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this is a more detailed list since people have followed me and ended up arguing with me. i know it's very long. just read the beginning and continue if you want an explanation.

listography NEW JOURNAL
  • racist, antisemitic, islamophobic, xenophobic, zionist/pro-israel, misogynistic, lgbtphobic, fatphobic, ableist or sanist, use fancy fonts in your account.
  • right winger or neutral/centralist, support the police, the military, or ice in any way.
  • against any religion, this includes christianity. (no religion is inherently bad as long as you decolonize it.)
  • you are ok with having relationships with people who are unjust to minority groups (i don't know why i even have to say this if your bf is racist your are too)
  • proshippers, zoophile, fujoshi/fundashi or fetishize mlm/wlw relationships or ship/'headcanon' real people.
  • say slurs you can't reclaim, 'reclaim' slurs without any research & use them lightly.
  • you support NFTs, crypto & etc such things.
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may 24 2022 +
  • use aave (african-american vernacular english) as a non-black person.
  • co-opt black terms. anti-(), ()fishing, non() & etc.
  • use 'nb' to refer to nonbinary people nb has been used by black people for years, please use nby/nbry (enby can be seen as infantizing to some nonbinary people so ask before using it.)
  • use 'poly' to refer to (poly)amorous/romantic/sexual poly is for polynesian people, please use polya/polyam
  • use words like husbando waifu loli shota. these words aren't slurs but that doesnt make them any less racist, pedophilic &/or fetishizey.
  • refer to autistic people as 'people with autism' or anything along the lines of that. i am not a person with trans, i am trans/a trans person so why refer to autistic people as 'a person with autism'.
  • use terms like folx, womxn, my'theyd, gentlethem or 'go they/them go' or anything along t...
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aug 19 2022 +
  • not critical of your interests or continue to support or defend medias/content creators after they've or it has been called out for being problematic to an irredeemable point.
  • support edtwt/tiktok, etc if you are a public ed account who says they're "not pro ana" you're still promoting eds by posting about your ed on a public platform esp tiktok your videos can end up on ANYONES fyp.
  • support the bmi scale the bmi scale was modeled off of all white cis males so inherently its wrong racist, fatphobic and not inclusive to all body types.
  • support eugenics or it's ideologies. i cannot believe i'm putting this here, stop saying and agreeing with things like this stop saying people should've reproduce because they're disabled, autistic, etc. this is NAZI ideology.
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may 11 2022 +
  • are an exclusionist (against xenogenders or neopronouns, believe pronouns = gender. eg: believe lesbians can't use he/him & etc.
  • support mspec 'lesbians'/male 'lesbians' + mspec gays. basically just people who say they're lesbian boy, bi lesbian, etc.
  • don't support people who go by unlabeled or think pansexuality, omni, etc are biphobic/transphobic.
  • use the toothpaste flag(s)/identify as 'achillean'. toothpaste flags creators are bad, they copied the lesbian flag, they're anti-black, etc & achillean is inspired by a pedo no matter how much you debunk those either way they're still very boy = green & blue + labrys & lipstick lesbian flag defenders/users.
  • think intersex or aro/ace people are inherently lgbtq. intersex people can be cis, cis means born a sex & identify as that sex, intersex people have asked people to stop including them in the acronym for years. being aro/ace isn't inherently queer. stop inclu...
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aug 19 2022 +
  • against self-diagnosing. with extensive research.
  • don't include disabled people in your activism.
  • demonize cluster b disorders. say things like 'narcissistic abuse', use psychopath/sociopath in derogatory ways or etc.
  • infantilize or romanticize any illnesses or disorders yall love to preach talking about mental health until it gets messy. a depressed person not showering? brushing their teeth? changing their clothes? how dare they
  • refer to neurodivergent/disabled people as 'special' or 'differently abled', inspirational for doing literally nothing or anything of the likes of that.
  • think that because you can't see the disability it "isn't that bad." mental & invisible disabilities are just as valid.
  • think the autism spectrum linear. autism is a spectrum no two autistic people are going to be EXACTLY the same, we all experience things differently.
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aug 19 2022 +
  • support genderbends/genderswaps. they are literally always cisnormative, stereotypical & just are not inclusive. intersex & nonbinary people exist and it doesn't matter if you didn't make them go from tall short hair skinny man to short big tits long haired woman it's still gonna be cisnormative there is no way to 'genderswap' someone idc if it's fictional.
  • are a transmedicalist, terf, radfem or in general agree with any feminist takes that claim trans women aren't women or feminism that includes trans men.
  • you believe you must have gender dysphoria to be trans. look up gender incongruence read something
  • misgender trans people on purpose because they're bad people. you are not the ally you think you are. eg: nikita dragun.
  • if you reclaim the t slur or derogatory terms that are used against trans women as someone who isn't one.
  • trans people who ignore transmisogyny or ... eg. transmasc people making the ksi situ...
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(tw: mentions of nsfw, incest, pedophilia, csa/sa.)

  • believe fiction not affect reality.
  • joke about/justify incest in any form. including families who aren't blood-related. (step-siblings, adopted family, etc.)
  • think that just because you are a csa survivor you are allowed to sexualize/consume porn content of minors in media as a 'coping mechanism'.
  • into/support ddlg/age play, sexualize age-regression or call people/children lolis or shotas.
  • support kink being at pride. minors & adults shouldn't have to see people in lingerie & etc during pride. pride is for all queer people to celebrate their pride. kink being at pride makes it unsafe for minors, minors already have to deal with enough at their age they should be allowed to be comfortable at a pride parade.
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