• it's going to be a long day tomorrow when i feel awful about my exam.
  • why do i keep doing this to myself?
  • seriously i need to become better at planning
  • i think i can move out
  • i need to listen to myself and my heart because those are the only people i'll be living with
  • i also need to stop looking for inspiration and start studying
  • that would help alot
  • maybe i could work in a different country for degree number two?
  • idek what i'm doing anymore
  • like just wtf
  • hopefully i'll figure it out
  • wish me luck
dec 11 2014 ∞
dec 11 2014 +
  • a listography travel book
  • hair oil
  • partial funding for a trip to Europe
  • more John Green books
  • a mug cozy
  • knitting needles or lots of yarn or both
jan 17 2014 ∞
may 12 2014 +
  • sadness without tears.
  • i applied to the program i truly want to be in.
  • i drank a latte in 7 minutes. that's a new record.
  • my exam was bad because my brain got tired.
  • the cd michaela made me was the only thing that made me happy.
  • i tried to sing.
  • i missed my first semester friends.
  • i felt like i need glasses.
  • all i can think about is being done tomorrow.
  • i can't wait to start following my dreams again.
dec 17 2013 ∞
dec 31 2013 +
  • themselves
  • the fact that you don't always have to do everything with the same people. It's ok to make new friends/let go of old ones.
  • education is important. Even if it's only high school, you can now write with grammatical correctness, and no you don't know how to exactly do taxes. But AT LEAST YOU HAVE THE SKILLSET TO DO SO
  • it's ok to grow up.
  • you don't have to bring other people down to make yourself feel better.
  • sorry if things aren't turning out the way you wanted. You have the power to change it.
  • I know living proof that you can be an amazing person even if you've gone through hardship.
  • you're not any less of a person for going to the doctor. They are there to help, so why the heck not?
nov 22 2013 ∞
nov 24 2013 +
  • vance joy - snaggletooth
  • WIDOWER - oh catherine, my catherine
  • sanders bohlke - search and destroy
  • whitebrow - whitebrow blues
  • foreign fields - from the lake to the land
  • caleb groh - bottomless coffee
  • jeff pianki - the weight of us
  • steven fiore - hourglass
  • edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes - fiya wata
  • volcano choir - tiderays
  • gerrard bell-fife - believe me
sep 11 2013 ∞
sep 11 2013 +
  • i have a chem test tomorrow and i don't know what's going on
  • i have a bio exam tomorrow and i don't know what's going on
  • my throat is sore
  • my ex boyfriend is a jerk
  • my feelings get in the way of everything
  • i have 33 days to look good in a bathing suit
  • i can't stop eating chocolate
  • i miss europe
  • i want to be in spain again
  • my light is burnt out
  • i don't understand french anymore
  • i have too much to do and not enough time
  • i'm indecisive
  • i feel guilty about everything
  • i'm tired
  • i can't focus
  • and now i feel better
apr 4 2013 ∞
apr 4 2013 +
  • to be christine in phantom of the opera. must. beat. kennedy.
  • i have a pageant that i plan on winning in 136 days.
  • liam is coming to see me on friday!
  • i have hair extensions.
  • i am going to wear my sequined uggs sometime in the next month.
  • halloween = pumpkins/ pumpkin carving = pumpkin seeds
  • i have thee most kick ass halloween costume.
  • i can swim 400m in 8 minutes forty seven seconds.. ok that can be improved.
  • i am reading the other boelyn girl. what a book.
  • there are banana chocolate chip muffins for breakfast tomorrow morning <3
oct 4 2011 ∞
oct 4 2011 +
  • while walking home in an complete torrential downpour of rain, wearing nothing but a sundress and flip flops, you can garner a LOT of attention.
  • you know that thing that happens a lot in cartoons, where a bus or large vehicle sprays a puddle all over you? yeah.. it sucks.
  • sometimes it's best to avoid stopping to smell roses. this may lead to thorns and too many mosquito bites.
  • walks like these really makes me appreciate the few hot sunny days of summer.
  • even though the rain pours, diehard birds will keep singing.
  • no matter how long it takes to walk, there is somewhere nice (like the end of a rainbow) to look forward to.
  • people will laugh at you for walking in the rain.. it's a guarantee. i end up laughing with them, because I realize how stu...
jul 12 2011 ∞
jul 21 2011 +
  • apparently I have bouts of inspiration/motivation at the same time every year!
  • this year is no different.
  • looking back, I realize that I can do the things I've wanted to do for so long.
  • like knitting
  • and music
  • it's funny how goals don't change when you don't achieve them
nov 30 2016 ∞
nov 30 2016 +
  • because you're stuck with them for 13 weeks
  • don't go for it.
  • start with friendship
  • did i mention maybe some friendship before you hit on me.
  • what if i talk to you for one day and i don't like you.
  • sorry for having feelings.
  • sorry for making from now until april awkward.
  • sorry?
  • not sorry.
feb 8 2014 ∞
feb 8 2014 +
  • I'm not going to make a resolution list this year because everyday is a new day.
  • If every year is a time for self improvement every day should be too.
  • just saying.
dec 31 2013 ∞
dec 31 2013 +
  • i will eat a bigger breakfast tomorrow.
  • i will be finished all my assignments and all my classes tomorrow.
  • i will go shopping for my birthday dress tomorrow.
  • i will go to bed early tonight.
  • i will be nice to my hair.
  • i get to see all my lovely chorus friends.
  • i get to sing.
  • it will be two days until my birthday.
  • it's the last day of the semester.
  • today literally just sucks.
  • like actually.
dec 3 2013 ∞
dec 3 2013 +
  • Cork City, Ireland
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Jebel Toubkal, Morocco
sep 11 2013 ∞
sep 11 2013 +
  • there are currently so many emotions running through me that i don't think i can write them all down.
  • but i guess this feels ok anyway.
jun 10 2013 ∞
jun 10 2013 +

