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      • kim jongin better known as kai.
      • capricorn 940114
      • exo main dancer, vocalist and rapper.

darling, you're different.

you're different when you make my heart jump out of my chest, like an agonised butterfly desperate to open its wings. you're different when i smile at the thought of you, the mere memory of your charming flaws bringing a happiness I did not know i had.

you're different when you keep your hand at my back during panic attacks, and you're different when you tell people about me. you're more different than every single soul i’ve ever met, and it amazes me how i'd spend the rest of my life trying to understand it.

you're different, to me. you're different...

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pure, simple and a melted heart person. sometimes overprotective and overreactive. talkative whenever i feel comfortable. if you make me feel comfortable enough, be sure i’ll love you and i'll be there whenever you need me and to do whatever you want.

    • amanda mandie/mandy.
    • bisexual she/her
    • aquarius 000204
    • jongin my daily dose of everything.
    • eng/pt.
    • humorist, sometimes i like a black humor.
    • enfp-t.
    • your everything may be something material, mine are all my friends. cannot live without them.
    • mom, my sunshine.

"sensitive people should be treasured. th...

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