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  • those nights when you crave someone to b..., bellamees:
    • 30k, vampire jungkook, so fucking soft it made me scream
  • consign me not to darkness, bellamees:
    • 38k, daechwita inspired, king!yoongi and concubine jungkook, it's so well written and captivating
  • (seven inches from the midday sun but yo..., bellamees:
    • 12k, spiderkook
  • high on (you and me), lichtweh:
    • 20k, one night stand but not really..?
  • here comes the sun, fruitily:
    • 57K, summer camp AU, friends to lovers, ot7 friendship
    • one of my favorite fics ever so sweet but also melancholic, "end of a summer that ...
oct 10 2021 ∞
feb 8 2024 +
  • imprints (for the boys in the back), anna (pineconepickers):
    • 52k, E, one night stand to fwb to lovers
    • one of my absolute favorites and a must read!
  • everything moves on, fruitily:
    • 6k, friends to lovers
    • according to the multiverse theory, there must be a timeline where seokjin loves him back
  • render unto caesar, anna (pineconepickers):
    • 23k, drag queen sj and president's son nj
  • threads of everything, anna (pineconepickers):
    • 105k, rapper!namjoon, they are in love and apart over the course of 10 years
oct 20 2021 ∞
aug 29 2023 +
  • light at the end, fruitily:
    • 6k, grim reaper sj and college student jk
  • cherub vice, nonheather:
    • 118k, religious conflict, self discovery, found family
    • one of those fics that will always have a special place in my heart
  • courtside tango, glossamer:
    • 68k, jock jungkook and student president seokjin, rivals to lovers
jun 26 2023 ∞
dec 26 2023 +
  • leave the ruins where they fall, namgiseok by sharpa:
    • 214k, dystopian au, check the tags!, ot7 as revolutionaries with different background stories and traumas to deal with. this fic is very angsty and sad and heavy but the found family's bond is so strong!
  • seeking a friend for the end of the worl..., yoonminkook by theorgasmicseke:
    • 78k, apocalypse au so mcd, established jikook, yoongi and jungkook meet each other on a roadtrip to seoul
mar 28 2022 ∞
jul 23 2022 +
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  • like everything glows, annie_vi:
    • 180k, E, merman!jimin
    • this fic is a whole experience, so well written, the world building and characterization, the feelings, the playlist!! the the dolphin scene is one of the most beautiful things i've ever read
  • like the sun came out, annie_vi:
    • sequel to like everything glows, 49k, childhood friends to lovers
  • walking through a world gone blind, annie_vi:
    • 68k, blind jimin, jungkook is a sweetheart
  • stories above concrete, annie_vi:
    • 100k, Amnesia au
    • they love each other so much and i loved Bear so much
oct 11 2021 ∞
feb 8 2024 +
  • ukiyo, sharleena:
    • 410k, this is the most famous bangtan fic for a reason, the world builing and characterization was top tier but chap 15 does not exist
  • petals and ink, sugarandmint:
    • 133k, florist jimin and tattoo artist yoongi, neighbors, found family <3
    • my comfort fic, cozy and warm despite the sadness, the characters go through a lot but find solace in each other and you end up truly caring and wishing for their happiness
  • only breathing, sharleena:
    • 26k, the big reharsal before ukiyo, look at the tags! there's a taekook spin-off too
  • bite me, maybe?, yoonminiest:
oct 21 2021 ∞
feb 8 2024 +
  • when the moon rises, aphrodeity:
    • 22k, college au, where oblivious best friends namseok drunkenly kiss at a party and namjoon is a bit in love
  • how i'm imagining you,archaeocyaths:
    • 11k, roommates, where hs accidentally sends nj a nude
may 29 2022 ∞
nov 24 2022 +
  • map of the sounds, pettey:
    • 6k, yoongi is recording a map of the sounds of seoul and spending his lonely nights at taehyung's tent bar
  • siren of the interstate, fringecity:
    • 23k, traveling salesman yg and gas station clerk th
    • captures rly well the sandy and dry loneliness of the american desert
  • flowers in bones, fringecity:
    • 6k, gardener yoongi and ghost th, macabre
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nov 23 2023 +
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  • like sunflowers to the sun, moomooru:
    • 220k, bikers au set in the 90s, ANGST, coming of age, read the tags!
    • traumatizing but very beautiful
  • the bokeh effect, TwentyThreeThirteen:
    • 157k, art critic taehyung and sculptor jungkook, so good and so well written
  • ♥ love will always be a lesson (let's get out of its way), mindheist:
    • 60k, hollywood au, friends to lovers, pining
    • actors tk meet as teens on the set of their first movie where they play starcrossed lovers
    • "what an adventure it has been, my timeshaker" </3
  • ♥ (how to talk to other humans and other v..., drawingspaces:
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sep 15 2023 +
  • reprise, minverse:
    • 17k, past lives au, heavy angst, mcd
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