• Chloe
  • 19
  • cis lesbian
  • ENTJ and leo
  • into Star Wars, superheroes, books, etc
  • constantly #worked about sad disabled characters (like Matt Murdock, Bucky Barnes, Anakin Skywalker, Barbara Gordon, Misty Knight, etc). It's all very excessive and embarrassing on my part.
  • I am a political science major and starting my 3rd year of college this fall
  • tumblr
feb 16 2016 ∞
jun 5 2016 +
  • note! please don't follow if you're under 17
  • don't use the word cripple or put ableist jokes on my tl I will @ you about it
  • don't waste my time with discussions of traditional femininity that don't address how some marginalized women (like disabled women! hello) have to perform to a higher level of femininity I'm tired of this. Keep it off my tl or I might not even bother yelling at you I might just hate you forever.
jun 6 2016 ∞
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