“The flickering flames of the nameless ghost flared brighter. "I won't forget. Your Highness, I am forever your most devoted believer." Xie Lian forced down his sob. "...I've already lost all my believers. Believing in me won't do you any good, it might even bring disaster. Do you know? Even my friend has left me." The nameless ghost declared, as if swearing an oath, "I won't.” ― 墨香铜臭, 天官赐福 [Tiān Guān Cì Fú]

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  • lucien vanserra acotar
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  • thaynara (ela/dela)
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♡ música, livros, kdramas, genshin impact.

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não me siga se você tem menos de 17 anos (mutus ta tudo bem) e se você costuma falar mal de algo que eu gosto.

  • antes de seguir sou bastaaante repetitiva, constantemente fico obcecada por algo então sempre estarei comentando na tml. (por ex: um novo livro que estou lendo, um novo personagem kin, genshin impact e por aí vai).
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amores eterno

  • yoo kihyun monsta x
  • kim seokjin bts
  • jung hoseok bts

monsta x, wonho, iu, rina sawayama.

  • no off: aespa, ryujin, nayeon.
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“Hua Cheng said quietly, "Your Highness, I understand your everything.

"Your courage, your despair; your kindness, your pain; your resentment, your hate; your intelligence, your foolishness.

"If I could, I would have you use me as your stepping stone, the bridge you take apart after crossing, the corpse bones you need to trample to climb up, the sinner who deserved the butchering of a million knives. But, I know you wouldn't allow it."


However, Hua Cheng only replied, "To die in battle for you is my greatest honour." ― 墨香铜臭, 天官赐福 [Tiān Guān Cì Fú]

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