core memories :-)


  • lunch at A2 on a thursday because theo was free cut (why are we always in up) / staying in the lib alone to cram my art ap paper :) + walking around the campus to take a break / visiting the city lib to study. i even made a friend / walking around the streets of this city i am in love /


  • sapat lang ang ilaw para sa susunod na hakbang / eating ice cream and the amphitheater h2h talk with ky / going home late on a school night / my usual walking route otw home / eating lunch with majoy and elics / blk after school libre by majoy. i love froyo / lab days with majoy #weightlifters / the supposed ukay gala turned mini upd tour with yang and elina. going home at 9pm :) / chikahan + dinner with tita every time I come home late / after class valentine's date with my friends :') we talked a lot about our music tastes and school / feeling very overwhelmed and lonely because of school and org. feeling like my enthusiasm doesn't reflect in my performance / cutting bio lec because I was sad, so I listened to bleachers in the lib instead / randomly going to A2 on a thursday during vacant and almost missing lab class so we took a taxi otw back / talking to majoy about kdramas, college, and death while we wait for our turn to use the spectrophotometer / spontaneously drinking on a school night /


  • ramen as the first meal of the year / visiting tatay for his birthday / walking outside more / single's inferno 2 so entertaining / enjoying the last few days of my break / the start of a new semester / walking around the campus at 5pm, when my classes have just finished / walking around upd and eating at mang larry's / random tc friday with joy to talk about my block fiasco lol / drinking in the school field at 12mn / calling chachi til 4am. it was: iyakin vs medj lasing na / walking on the skywalk when its not too hot / watching AIB2 with joy outside the lib / mami and pares date and going to anonas to ukay with kyla / tita telling me she enjoyed my company while we ate late dinner / freshly picked manggang hilaw. divine. i missed it soooo much! / studying in the lib on a monday when i only have one class / I LOVE LORDE /
jan 2 2023 ∞
mar 6 2023 +