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dumping all my favorite fics and aus here because i'd like to think i have some things organized when in reality, my whole life's a fucking mess :D


some of my favorite (fem/gn) reader insert fics on tumblr !!!

bang chan

  • eight seconds by loveseungs | 8.8k | chef/ceo au ; fluff
    • bang chan, a chef at a famous, hole-in-the-wall, michelin star restaurant, cannot believe his poor little eyes that this certain woman in the grocery has nothing but instant food in her basket.
  • priceless [one, two] by luvknow | two-part series ; 26.7k | rich kid au ; fluff, angst
    • lucky you, you fall for the rich and powerful bang chan that every woman has their eyes on and he likes you back! but you get a taste of the luxurious life they all live in and you realize that someone like you isn't mean to be with someone like him.
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aug 12 2020 +
  • uv au by @KlNGDAIKI | tsukikage | fil
    • kung saan makakatabi ni lasallian!tsukki si thomasian!kags sa uv
  • Hello? by @NiinaLovesMoon | tsukikage | eng
    • A TsukiKage zombie apocalypse AU where Kei decides to message random numbers in hopes of reaching someone. *
  • Hello, it says by @NiinaLovesMoon | kageyama-centric | eng
    • An epilogue to Hello?
    • What was Kageyama Tobio's side of the story?
  • MAGKASUYO by @aobaseijoh | oikuroo | fil
    • sex brings people together and feelings set them apart. that should be the case for oikawa tooru and kuroo tetsurou. finding a constant in a casual relationship? ar...
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