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Hey, everyone. I guess its time to introduce myself, which I hate doing, but I am going to do it anyway.

  • Name - Celia
  • Age - 28yo as of 2018
  • Gender - Female (Cis)
  • Location - Texas, USA
  • Relationship - Taken as of 2014 <3
  • Sexual Orientation - Pansexual. Love is love <3

Grew up kind of bouncing around a lot to different homes within my family; stability is not something I am very familiar with. Survivor of incestuous Child Sex Abuse and trafficking (CSA&T) and Abrahamic-type religious abuse (RA) which has deeply affected me more than you would ever know.

I was diagnosed with Depression as a teenager, which soon turned into Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). Suspected Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis, but on f...

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We are always willing to talk if the conversation is constructive and friendly! However, I cannot guarantee that I will respond 100% of the time, only because I do have EXTREME anxiety and paranoia. Please keep this in mind and try not to take my silence too seriously. Even my therapist couldn't get a decent phone call out of me when I first met her. No one is exempt. Hahah

  • Twitter: (most active here as of 2018!) Features small thoughts, posts of art, and quick responses. Can be rather political.
  • Facebook: (created fairly recently! Please add if you would like. :) Please tell me beforehand so I know where you came from!)
  • E-mail: (I prefer contact here from research/media folk. Please do not contact me on Twitter for this info.)
  • Other: I am found in most Dissociative Identity Disorder groups on facebook. I usually a...
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  • 7/2/2018

Finally finished, more or less. Gunna add some other contact info in a bit. :) - Celia


I am working with six other "people" to create this profile, and they will put their info on it as they see fit. You might not see a bio of an alter, and while it is frustrating, I cannot force them to write anything. I do not know my alters as well as I would like.

So please be patient!

Thank you!

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Here is a simplistic list for those who are interested in a quick glance of the -known- alters that I have. Please pay attention to age and gender. Thank you!

  • Cici - (5-6yo female) (Considered a "fragment" alter)
  • Riley - (6-7yo male) (Considered a "little" and "disabled" alter)
  • Julia - (16yo female) (Considered a "caretaker/soother" and "introject" alter)
  • Kay - (ages with the host, female) (Considered an "Inner-self Helper" alter)
  • Chaos - (ageless, genderless) (Considered "self-homocidal" alter)
  • Doc - (47+, male) (Considered a "protector" and/or "persecutor" as well as "gatekeeper")
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(Taken from www. Please consider following this link to learn more in-depth information! I just have a short, watered-down version here!)

  • "A person with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), or a similar form of Other Specified Dissociative Disorder (previously called Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, or DDNOS-1) has a fragmented personality. A person with DID experiences himself or herself as having separate identities, known as alters, or alternate identities. Alters take over control of the person's body or behavior at various times. Each can function independently. All the alters together make up the person's whole personality. Alters typically develop from dissociation caused by prolonged early childhood trauma, although attachment problems and persistent neglect in very early childhood are also known factors. People with alters may refer to thei...
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  • Name: Cici
  • Age: 5-6yo Kindergarten-age child
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: Identical to Celia as a child -- Brown, unkempt, wavy hair to the shoulder. Dirty. Bruised. Dull, brown eyes. Does not seem underweight, but shows signs of neglect.
  • Personality: Frightened and keeps to herself. Does not make friends very well. Tendency to get angry very quickly, resulting in a tantrum. (Yes. Tantrums.) Trembles or flinches when things become too loud or there is sudden movement. Not a very happy child. Does not like being outside. Struggles with her body's size as of rece...
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  • Name: Riley
  • Age: 6-7yo Uneducated child
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Blonde, curly chin-length hair. Blue eyes. Has a brighter complexion, but still dirty with play-inflicted bruises on knees and elbows. About average size for a boy at his age. Shows no signs of undernourishment or neglect.
  • Personality: Wild child. Tendency to draw on things and jump on things, which has resulted in the destruction of personal items for the host, as well as other alter-bought items. Not one of my favorites. One of his problems is that he is non-verbal/mute and has problems communicating, s...
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Hi! I finally get to write about meeeee! At least this section won't be as depressing as the other two, even though I really like Doc, he is kind of a killjoy??

Anyway, here is me!

  • Name: Julia
  • Age: 16 years old, but I am not allowed to drive! Freakin sucks.
  • Gender: Layyyyydddeeee~
  • Appearance: I have long red hair thats kind of straight. I am kind of chunky, which I fucking hate and I wish I could like, throw it all up or something. I ALWAYS shower -- I am kind of a weirdo about being dirty. I hate being greasy so I make sure that I smell good and I look good <3 The only problem is that I have lots of cuts on my arms, which kind of looks bad but I am trying not to cut, I promise.
  • Personality: I LIKE to think I am pretty outgoing and generally a typical teen? I ...
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I won't fill out much here, just because we are very similar! I am just a little more level-headed and usually in charge of the positive changes Celia needs.

  • I store all memories. But I will not reveal them willingly.
  • I am not a protector. But I like to pretend I am. I usually crumple under too much stress, especially when Chaos pushes me out of the way. Its pretty spooky.
  • I am the most artistic and studious. I have the better talent and brains, I guess? It's why I know about all the memories, too. I try to prevent Celia from looking completely stupid or naive... though it doesn't always work!
  • I am the "Mother" of the system. I take care of the kids and making sure they get what they need/want, but I cannot protect them. I also am Doc's sexual partner, usually unwilling. This will usually shut Celia down and will kick into a PTSD episode if anything happens. I am trying to learn how to push Doc away when he...
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Literal embodiment of their name: Chaos. The dark, self-harming creature that has come out as a violent being against the body/Celia specifically. Has not hurt others but might indirectly hurt someone.

  • There is no shape, age, or gender to Chaos.
  • Deceptively strong.
  • Usually makes themselves known by a growl/grumble, holding of head, twitching, clenching, talking through clenched teeth, shaking, and then silence.

Please be careful not to bring Chaos out. They cannot be reasoned with/hasn't been reasoned with before. We have a lot of panic and anxiety about Chaos coming out... and usually at that point, It is usually too late and they are stepping out to harm the body.



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My name is Rob, but I specifically go by Doc. I do not allow others to call me by my name. Please do not refer to me by Robert or Rob, or Bob. Period.

  • I am the sole protector. I have been watching over Celia since eight years old. I have been responsible for keeping her safeguarded from severe mental illness breakdowns. I take the majority of the mental, sexual and physical blows and take bad news first and foremost. I will allow whomever to front when it is acceptable. I hold the keys to every single room in the mind.
  • I have very little fear. I am the first to confront and apply force where necessary. I am extremely strong, and will be the one responsible for physical strength when called upon. I also am the one to handle most phone calls, e-mails and other stressful or anxiety-inducing tasks that Celia cannot handle.
  • I am sexual. I am not afraid to admit I am the only sexual individual. I openly have a sexual ...
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