• there is a red door and you imagine a common house, but then there are big stairs (there are some houses in santa teresa that is like "going down")
  • there is an open place with a tree and old style chairs, i have the intention to drink tea and coffee and read a lot there, there are some flowers around too.
  • will be a quiet space, with colors like brown, red...
  • in the principal room there will be a red sofa (but not a "strong red") and paintings in the wall, and books, a lot of books of photography
  • I dream to have an american kitchen, the one that people decorate with wine glasses
  • maybe in my room there will be only a white "shorty" bed in a old style and i will paint my walls in a "craziest" way with blue and red
jan 16 2014 ∞
jan 16 2014 +
  • robert and sue - they were a old couple from north carolina, i met them on a plane and they "adopted me" for 5 hours. they show me snow and a funny accent. when the plane arrived sue turned to me and smiled and said nothing. I love them
  • the man with the suit - i was coming back from school and singing on the subway "i have forgiven jesus", than a man started to sing so loud the song with me and when the song finished, he went out. was like a dream
  • the peruvian from circus - He used to do tricks on the same street i used to stop when i'm on buss. then someday he comes to me and we started to talk (yes I'm on bus and he on street). the conversations were fast, then we used to talk everyday
jan 16 2014 ∞
jan 28 2014 +
  • >>>>>> AIR - BACH <<<<<<<
  • Barcarole - Tchaikowsky
  • Gnossienne No.5 - Erik Satie
  • Largo - Händel
  • Grieg's Solveig's Song
  • 5th Symphony - Beethoven
  • Tannhäuser Overture - Wagner
jan 16 2014 ∞
feb 8 2014 +
  • see the sunset on arpoador
  • meet new people on streets and never see again
  • make picnics on parque lage
  • study on the beach
  • come back from school by foot (lagoa - tijuca)
  • go to the cinema
  • drink some coffe in santa teresa
  • lunch on lagoa
  • see the sunrise on the pool with a book of fernando pessoa
jan 23 2014 ∞
jan 23 2014 +
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  • play classical music on the piano
  • walking naked around my house in santa teresa
  • drink wine at least one time a week
  • create photo projects (nude)
  • laugh everyday
jan 16 2014 ∞
jan 16 2014 +
  • the smiths: the lyrics. the ironic way with that lyrics and the melodic are together and how morrissey gives him soul and body when he sings
  • bon iver: literally my soul in a melodical way. i want the soundtrack of my life be a bon iver's song
  • (there are others bands that i like too, but i cant compare with them)
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