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hello, i am nadine ! i was born on 1998 when the moon is named waxing gibbous. my grandmother said i am lucky to be stubborn, it means i am going to be strong!

  • she/her. aries. infj-t
  • i deliver my feelings best in english and have the most playful phase talking in bahasa Indonesia
  • occasionally post mature contents, please be aware of the warning i put
  • tbzpoppers with younghooncentric account. a safe space for me and my loved ones to share likings in kpop, art and mundane things
  • please please don't be shy to start a conversation with me because i am shy myself (especially after you follow me) let's not just walk in silence!
  • i receive constructive criticism and notice of things i did wrong and unsuitable to peace and order privately. i want to learn from my mistakes!
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jun 21 2022 +
  • zipper by brockhampton
  • love galore by sza
  • late night talking by harry styles
  • text from your ex by tinie tempah
  • godzilla by eminem
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jun 21 2022 +
  • pride and prejudice by jane austen
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