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i write lists. I work a lot. I smoke. I'm a vegetarian. And an animal rights activist. I like cars, boys, and dogs. Makeup. Hair. Shoes. Clothes. I like to get dirty, or to get all dolled up. I LOVVE tattoos and piercings. I cant spell. I listen to a lot of music. I like to read and watch movies. I dont like tv. I like making funny faces. And real people.

  • animal abuse
  • global warming
  • the economy in america right now
  • aids and all other STDs
  • racism
  • terorism all over the world
  • polution
  • violence
  • politics... the corupt
  • war
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  • honesty
  • love
  • sincerity
  • spontinaty
  • patience
  • understanding
  • opinionated
  • truth
  • amusing
  • enjoyable
  • entertainging
  • integrity
  • dedication
  • devotion
  • loyalty
  • sympathetic
  • thoughtful
  • accepting
  • supportive
  • appreciative
  • tolerant
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I like to have FUN! I cant spell. Sarcasm is my middle name I will never ask you, "Do I look fat in this?" I'll never make you go shopping with me. I have the coolest dog in the world. I love the outdoors and doing active things. I'm competitive, and will always try to beat you in every game. My mom is crazy in the best way possible. I'm curvy in all the right places. I will never give you tacky nicknames. I will never name your penis. I have a great sense of humor. I promise to never make you a mixed tape. I can hang with the boys. I don't like talking on the phone. I pick my nose, but I won't ever let you see it. I love tattoos. Sex isn't always love-making. Sometimes it's just fun, freaky sex. I hate drama. Im the best secret keeper you'll ever meet. I am not a daddy's girl. I love animals. I love motorcycles, crotch rockets and harley types! I enjoy my personal space. I am a very thoug...

at least once with you. I like to get di...

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  • marlboro
    • reds
    • smooths
    • lights
    • virginia blend
    • menthol lights
    • menthol
    • menthol 72s
  • L&M
    • menthol
  • Camel
    • wides
    • menthol
    • menthol wides
    • turkish gold
    • turkish silver
  • Basics
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  • a goldfishes attention span is only three seconds
  • an animals that lays eggs dont have belly buttons
  • slugs have four noses
  • camels have three eyelids
  • honey bees can fly up to 15 mph
  • a queen bee can lay up 800-1500 eggs a DAY
  • bees have five eyes
  • flamingoes are pink bc they eat shrimp
  • cats have over 100 vocal cords
  • camels milk doesnt currdle
  • hummingbirds weigh less than a penny
  • jellyfish are 95% water
  • brocali is the only vegitable that is also a flower
  • almonds are part of the peach family
  • the only food that doesnt spoil is honey
  • the hawiian alphebet has only 12 letters
  • a ball of glass will bounce higher than a...
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Do NOOOTTT be racist. Don't be skinny/scrawny. I like a tiny gut. I dont care if you smoke, or drink. Be outdoorsy. Kiss me anyway. Love my dog, or else. Be a thoughtful gift giver. Appreciate sarcasm. Have a job. Must love Halloween. Dress up with me. Must not hate gays. Bisexual, preferably. Enjoy board games. Answer my questions. Ask me something! Never LET me win at anything. Be well-groomed, but don't be too pretty. Don't always be clean-shaven or bearded. Give me back rubs when I'm stressed, even if I don't ask for them. Don't get grossed out when I eat way more sushi than you do. Don't propose to me. Don't give me stupid nicknames. No hickeys allowed. Play with my hair. Change my tire when I call and tell you I have a flat. Send me dirty text messages. Dont get mad when I hang out with my friends. Have your own friends. Do not buy me gold jewelry. Be spontaneous. Look good in flanne...

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Favorite cars, trucks, and bikes. Rediculous, Classic, Modern, Antique, ect.

  • 1992 Ferrari monellnadio convertable california
  • 1953 Triumph TJ500
  • 1945 Harley Davidson HD Panhead Rocket
  • 1987 Chevy SS454 1500 shortbed single cab
  • 2005 Dodge SRT10 1500 single cab
  • 1969 Dodge dart 6pack
  • 1949 Mercurey
  • 2002 Honda CBR 954RR
  • 2009 Bently Phantom
  • 2009 Lambo Murculaigo L.V.
  • 2002 Mustang Cobra SVT
  • 1967 Chevy Nova II SS
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