making a list of my favourite things to remind myself to be happy.

  • Come on Over by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.
  • Grad dress.
  • Mumford and Sons.
  • High school is almost over.
  • Dracula the Musical.
  • Christmas break.
  • Dressing up to go to work.
  • The nail polish I'm about to put on.
  • My car.
  • The CD that Jessi made me for my birthday.
  • My new Cinderella mug.
dec 19 2012 ∞
sep 11 2013 +
  • Tyler Ward - Sonewhere with You (cover)
  • John Mayer - Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (acoustic version)
  • The Heyday - Lost with You
  • The Daring Years - Our Own Atmosphere
  • Grant Crawford - Sincerely for You
  • Dala - Marilyn Monroe
  • Loch Lomond - Wax and Wire
  • Copeland - You are my Sunshine
  • Parachute - She is Love
  • Free Rollercoaster - I and Love and You (cover)
  • Megan & Liz - How to Love (cover)
  • Boyce Avenue and Megan & Liz - Last Kiss (cover)
  • NeverShoutNever - Happy
jul 20 2011 ∞
jul 20 2011 +
  • put a whole bag of chocolate chips in my pantry for eating alone. not for baking, just straight up eating.
  • make myself photo albums. what if facebook crashes one day?
  • organize everything in my desk.
  • put things under my bed.
  • do super cliche things like christmas lights around my bed frame and tim horton's cups stacked in the windows.
  • sew and knit for fun.
  • cook vegetable lasagna and then freeze it and eat it for a whole semester.
apr 10 2014 ∞
apr 10 2014 +
  • the gift of travelling.
  • the beautiful souls i met.
  • the things i've learned about myself.
  • and about others.
  • working in both retail and hospitality.
  • the u of a mixed chorus.
  • folk fest and seeing my favourite bands live.
  • solidifying best friendships finally.
jan 1 2014 ∞
jan 1 2014 +

EAS 100:

  • it actually helps to go to class.
  • if you can't make it to a 10 o'clock class, you're doing something wrong.
  • don't choose the class you're worst in to skip.

EAS 100 Lab:

  • yes, labs suck.
  • yes, everything on the lab final was covered in class.
  • yes, you still have to study.
  • yes, it will start and end later/earlier than your other classes so you can suck it up.

FREN 211:

  • actually participate in class.
  • it's ok to not understand something. that's why there's a prof. and office hours.
  • practice makes perfect.
dec 15 2013 ∞
dec 15 2013 +
  • port coloured coach wallet
  • new runners
  • tickets to mary poppins
  • a new phone case
  • or just a new phone
  • a Herschel heritage backpack in chevron black
  • damn i sound so picky
  • the new avett brothers' cd
  • a pair of pretty (not grunge-y) combat boots
  • moccasins
  • a new well-fitted winter jacket
nov 3 2013 ∞
nov 3 2013 +

for university, i promise to:

  • get a good job
  • study my ass off
  • not get intimidated
  • focus, focus, focus
  • find study buddies in every class
  • get plenty of exercise
  • become independent
  • maintain only healthy and positive friendships
  • eat well
  • sleep well
  • not procrastinate
  • be grateful for the opportunity to attend post secondary
  • be prepared
  • maintain a high average
  • declare my major and minor by third year
aug 8 2013 ∞
aug 8 2013 +
  • take out bio textbook.
  • get passport photocopied.
  • finish math homework.
  • do musical theatre assignment.
  • clean out locker.
  • clean room.
  • prepare for the break.
  • gas up my car.
dec 19 2012 ∞
dec 19 2012 +
list icon
  • get over you and your sugar coated lies [before halloween]
  • swim my butt off so i can pass my final lifeguarding course [starting tomorrow]
  • become a fully certified lifeguard/swimming instructor [by christmas]
  • swim my butt off so i look more slim for the pageant in february [once again, starting tomorrow]
  • get involved with student council and tell myself i don't care what other people think [at tomorrow's meeting]
  • get my licence on my 16th birthday, no matter what [by beginning of december]
  • pick up piano again [by first week of november]
  • get at least 90 in every core subject [before christmas break]
  • ignore everything you do that makes me wish you hadn't cheated on me [after the hiking trip next week]
sep 21 2011 ∞
sep 21 2011 +