filmes que eu quero assistir

  • goodfellas
  • paraísos artificiais
  • sherlock holmes
  • o maravilhoso agora
  • midnight in paris
  • the disapparence of eleanor rigby
  • black swan
  • interstellar
  • across the universe
  • laranja mecânica

filmes que eu já assisti

  • 50%
  • amores imaginários
  • vingadores: a era de ultron
  • mad max: a estrada da fúria
  • a entrevista
  • precisamos falar sobre kevin
  • garota exemplar
  • don jon
may 23 2015 ∞
jul 2 2015 +

"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you surely don't deserve me at my best." - Marilyn Monroe

"It's just my nature (that) I'm really overly dramatic. " - Marina Diamandis

"I never want to be boring, so therefore I aspire to always be interesting, experimental and entertaining. " - Katy Perry

"To me, violence is a purely aesthetic thing. It has nothing political, there is no morality involved." - Quentin Tarantino

may 22 2015 ∞
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