• i may not accept all follow reqs from people under 18 for my own comfort
  • please softblock when unfollowing (you dont need to tell me why or when)
  • i may be inactive at times due to feeling annoying/overwhelmed so sorry about that!
  • faving my tweets is appreciated, but dont force yourself to do so. likewise, i cant always like yours
  • im into a lot of things so my favorites list may not be completely accurate since i tend to forget everything ever
  • im really vocal about my love for my favorites so i dont recommend following if it makes you uncomfortable
  • thats it, have a good day ♡
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camelia/cami · she/her · sept 22th · ♍

nice to meet you, im cami and i really like mobage. im mostly into fate and a bunch of idol series.

im pretty friendly, though im really shy so its hard for me to talk first, but i want to be friends with everyone so feel free to talk to me!!

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