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hi there!
as you can see, this is a personal fic-library that i use to maintain the fics i've read.

because i've a soft spot for sasunaru, the "main" section will be reserved for this legend of a couple, but multifandom fics will be added on "ongoing", as well as well as kpop boybands, that i no longer read, are on archive.

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it's me, mario!
  • about ★☆
    • not that hard, it's the way i use to tell how much i loved certain fic
  • about universes
    • canon (follows the universe of the manga)
    • everything!au (any type of au)
  • about rates
    • tbqh i don't care much, but i'll put a warning if it's nc17 (stands for sex, handjobs, blowjobs, penetration, anything sex related really)
  • about genres
    • angst (speak for itself)
    • hurt/comfort (it'll fuck you but with a lots of lube at least)
    • crack (ridiculous humour but it's intenti...
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since these are almost like fanfics, with the plus of pictures (and a picture is worth a thousand of words), here are only my favorites , that i consider the best or at least funny to read


  • amakakeru houkou
    • 1st story: there’s a strange energy floating around naruto but nothing seems to be out of the ordinary with him. just when naruto goes to bed and wakes up inside his head, where he finds a door that leads to a stylish room in which sasuke waits for him, the situation is getting serious. 2nd story: on new year’s eve sasuke and naruto aren’t together. being the hokage naruto has to work and sasuke is on a mission. but before he left for his mission, sasuke and naruto had a fight which they both regret now. sasuke manages to return home early and finds naruto on hi...
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i don't even bother rating the fics i put here; they're beyond good for me to do that. in no particular order

  • mirror, mirror canon, hurt/comfort/AND THEN MORE HUUUURT, nc17, sasunarusasunaru idk what is it
    • a jutsu gone wrong brings sasuke home in a way naruto never expected.
      • this fic hurts me so much idk it's bittersweet and so well written and i'm not crying but my heart is bleeding
  • rammy says: ilu 8D no matter your flaws ... texting!au, humour, hurt/comfort, nc17, narusasu
    • when sasuke uchiha decided he wanted to make friends on the internet, he never knew how attached he would truly get to a very interesting individual named rammy. (7/7)
      • “it's just... you're not just a guy, sa...
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  • team seven canon, angst ★★★☆☆
    • naruto is sitting in a bar with team seven, but why does everything seem wrong? (1/1)
  • sunflower kisses INOSAKU, canon ★★★★★
    • ever since that first girl in their classroom gushed over her first kiss every girl secretly wanted one too. i've never done it before so i wanted to ask you. how do you kiss someone? (1/1)
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  • rebound hairsaloon!au, smut, nc17, narusasu ★★★☆☆
    • all he'd wanted was a shampoo and some gossip from his hairstylist, but the gorgeous temp working in the salon was too fine to resist.
  • seduction at 40,000 feet airplane!au, hurt/comfort, smut, nc17, narusasu ★★☆☆☆
    • a routine flight back to kuwait turns into anything but. who's seducing who anyway?
  • messenging canon, texting, humour ★★★☆☆
    • msn, yahoo, aol... they're all dangerous things. don't think so? ask sasuke...
  • a game of poker canon, crack ★★☆☆☆
    • itachi wants to capture naruto. naruto wants to bring back sasuke. sasuke wants to...
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  • my destiny canon, nc17, narusasu ★★★☆☆
    • re-acclimating to village life was hard. finding out you had unmentionable feelings for a certain dobe that was no longer a dobe was much worse. (6/6)
  • roommates college!au, humour, sasunaru ★★☆☆☆
    • take one broody sasuke, one hyperactive naruto, shove them in a university dorm room together, and what do you get? absolute chaos. (25/25)
  • haunted house on the hill hauntedhouse!au, humour ★★☆☆☆
    • naruto is the biggest scaredycat in town, so what happens when he's dared to stay in a supposedly haunted house, and his rival finds out? (9/9)
  • breaking sasuke canon, fluffy ★★☆☆☆
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