name: joyce (you can call me joycie!)

age: 19

mbti: intp

zodiac: ♓ (born 03/03/1998)

gender: nonbinary (they/them or she/her; don't really have a preference!)

occupation: university student majoring in global studies; hoping to pursue international relations + study abroad to korea someday!

languages: english, asl, some spanish, and studying korean!

kintype: fictionkin w/ princess zelda and impa

sexuality: pansexual

kpop fandoms: ♡ARMY♡, ♡MIRACLE♡, ♡ELVIS♡, REVELUV, ONCE

i have so much of you in my heart ♡ 151212 ♡ 160625 ♡ 170324 ♡

also: i love rodents a lot

more detailed about here

jan 1 2016 ∞
oct 12 2017 +