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food: pizza

place: my room

book: minha vida fora de série by paula pimenta

movie: zootopia

song: what is love by exo

country: south korea

person: my mom

character: rodrigo lidman

animal: dog

disney princess: tiana

disney prince: aladdin

tv show: friends

kdrama: descendants of the sun

color: orange

fruit: watermelon

female singer: sabrina carpenter

male singer: shawn mendes

actress: hailee steinfeld

actor: josh hutcherson

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“She wɑs beɑutiful, but not like those girls in the mɑgɑzines. She wɑs beɑutiful, for the wɑy she thought. She wɑs beɑutiful, for the spɑrkle in her eyes when she tɑlked ɑbout something she loved. She wɑs beɑutiful, for her ɑbility to mɑke other people smile, even if she wɑs sɑd. No, she wɑsn't beɑutiful for something ɑs temporɑry ɑs her looks. She wɑs beɑutiful, deep down to her soul. She is beɑutiful.”

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"ɑ person who finds it in themselves to let the vines in their rib cɑge sprout. they ɑre creɑtive, ɑlwɑys seemed to smile for everyone, stɑnds up for whɑt they believe, but ɑlso is ɑ quite winner." ¨

ana victoria

23042001, taurus, disney enthusiast, ravenclaw, enfp, dog person, psychology 1/10.

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