• New Year's Eve.
  • Getting a job in the theatre industry.
  • Having kids.
  • Tegan and Sara's next London gig.
  • The day I get a colour pack polaroid camera.
  • Life actually.
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dec 18 2011 +
  • Beautiful eyes.
  • Makes me laugh. No one has ever made me laugh so much as my girlfriend, once she had to drag me off a bus because I was bawling my head off at this face she kept pulling.
  • Must be able to put up with my wanky camera obsession.
  • Musical/artistic.
  • Short hair.
  • General cuteness.
dec 17 2011 ∞
dec 18 2011 +
  • 'Stay if you want to, I know that I'll miss you. But I've gotta see things that could pull out your heartstrings.' - 'Heartstrings' by Pegasus Bridge.
  • 'There once was an answer out there, I swear. Tied to a bottle I swear, I swear.' - 'Make A Beast Of Myself' by Twin Atlantic.
  • 'Over my shoulder a piano falls, crashing to the ground' - 'The Great Beyond' by R.E.M.
  • 'Maybe I would have been something you'd be good at. Maybe you would have been something I'd be good at.' - 'Call It Off' by Tegan and Sara.
  • 'I laugh alot but that's just a plot. I've found a way to make a man stay.' - 'TV Show' by Martha Wainwright.
  • 'You'll never know friends like these.' - 'Friends Like These' by Deaf Havanna.
  • 'I woke up this morning with a grudge the...
dec 18 2011 ∞
dec 18 2011 +
  • Stealer's Wheel - Stuck In The Middle With You.
  • Yolanda Be Cool Vrs DCup - We No Speak Americano.
  • Boom Town Rats - I Don't Like Mondays.
  • The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star
dec 17 2011 ∞
dec 18 2011 +
  • My dad. He's quiet and mysterious.
  • Jack Steadman of Bombay Bycicle Club.
  • Will Young. Wierd one but I have been listening to him a bit. I don't even know why. I wish I could tell you.
  • My girlfriend. As always.
  • This girl on the tube. She was wearing blue pyjamas with polar bears on them, top and bottoms. And she was sucking on a dummy. She was about 18.
dec 17 2011 ∞
dec 18 2011 +
  • 'Gloria' by Canterbury.
  • 'Call It Off' by Tegan and Sara.
  • 'Sparks' by Coldplay.
  • 'Poses' by Rufus Wainwright.
  • 'Send Me An Angel Down' by Kill It Kid.
  • 'Silence Summons You' by Animal Kingdom.
  • 'What A Pity' by Right Away, Great Captain.
  • 'Samson' by Regina Spektor.
  • 'Black Balloon' by Goo Good Dolls.
  • 'These Flowers' by Martha Wainwright.
  • 'Adieu' by Enter Shikari.
  • 'Liquid Confidence' by You Me At Six.
  • 'Walk Away' by Ben Harper.
  • 'Dizzy' by Jimmy Eat World.
  • 'Sorry' by Maria Mena.
  • 'Yellow Ledbetter' by Pearl Jam.
  • 'Hollow Crown' by Architects.
  • 'Franklin' by Paramore.
  • 'Luka' by Suzanne Vega.
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  • You can lead a cow upstairs but not down.
  • A duck's quack doesn't echo.
  • That the dog in Will Young's music video of 'Come On' is called Levi. Yes I know that's the second list he's in. Again I can't tell you why.
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