; overt praise or public humiliation, still, it's hard for me not to idolize him and feel lucky he sees potential in me; catching up and going out with old friends! :");
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