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  • the sparkles of mica in the concrete, and how they look like little shards of stardust
  • the way the 2:40pm sunlight always disperses and creates a rainbow on that one road sign as i walk home every day
  • the way lovers hold each other: one’s arms wrapped around the other’s neck, from behind, lovingly, gently, comfortingly... the other melting into them . . .
  • the way bright white lights fade to a glitched rainbow at the edges ... chromatic aberration, in real life
  • how people that obviously love each other constantly trade teases and lighthearted insults, but you always see them following each other around and texting each other for help on assignments or homework - despite being able to contact literally anyone else... they are so obviously in love. it doesn’t matter what kind
oct 21 2021 ∞
nov 17 2023 +
  • happiness is in the moment, the little things.
  • life is momentary and ephemeral
  • treat others how you would like to be treated
  • small acts of kindness can mean a lot
  • lift someone up, not bring them down
  • make the world a brighter place whenever you can
  • romanticize your life. the world is beautiful
  • always follow your heart
  • if you have the opportunity to help, take it.
  • think before you act or speak
  • have gratitude for all your blessings
  • stop looking for more; embrace what you have right now
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thoughts & ideas that float by

  • do you ever wonder who lived in your room before you?
    • can you find traces of their soul, still hidden in the cracks of the doorframe or the peeling sticker-residue on the back wall or the broken ruby-gold bracelet stashed the top shelf of the closet?
    • do you ever wonder who will live in the room after you?
    • what will you leave behind?
    • will they wonder about you, too?
  • my soul aches to be another.
    • what would it be like to be a flower? a tree, a pebble, a faraway star?
    • since i was little i always wondered what life would be like if i had been born something else. why, of all things, was i born human?
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