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i'm lauren, i like it when people call me LC

i've got big dreams, and big plans
and i've got what it takes to make them reality
i've taken on a lot within the last year
gone through a whole lot that changed me
in the end it's made me stronger, made

i intend on pursuing fashion design, and am editor in chief of LRCH's yearbook staff
i don't like grudges, flared jeans, grape flavo...

jen music (100 new albums)
films (to watch that I should have already)
notes (Things I'm loving this week (backdated))
travel (Ski stations)
travel (Places I have been recently)
  • learn to sew
  • buy polaroid camera
  • get a new job BEFORE summer 2009
  • read at least 10 notable novels
  • take a road trip
  • buy season two of gossip girl
  • visit new york again
  • design a whole clothing line
  • stay out all night
  • win all arkansas in AT LEAST two categories at state competition for yearbook
  • finish watching an ENTIRE season on of the office and not skip a week
  • have a successful "swim suit season" preparation plan
  • research/learn about history of fashion and designers
  • rock a real cute dorm room/apartment
  • go to atlanta with lane
  • watch the breakfast club
  • watch breakfast at tiffani's
feb 7 2009 ∞
feb 7 2009 +