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  • "(now the ears of my ears awake and, now the eyes of my eyes are opened)" -ee.cummings, this amazing day
  • "this is a song for the one that i love. i haven't met them yet." -an horse, camp out
  • "would you always maybe sometimes take it easy take your time" -grizzly bear, two weeks
  • "Perhaps I'm being unfair to you," he said, still not sounding like himself." My feeling must be of the species they call passion. . . One thing I know for sure: without you it's the end of me, and with you it's also the end. It makes no difference where you are: far or near, you're always present. I also know that I could hate you a good deal more than I could love you. .. I'm sorry that I had to fall in love with someone like you." -dostoyevsky, the raw youth
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