• do that thing I do with my fingernails. No, its not biting.
  • procratinate. I do this alot.
  • talk about people or even friends behind their back.
  • answer back to my mom.
  • complain too much.
  • get all the people`s attention on me.
  • pass projects after the deadline.
  • roll my eyes on just anyone. GAH.
  • care about my mom and dad`s problems.
  • mind my brother and sister.
  • remember embarassing moments. They always make me wish the floor would just eat me up.
  • laugh so loud.
  • cry loudly like I`m some child throwing a tantrum.
  • yell when not necessary.
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I dislike it when some people ...

  • continually force me to do something when I clearly said NO.
  • pretend they`re THAT just so they can be considered IN.
  • just dont understand when I joke. Sense of humor, please.
  • exaggerate their facial expressions. So not cute.
  • obviously lie.
  • continually narrate to me their life story and forcing me to listen but when its my turn to tell my story, they dont listen.
  • pull each other down just so they can be on top of the social ladder. Its only cute on Gossip Girl.
  • butt in on private conversations. And pretend they know what we were talking about.
  • try so hard to fit in. If you dont, you d...
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  • I am actually an opinionated person. I just don`t express them.
  • I never had any suitor. Why do people automatically assume I have had??
  • I dream of bagging a lead role in a play. Although I dont know how to act.
  • I do care about what people think about me. I just dont show it.
  • I secretly wanna be a ..... super model.
  • It may seem that I`d prefer to live anonymously, but the truth is I wanna be famous.
  • I just dont know what aspect I would like to be famous on.
  • I cry easily. I`m a weeper. LOL.
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I would like to include the year but then I kind of forgot already. But I will try.

  • Roadtrip to Bicol (2003?)

Our whole clan was with us so it was fun. Except that I had a row with one of my cousins then. But now we`re close.

  • Trip to Pangasinan (2006?)

We went to Hundred Islands where my brother got stung by a jellyfish. There were no boats around coz we were scheduled to go home by the PM so we were kind of stuck and all of us panicked. But he was okay. He never dared go back, though.

  • Trip to Bulacan (2006?)

We went there with my dad`s friend`s family. We`re not really related. We`re just close. So we started swimming between 6-7 PM and we actually planned to go home on...

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OMG. If I had a million dollars, I would definitely

  • go and live in another country. Preferably, the US.
  • buy myself a laptop.
  • bribe my brother to leave and go away. Kidding aside. Only he`s 12.
  • buy myself an iPod. I believe I`m the only person who doesnt have one.
  • use some money so that my friend and I could finally start on that accessories business we`ve been planning.
  • purchase a Nintendo Wii.
  • buy an original Sims 2 CD and all the expansion packs.
  • pay EA to give me the Sims 3 CD in advance.
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I may have forgotten some others.

  • That book about Princess Diana. I think I returned it already. Have I?
  • Those Barbie movies VCD. It was 3 and I can only find 1. I lost the other two. Err.
  • Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. Still with me.
  • Some DVDs from my godmother`s. Forgot to return them awhile ago.
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  • Spongebob Squarepants The Movie. WTFOMGLOL.
  • The Holiday
  • Family Stone
  • The Simpsons
  • Parent Trap
  • 50 First Dates
  • Ice Princess
  • Princess Diaries 2. CHRIS PINEEEEEEE.
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  • An SUV
  • Bus
  • The Filipino pride, the Jeepney
  • A 2-wheel bike
  • Of course, a bike with training wheels
  • Scooter
  • A car
  • The tricycle
  • A van
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