categorized as pets because hunhan are my second main bitches

Sehun is a photograph, a photographer, a killer, a ghost searching for a place in the world

Perfection is a hard thing to live up to

You tickled my ear as you whispered love to me, but now, where did we go wrong?

Sehun's suffering from the grief of his father's death and Lu Han tries to help, but sometimes, he just wants to give up and cry himself to sleep

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these listed here are only my favorites, not all the fics i've read.

It was four days before, and I never saw it coming

the thing with byun baekhyun is he wants a happy ending. the thing with park chanyeol is he is tall. this isn't a fairy tale. really, it isn't

Baekhyun doesn't want to go to jail and all Chanyeol wants to do is plow

and with every step more, the more blindi...

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  • Glissandi ★★★★★★ (romance,tragedy,upsidedown!au,18219w)

Chanyeol might be able to hop the border; he might be able to defy gravity, but he can’t run away forever

in which baekhyun is a classical pianist with social anxiety problems and chanyeol has no major

In which Baekhyun’s mom fills out an online dating form for her son, and Chanyeol thinks he’s a vampire

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