• "exhaustion? you haven't worked a day in your life. how could you be exhausted?" - grace
  • "grace thinks i'm a failure." "what? what has she ever accomplished in her life that's so great?" - anthony & dignan
  • "one morning, over at elizabeth's beach house, she asked me if i'd rather go water-skiing or lay out. and i realized that not only did i not want to answer that question, but i never wanted to answer another water-sports question or see any of these people again for the rest of my life." - anthony
  • "bob, you're the zero out here in the car." - dignan
  • "i thought you guys went to get haircuts!" "no, we didn't." - anthony & dignan
  • "bob stole his car!" - dignan
  • "and I can't fix a car like this, because I don't have the tools! and even if I di...
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  • only slightly hopeless
  • art. literature. cinema.
  • name connoisseur (@lemonrose on nameberry)
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