• while doing homework on one of the university computers, i spied sailor moon manga on one of the others. it turned out to be a very large, imposing football player reading it. he told me that it was his little sister’s new obsession and he wanted to be able to talk to her about it when she called. gmh.
  • when i was in grade 7, all my supposed friends blew off my birthday party when they said they would come. only one person showed up. my older sister had some of her guy friends over, and when they saw how sad i was, they cancelled their plans to hang out with me on my birthday. teenage boys who care about their friend's little sister gmh.
  • a few years ago i watched a video on youtube about a girl who badly hurt her ankle rounding first base after a game-winning homerun during a softball game. none of ...
dec 22 2009 ∞
jan 18 2010 +
  • today, i was walking through a pretty crowded courtyard area on campus. i tripped and since i couldn’t catch myself in time, i fell down on the ground. i was pretty embarrassed until the two guys next to me pretended to trip and fall…along with every single person who was walking through that area. thank you for making me feel a lot less embarrassed, guys. mlia.
  • today i was deciding between two books. then i noticed the cover of one of them matched my shorts. decision made. mlia.
  • today, while on a train, the person in the seat across from me yawned and stretched, extending his fist into the middle of the isle. i stole a fist bump from him. he laughed and i felt like i made a new friend. mlia.
  • today, i was hanging out at my brother’s apartment and while he was showering, i put my iPod on shuffle and began dancing...
nov 14 2009 ∞
dec 25 2009 +
  • so this one time, we went to america &&
  • we experienced the longest day of our lives, and the shortest.
  • we sat in first class.
  • we stood mere centimetres from seth rogen and diane kruger and joshua jackson.
  • we created the greatest theme park known to man, or woman really.
  • we invented the froth-o-clock.
  • we peephole perved.
  • we set off the alarms at customs.
  • we stacked it off the chair lift.
  • we slid down the mountain sitting down.
  • we totally owned that magic carpet.
  • we harmonised on the golden gate bridge.
  • we managed to dance for four hours non stop at a 'disco' with only seven boys.
  • we watched american mall, aka the second greatest musical executively produced by the executive producers of high school musical.
nov 14 2009 ∞
dec 10 2009 +
  • pulling over, the biker took off his helmet and bowed his head as the 30 car funeral recession slowly passed.
  • i told my daughter her smile could stop wars, but she decided to test the theory.
  • i once believed that not only color television, but color itself, was invented in the late 1950s.
  • you're just the skinny-jeans-guy in my sci fi class i idolized last summer and i'm just the too-loud girl you've forgotten, but i still hold my pencils the way you do.
  • the screwdriver shaped hole in my arm is a prime example of my experience with home renovations.
  • i realized today that when my aunt sends emails to the family, she puts my address as a "bcc" so my dad doesn't figure out my email and try to contact me that way too.
nov 16 2009 ∞
may 22 2010 +
  • for the bridesmaid's dresses to all be unique with just slight variations. eg. all dresses exactly the same except one has straight straps, one ruffled, one frilly; all have a piece of lace distinguishing them with one wrapped around the waist, the hem or the sleeves.
  • for the groomsmen to also be unique in that they all wear super skinny jeans and grey shirts with bowties but one shall wear suspenders, one a vest and one shorts perhaps.
  • they may in fact wear tee shirts under blazers. if that's their style.
  • mismatched plates, perhaps alternating between sleek white and pale pink with scalloped edging. that is, of course if the colour scheme is white, pale pink and gold. it may in fact be nautical themed, in which case, white plates with navy blue stripes are key.
nov 14 2009 ∞
dec 10 2009 +
  • delicatessen.
  • perpetuate.
  • demographic.
  • homogenisation.
  • globalisation.
  • covet.
  • institution.
  • constitution.
  • inflict.
  • conviction.
  • sans.
  • undeterred.
  • conglomeration.
  • undefined.
  • inebriated.
  • poignant.
  • stanford.
  • evidently.
  • coined.
  • formative.
  • reminisce.
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