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if heaven was real, i'd be the finest angel.

angel follows:

not a real angel, but close enough.

my name is daniel, im almost an adult, and im a masculine aligned nonbinary person. i go by daniel, danny, and angel, so whatever you feel comfortable calling me is okay! im really into music, film, and cosplay. im a taurus with an aries cusp and virgo moon. i basically base my whole life off of my astrological signs. im an ambivert, which sometimes makes it difficult for me to talk to people or start conversations, but id really love to be friends! making new friends makes me happy and tbh i need some :) dont be afraid to pm me whenever!! i work part time so i might not get to it right away, but i'll try my best!!

with all the love, xoxo,


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all social media is under the username woahtheredanny. doesnt include: tumblr - aquaticwizards but is a wip, wattpad - dolliedelights, deviantart - wackhetalianname but soon will be moving

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  • indie / lo-fi music
  • released in 2011, but was remastered in 2018
  • a majority is about a furry will toledo has a gay crush on
  • really soft
  • but also really personal
  • if you wanna listen to something while deep in thought, this is good (high to death & beach life-in-death are two good examples)
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