• Remember what it was to be me: that is always the point. – Joan Didion, On Keeping a Notebook
  • 2022 in Virgo: There is the moon always. You can be sure of that and other things. Meanwhile when you walk through the night know that it's there. Look up when you can. – Astro Poets
  • I can also write a letter, bake a good pie. Victories, however small. *
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  • life is fragile. nature is (naturally) unpredictable. if you aren’t feeling particularly strong right now, that’s okay. a wave is not just a wave when it’s cresting. a wave is a wave when resting. rest, body of water. you’re powerful, even when hurt, or terrified, even like this. — shira erlichman
  • listen, we are human beings. listen, we are inclined to love. love is there, but we need to be taught how. we want to stand upright, we want to walk, but someone needs to hold our hand and balance us a bit, and guide us a bit, and scoop us up when we fall. listen, we fall. love is there but we have to learn it – and its shapes and its possibilities. — jeanette winterson
  • wala sa 'king mga kamay ang init na bubuhay / kundi sa kamay ng araw, sa kanyang mga daliri / titindi ang mga anino, ngunit..._kalachuchi_
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